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Donor Description Status
AMS Studios  DVD - Ruth and Marina (story of Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald.)  1314-102 
Abbott, Tommy Digital images of individual students from an unidentified Irving school class, c. 1940s. 0203-237
Agyemang, Gloria Genealogical material on James Green and family. The Green family was a pioneer family in the African-American community of Bear Creek. MVF 20-07 (PDF)
Akins, Sam Sam Akins Collection: U. S. Bicentennial local committee material; material on the grand opening of the Irving branch of Dallas Federal Savings, 1965; photos and newspaper clippings about Dallas Federal Savings; Dallas and Fort Worth newspaper issues and magazine issues relating to the assassinations of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy; Look, and Life magazines' articles on assassination investigations and retrospectives, 1960s-1990s; articles on the Kennedy family; three antique ink bottles. Sam Akins, a longtime Irvingite, was the first manager of the Irving branch of Dallas Federal Savings. He was also a member of the local U. S. Bicentennial celebration committee, 1974-1977. Collection 53 (PDF)
  Photos - Irving Bicentennial photos by Sam V. Akins, 1975; Heritage House; 4th of July Parade. 1617-35 
Alexander, Angie Videotape of the rough cut of the Irving Centennial video.

Newspapers relating to the John Kennedy assassination. 85-15

Audiotape of an interview with Mary Trigg Johnson. The Trigg family were pioneers in the African-American community of Bear Creek. 0102-181
Allen, Ruth Caster Genealogy of the Caster family; newspaper photo with ID of the Irving High School class of 1935; photocopies of Caster family photos, 1890s-1990s. The Caster family were pioneers to the area. 0304-54

Digital image of the Caster family, 1990. 0304-62

Photocopy of a photo of an Irving School class, c. 1932 MVF 26-01 (PDF)
Allspaw, Harold Progress Edition section of the Irving Daily News, Feb. 21, 1971. MVF 10-22 (PDF)
Alpha Delta Kappa, Beta Omicron Chapter
Beta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa--scrapbooks, (10 vols.); 1964-65; 1977-78; 1978-80; 1982-1984; 1984-1986; 1992-1994; 1994-96; 1996-98; 2000-02. Alpha Delta Kappa is a teacher service sorority. 0405-94

Beta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa - scrapbook, (1 vol.) : 1998-2000 1112-109
Alpha Delta Kappa, Beta Beta Chapter Beta Beta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa-- scrapbook, (1 vol.), 1986-1988. Alpha Delta Kappa is a teacher service sorority. 0607-163

Beta Beta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa -- scrapbook, (5 vols.), 1978-1980; 1990-1991; 2006-2008; 2008-2010; 2010-2012. 1213-13
Ambucs - Yellow Rose  Yellow Rose AMBUCS Collection: scrapbooks, 1996-2008; photos, 1990-2008; small artifacts; awards banners, 1990-2005.  Collection 86
American Association of Retired Persons Scrapbook of the Irving Plymouth Park Chapter of AARP, 1997-2004; club yearbooks, 1990-2006. 0809-74
American Honda Company Digital images of the Irving history panorama at American Honda Co. in Irving. MVF 16-13 (PDF)
Anderson, Charles Parking permit and tailgate crew badge from the implosion of Texas Stadium, 2010. MVF 28-07 (PDF)
Andrew, Garfield
Graduation invitation for Irving High class of 1945; and newspaper article about Steven Andrew, a WWII fighter pilot, c. 1943. 0102-239

Pill box hat and Sanger Harris hat box, c. 1950s. 0203-153

Digital image of the members of the Chamay Club, an Irving women's club, c. 1955. 0203-232

Tools, c. 1920s (?) drill, plane, pipe wrench. 0304-66

Newspaper clippings about the Irving Council of Garden Clubs and the Green Thumb Garden Club and Madeleine Andrew, 1960s-1980s; and a photocopy of a photo and ID of Irving High School class of 1939. 0304-112

Newspaper clippings about Madeleine Andrew and the garden clubs and various other activities she was involved in, 1950s-1970s; ribbons from various flower shows; her W-2 form, 1944. 0304-124

Irving schools' PTA yearbook, 1949-50; garden club newspaper clippings; photo of Garfield Andrew in Air Force uniform, c. 1950; Eastern Star yearbook, 2001-02. 0304-152

U. S. Army canteen, c. 1951; Boy Scout mess kit and canteen, c. 1940; draw knife and Stillson wrench, c. 1920s-30s. 0304-182

Digital images of Garfield Andrew's draft card, 1948; family photo at Le-Los Café of a party before he went to serve in Korea, 1951; soapbox derby card, 1935, and accompanying newspaper article. 0304-273

Matchbooks - Irving State Bank promotional matchbooks, c. 1950s MVF 13-06A (PDF)

Garfield Andrew's military discharge papers, 1952; themed postcards -Texas under six flags, 1945; First Presbyterian Church 50th anniversary membership book, 1984; Irving High School diploma, 1945; newspaper articles on the Andrew family; North American Aviation newsletter, June 2, 1944; photos - Irving High class of 1945; 8th grade, 1941; Trinity River flood, c. 1935; Garfield Andrew in U. S. Air Force uniform; Steven Andrew; Frank Love, brother of Madeleine Andrew; NTSU Sigma Nu, 1955; J. B. Andrew, inspector at North American Aviation, standing a by P-51 fighter plane, c. 1943. 0405-116

Matchbook box advertising, Irving State Bank, c. 1950s 0405-142

Photo - Garfield Andrew in Air Force uniform, 1952; copy of a photo of a gathering of Irving High School students, late 1940s. 0708-18

The operating model of an early 1900s steam tractor built in 1947. 0708-122

Photos - of Garfield in Korea; and a newspaper article about the model of a steam tractor. 0809-39

Digital images of Cub Scout Pack 185 charters, 1950s-1960s and Pack members, 1950s. 0910-06

Sketch of the original First Presbyterian Church building, c. 1940s. 0910-12
  Dedication plaque for new sanctuary at First Presbyterian Church, 1967.   1415-54 
Andrew, Madeline Newspaper article, Irving News Texan, 1963, recipe by Madeline Andrew. MVF 7-04 (PDF)
Andrews, Shelah
Transcript of an interview with Dr. Joe Roberts conducted by Gnat Bozeman, 1994. Dr. Joe Roberts was instrumental in the establishment of the Irving Community Hospital in 1964. 0102-233
Anonymous to the Archives National Geographic maps (64 maps).

Washington Irving Sketch Book. 9899-48

Newspaper-Dallas Morning News, May 22, 1949. 9899-63

Poster for the grand opening of the Carpenter and Dupree Theaters at the Irving Arts Center. 9899-80

Photo - bottle from Pilot Bottling Company, 1940s. The Pilot Bottling Company was a short-lived bottling company in Irving. 9899-95

Irving street map, 1995. 9900-40

Booklet - Welcome to Irving (GTE publication), c. 1977. MVF 4-23 (PDF)

Booklet - Irving, Texas: Past and Present, by Mable Hill Scott. MVF 5-06 (PDF)

Catalogue of an exhibition of the work of University of Dallas art professor Lyle Novinski, 2003. Shaping Space: Recollection of Lifework, The Art of Lyle Novinski. MVF 10-05 (PDF)

Two Irving promotional posters. 0001-23

Life and Works of Washington Irving, (3 vols.), published 1885. 0001-107

Commemorative reprint edition of the Dallas Morning News, Jan. 1, 1900. Reprinted in 2000. 0102-11

Commemorative plate from the 70th anniversary of First United Methodist Church, 1978. 0102-15

Copy of the Dallas County census, 1850. MVF 6-02 (PDF)

City of Irving street map, 1993. 0102-35

Photo - City of Irving Civic Center, 1976. Photo Coll.

Photo - July 4th picnic in Irving, c. 1915. Photo Coll.

Irving Art Center poster and Arts Calendar poster. 0102-193

Decals from the 50th anniversary celebration of Irving's incorporation, 1964; Texas Sesquicentennial poster "Happy Birthday Texas," 1986; large photo of Northwest Branch Library fire damage; sketch of the sculpture for Millennium Fountain, 1999; Dallas Cowboys team poster, 2000. 0102-194

Photos - enlarged on mat board (4) - surveyors in camp, 1902; Britain home and family, c. 1902; Kit store with Ike Story and daughters in front, c. 1900; members of the Irving Rotary Club, 1938. 0102-198

Blueprint of floor plan of 1956 city hall building, updated, c. 1970s. 0102-202

Blueprint sets of Sam Green museum house and pavilion at the Townsell Heritage Center. 0102-201

Front page of the Irving Daily News Texan, Dec. 15, 1960. 0102-224

Irving Jr. High School pennants, 1956; Irving newspaper editions covering the city's 75th anniversary celebration, 1978; and the Progress Edition of the Irving Daily News, 1970; also a research paper on the history of Irving. 0203-50

Dallas Metro Area map, n.d. 0203-293

Blueprints of the various design plans of the homes in the Northgate Addition, 1960s. 0203-209

Album of photos from China and Japan, c. 1930s-1940s. 0203-219

Irving High School class of 1936 50th reunion booklet, 1986; photocopy of a photo of the Irving High School football team and ID sheet, 1929. MVF 12-09 (PDF)

Newspapers covering various issues: WWII headlines; Eisenhower, Truman, and Lyndon Johnson deaths; John Kennedy assassinated; and the San Francisco earthquake, 1906. 0405-14

Plat map of the Robert Stewart sub-division with notes about the Ben Washington Baptist Church on back, 1933. 0607-51

Photo - South Delaware Church of Christ, 1953. Photo Coll.

Houston Chronicle, Mar. 20, 1936; The Wichita Daily Eagle, April 5, 1917, WWI declared; Dallas Morning News, Oct. 17, 1985. 0607-163

Painting by D. Morgan, an Irving artist, view through a window of a passing train. 0203-171

Nimitz High School yearbooks, 1993; 1994; 1995. 0304-35

Irving Police Department Annual Report, 1994; and Irving Fire Department Annual Report, 1997. 0304-173

Parkland Hospital Annual Report, 2003; also Parkland publication, 1894 into the Future, concerning over 100 years of Parkland history. MVF 11-01 (PDF)

Irving Public Library card, 1984. MVF 14-10 (PDF)

City of Irving Action Plan, 2005-06, developed by Housing and Human Services. MVF 15-01 (PDF)

City of Irving street map, 2005. 0506-11

Button and bookmark from the opening of Central Library, 1986. MVF 19-10 (PDF)

Las Colinas desktop flags; city charter booklets; and a poster of the city's vision and mission statements, c. 2000. 0708-111

Final edition of The Dallas Times Herald, Dec. 9, 1991. 0708-112

Braniff Airways ticket, 1949; Dallas Rail and Terminal tokens, n.d. MVF 26-10 (PDF)

Newspaper clippings about early Irving, c. 1930s-1940s. 0910-09

Book - Sonic the History of America's Drive-In. 0910-27

Scrapbook - Construction of Professional Center Hospital and early staff, 1978-79. 0910-29

Newspapers regarding the JFK assassination (Dallas Morning News and Dallas Times Herald). 0910-34

Large print of Guy Deel's painting of the town lot auction; and two issues of the Dallas Morning News, Nov. 5 and Nov. 9, 2008, Obama elected. 0910-44

Newspapers from Ada, OK. and Dallas regarding events during WWII, 1944. 1011-73

Irving High School football uniform, 1947; and track jersey, 1947. 1011-74

Newspapers - final edition of the Dallas Times Herald, Dec. 9, 1991; section of the Dallas Morning News related to the opening of DFW Airport, Sept. 23, 1973; Dallas Times Herald 100th anniversary issue, May 6, 1979; Dallas Morning News 125th anniversary issue. 1011-120

Book - Irving: A Texas Odyssey, by Joe Rice (Irving history book). 1112-111

Newspaper Special section on WWI from The Des Moines Sunday Register, Sept. 24, 1933. 1213-09

Books - Victoria, 1915 (was stamped as being in the Irving Memorial Library and the Irving Municipal Library); Breathing Driftwood, 1925. 1213-14

Information on the annexation of the Shady Grove School into the Irving and Grand Prairie school systems, 1967-1970. 1213-22

William J. Wingo architect scrapbook renderings, photos, business profile, c. 1960s. 1213-73

Nimitz High School yearbook, 1987. 1213-74

Newspaper - Tri-Weekly Telegram, Oct. 30, 1863 (Houston newspaper, one page). 1213-76

Map - Colton's U. S. map showing military stations and forts, 1862 (copy). 1213-77

Map - Contours of Discovery, 1513 - 1930. 1213-78

Irving High School yearbooks (2 vol.), 1959 and 1963; Crockett Jr. High yearbook (1 vol.), 1960. 1213-83

Book - The Life and Works of John F. Kennedy, c. 1964 1213-106

Publication - Irving High School football programs (3), 1964 and 1968; Know Your City Irving, Texas, Jan. 1959; Not So Long Ago by Jim Brigance (WWII remembrance); pictorial history of St. Stephens Presbyterian Church on CD. 1314-03
   Reel-to-Reel audio tape (content unknown)  1314-40
   Photo - west side of Main Street, c.1908. Photo Coll.
   Drawings used for cover of Vanity Fair magazine, 1869-1910 (8 sketches).  1415-27
  Drawings used for Vanity Fair magazine, 1869-1910. This set of sketches are of lawyer and judges in England.  MVF 33-08 
  Information on the Irving Symphony and the New Philharmonic Orchestra of Irving.  1415-30 
  Newspapers - JFK assassination; Nixon resignation; Reagan shot; Elvis Presley dies; John Wayne dies.  1415-82
  CD - Irving, Texas It is the Place to Be-Be a Part of It.  1415-93 
  Posters - Delta Airlines; DFW 25th Anniversary; Photo,  Central and Frontier Airlines and Trans Texas Airway, c. 1960; WWII aircraft at air show, 1983; Pampa Army Airfield 44th Anniversary, 1986; map - Irving, Dallas, 1960s-80s; publication, Woman's Home Companion, 1941 and 1943-45; Life Magazine 60th Anniversary of WWII, 2005; Commemorative war movie poster catalogue, 2000.   1516-51
  Digital images of Bangladesh during war with Pakistan, 1970. 1516-83 
  Newspapers - Daily News Texas: Irving's Golden Year, April 16, 1964; Irving Daily News: Airport Noise, June 19, 1969; Local Witness Apollo 12 Recovery, Nov. 20, 1969, Irving News: History Insert, c. 1957. Dallas Times Herald: RFK shot, June 8, 1968. calendar - C. J. Range and Son, 1969. Gold Dust Washing Powder box, c.1930s. 1617-33 
  Newspapers - DMN: Clinton inaguration, 1993 and 1997; Gorbachev quits, Dec. 16, 1991. Irving News Texas: JFK Dead, Nov.23, 1963. DMN: A Rememberence of Kennedy, Nov. 20, 1963.  1617-34 
  Information on Irving's 3rd city employee, Pete Harmon - obituary; and photograph of a plaque presented to Pete Harmon.  1617-60
Archives acquired Report - Library Building Program for the North Lake Community Library. 9900-135

Final edition of the Irving News, Nov. 12-15, 2000; and the first edition of the Irving Morning News, Nov. 16, 2000. 0001-43

Videos - Bonnie and Clyde The Sowers Ambush and Utopia Lost. 0001-70

Information on Charter Schools; Winfree Academy; North Hills School; Renaissance Charter High School; Universal Academy. 0001-78

Photos - Irving branch libraries, 2001. 0001-121

Photo - Las Colinas canal and clock tower, 2001. 0001-122

Photo - interior of library on First Street, 1942. 0001-125

Photos - groundbreaking of Family Assistance Center; and dedication of the Shelton's Bear Creek Cemetery state historical marker, 2001. 0001-153

Photos - Harvey's BBQ; 6th Street bridge dedication, 2001. 0001-160

Photos - Harvey's BBQ; Smith Cemetery; Archives' staff; and the Green Thumb Garden Club's 50th anniversary event. 0001-161

Book - War Below Zero. 0001-169

Bible from Irving Masonic Lodge, No 1218, c. 1973. 0001-164

Videos from the ICTN program Profiles: interview with Robert Power; Marvin Randle; Charles Brown; David Brune; Thelma Coleman; Harry Spencer; Jackie Townsell; John Townley; Charles Schulze; Neill and Dorothy English; Dr. Clay Gilbert; Dan Matkin; Norma Stanton; and the Rev. Charles Stevenson. 0102-33

Gilbert Brothers Dairy incorporation information, 1920s. MVF 6-11 (PDF)

Photos - veterans' ceremony in library auditorium, Spencer Air Conditioning building; Irving flag; First United Methodist Church construction; original city hall; Heritage Square; Delaware Creek Park; South Irving DART station, 2001. 0102-75

City of Irving area studies - Northwest Development Plan 1968; and Northwest Area Study, 1983. 0102-93

Photos - Irving flag; dedication of Family Advocacy Center, 2002; unveiling of Pioneer Rd. historical marker, 2002. 0102-109

Books - Forgotten Texas Census and Bert Balchen Polar Aviator. 0101-116

Books - Mrs. Paine's Garage; and Shared Values (about the Kimberly Clark Corp.). 0102-128

Microfilm of the Chamber of Commerce scrapbooks, 1946-1999. 0102-129

Photos - city hall building, 1956. 0102-199

City of Irving road map (matted), 1981.

Photos - Estelle community reunion, 2002; and of Prof. Harwood Hinton's talk on Irving of the 1930s and 1940s, 2002. 0102-206

Plat map of South Irving Gardens subdivision. 0102-221

Photos - July 4th parade, 2002. 0102-256

Photos - re-dedication of the Mustang Museum; renovation of the Community Building; July 4 parade; Bearden family headstones in Kit Cemetery, 2002. 0102-257

Videotape of ICTN profile on Ben Carpenter, Feb. 16, 1982. 0102-276

Books - From Prairie to Planes (about DFW Airport) and Las Colinas the Inside Story of America's Premier Urban Development. 0102-290

Dallas County tax rolls on microfilm (14 reels), 1846-1910. 0203-08

Photos - exterior of house remodeling at 521 S. Jefferson. 0203-10

Photos - Irving Centennial Kickoff ceremony; Caldwell House marker dedication; Community Building renovation, 2002. 0203-18

Committee assignments for the local Texas Sesquicentennial activities committee; and information on the Texas Sesquicentennial wagon train event, 1986. 0203-27

Videotape of ICTN coverage of the Irving Centennial Kickoff event; of an Archives' volunteer discussing volunteer work; and of the dedication of the Caldwell house Centennial marker, 2002. 0304-62

Photos - State of the City Address, 2003. 0203-91

Microfilm of items from: Jerry Beavers Collection; Schulze collection; Robert Sale collection; Tiger Rag collection (Irving High School newspaper). 0203-116

Microfilm of some items from the following collections: Lucas-Watson; Beavers; Omnibus Club; Irving Woman's Club scrapbooks, boxes 3, 4, and 7; Irving Book Review Club; Irving High scrapbooks; Pete McNeal; Ike Story Journal; abstract, part of Reed and Gray Surveys, 1871-1936; copy of drainage easement for flood control district 1; mechanic's lien, 1955; contract of sale, Clemmie Green to Newton, n.d.; deed, Locke to Newton, 1937. 0203-121

Photos - Archives tour exhibit, 1997.
Photo Coll.

Irving telephone directories, 1998-2001. 0203-146

Microfilm of items from the following collections: Marvin Randle, boxes 1, 2, and 3; Schulze, boxes 1 and 4; Brown scrapbook, boxes 1-4; Robert Davis, box 1; Irving Woman's Club, box 22; Rebecca Rome, box 1; Gwyn Shea, boxes 1-4. 0203-148

Microfilm of items from the following collections (reels 6968-6972): Gwyn Shea, boxes 5-8; Irving Book Review Club, box 3; Bates, box 1-5; Irving Woman's Club scrapbook, Dec. 1954; Centennial cookbook research material; Gaylen Burke; and Charter School information. 0203-157

Photos - Festival of the Century, 2003; Between the Forks exhibit; City Hall Centennial exhibit in Tax Dept., 2003. 0203-164

Book - Wisdom Daddy Taught Me, by Suzanne Short, with talking points and promotional packet. 0203-248

Photos - Union Bower reunion; Otis Brown house on Hastings St.; Methodist Church steeple-raising; Community Building; original city hall; Heritage Senior Center groundbreaking; Heritage House; Centennial Park; John Haley house; North Lake library opening, 2002. 0102-293

Aerial map of Irving and surrounding area, 1930. 0203-296

Photos - portrait of Frank Hamm; and the reunion of the 1929 Irving High School football team, 1979. Frank Hamm owned Irving's first hotel, 1914-1934. 0203-297

Photos - dedication of Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center; and interior of Archives, 2003. 0203-322

Photos - Centennial Park construction; members of First Methodist Church presenting real estate abstracts to the Archives; delivery of the Centennial downtown marker, 2003. 0304-22

Photos - Irving Centennial marker dedications at Oak Haven Methodist; Howard / Beaufford house; Britain family; Haley house; Heritage House; first city hall; water district; Community building; and the PEO scrapbook presented to the Archives, 2003. 0304-44

Photos - School Spirit exhibit; unveiling of the state historical marker at the Gilbert house. 0304-74

Photos - Irving Centennial, Lee Greenwood concert; Centennial Finale; and downtown historical marker dedication, 2003. 0304-75

Photos - July 4th parade, 2003. 0304-76

Photos - Centennial Finale events and volunteer appreciation dinner, Feb. 2004. 0304-109

Baker Brothers Cleaners hangers. 0304-127

City council and city staff name tags and name plates. 0304-137

Digital images of Centennial marker dedications, April 24, 2004: St. Luke's Catholic Church; South Delaware Church of Christ; Caster Cabin; Brown House on Hastings; Twin Wells community; Estelle community; and Kit Cemetery. 0304-175

Photos - Centennial marker dedications, April 24, 2004: Brown house in Hastings; Twin Wells community; Caster Cabin; St. Luke's Catholic Church; South Delaware Church of Christ; Estelle community; Old Kit Cemetery; and Centennial volunteer appreciation dinner. 0304-187

Digital images of Centennial marker dedications, June 26, 2004: Irving Lumber and J. O. Schulze house sites. 0304-212

Digital images of Irving Heritage Festival, 2004. 0304-208

Research files put together in writing the Irving Centennial markers. 0304-263

Irving Centennial festive logo poster; poster for Centennial marker dedications, April 24, 2004. 0304-272

Digital images of the downtown Centennial historical marker installation, Dec. 2003. 0405-22

Digital images of Centennial marker dedications, Nov. 22, 2003: Howard / Beaufford House; Haley house; and Britain family. 0405-23

Digital images of Centennial marker dedications, Oct. 25, 2003: Community building; Heritage House; Gilbert house; Brown house on O'Connor. 0405-24

Digital images of the downtown Centennial marker dedication; and of the Centennial Finale, 2003. 0405-25

Digital images of Centennial marker dedications, April 24, 2004: St. Luke's Catholic Church; South Delaware Church of Christ; Caster Cabin; Brown house; Twin Wells community; Estelle community; Kit cemetery. 0405-26

Digital images of Centennial Park construction, April 8, 2003. 0405-27

Digital images of Centennial Park dedication, Oct. 2003. 0405-28

Digital images of Centennial Park Art Committee meeting at the park, April 8, 2003. 0405-29

Digital images of the Centennial Volunteer appreciation dinner, Feb. 2004. 0405-31

Digital images of the Community Building after renovation, 2003. 0405-32

Digital images of the DART-TRE South Irving Station, 2003. 0405-33

Digital images of the marker exhibit used at the Centennial Volunteer appreciation dinner. 0405-34

Digital images of the Harry Spencer exhibit 0405-36

Digital images of the Between the Forks Exhibit and the Guy Deel exhibits. 0405-37

Digital images of Dr. Clay Gilbert in front of the Gilbert family marker in Centennial Park, 2004. 0405-38

Digital images of Harvey's BBQ exterior, 2004. 0405-39

Digital images of Irving Mall exterior, Feb. 2003. 0405-40

Digital images of Kathy's Cottage (produce market) ribbon cutting, April 29, 2004. 0405-41

Digital images of PEO and DAR scrapbook presentations to the Archives. 0405-53

Photos - City records depot in city warehouse, 1980. 0405-54

Texas Almanacs, (8 volumes) : 1911; 1925-1929; 1952-53; 1972. 0405-58

Digital images of the dedication of the Heritage Senior Center, Dec. 2003. 0405-61

Digital images of construction of the timeline wall in Centennial Park and founder statue installation, Oct. 2003. 0405-62

Digital images of Veterans Memorial Park, May 2004. 0405-63

Videotape of an ICTN program on Irving High School's presentation of oral history tapes to the Archives. 0405-101

Photos - State historical marker dedications: Bear Creek community, Sowers community, Gilbert house, Kit community, Union Bower community, 2005. 0506-20

Photos - Estelle school site cleanup.

Book - On Top of Clouds by C. H. Jamieson. C. H. Jamieson is an Irving author. 0506-42

Photos and negatives of the Going in Style Exhibit, Dec. 2005. Photo Coll.

Guestbook from Harwood Hinton's talk on Irving of the 1930s and 1940s, 2002. MVF 17-07 (PDF)

Archives open house posters, 2006. 0506-101

Archives open house fliers and mayor's proclamation of Archives Day, 2006. MVF 17-16 (PDF)

Videotape of an ICTN report on the Archives' open house, Feb. 2006. 0506-128

M.C. Lively's compiled a Civil War military record. MVF 18-03 (PDF)

Guestbook from the Archives' open house, Feb. 23, 2006. 0405-94

Poster and sign advertising the Estelle Vintage Base Ball Game, 2006. 0607-18

Handy House records: photos of opening, land records, payroll ledger for Irving Lumber, 1957-58, correspondence, 1960. 0607-30

A bound copy of the newspaper articles pertaining to the Irving teacher walkout of 1955 (from the Chamber of Commerce scrapbooks). 0607-46

Copy of aerial of Irving area, 1930. 0607-53

Photocopy of a Dallas Morning News page containing the Irving lot auction ad on it, Dec. 18, 1903; and a less-than-full-size version of that day's entire paper. 0607-82

Mini-Directory for South MacArthur Church of Christ, c. 1970s. MVF 22-04 (PDF)

Files containing information on various city related topics: the city charter, 1963 and 1979 (20-01); the Civic Center dedication (20-11); transfer of property from the Irving Public Memorial Library to the Irving municipal library, 1962 (20-12); cookbooks from the Woman's Society of Christian Service at Plymouth Park Methodist Church, 1966, and the Irving Woman's Club, 1964 (20-13). MVF 20-10 (PDF)
MVF 20-11 (PDF)
MVF 20-12 (PDF)
MVF 20-13 (PDF)

Files containing information on various city related topics: Telegram from the state regarding a sewage plant, 1948 (20-14); research information relating to the Heritage House, 1975-1985 (20-15); council members' oaths of offices, 1960s and early-1970s (20-16); materials relating to the dedication of the Central Library, 1986, Esther Hurwitz, founder of Irving's first library, the history of the library, and library expansion, 1964 (21-01). MVF 20-14 (PDF)
MVF 20-15 (PDF)
MVF 20-16 (PDF)
MVF 21-01 (PDF)

Irving telephone directories, 2005 and 2006. 0607-150

Digital images of the Handy House being torn down, April 2008. 0708-103

Digital images of the demolition of Irving Medical and Surgical buildings on Lane Street, May 2008. 0708-116

Book - Understanding Data and Information Systems for Record Keeping. 0708-174

Book - Archives and the Digital Library 0809-10

Information brochure about the Archives MVF 25-18 (PDF)

Digital images of Veterans Memorial Park Dedication, May 17,.2009 0809-99

Research material on Irving Veterans gathered during the development of Veterans Park Phase II 0809-119

Research material developed for the Battle Walls in Veterans Memorial Park 0809-120

Book - 2nd Ferrying Command. Contains Irvingite Harry Spencer's narrative of his stranding in Greenland during WWII. 0809-171

Digital images of Patty Landers retirement from IPL, Jan. 28, 2010. 0910-55

Digital images of record snowfall, February 11 and 12, 2010. 0910-66

Digital images of the Irving High School class of 1937 from a 1987 newspaper article. 0910-92

Digital images of Clark / Collier family, 1890s-1900s. 0910-93

Digital images of demolition of the two story building at 313 Irving Blvd. (Northwest corner of Irving Blvd. and Main St.), October 2009. 0910-94

Digital images of demolition of building at 123 Irving Blvd., June 2009. 0910-95

Digital images of demolition of lumber building at 200 N. Main St., Nov. 2009. 0910-96

Digital images of stone house at 305 S. Britain (near S. Britain and Second) before demolition, Feb. 2010. 0910-97

Digital images of downtown area, September 2009. 0910-98

Digital images of demolition of MacArthur Square Apts. (Just south of Rock Island on the west side of MacArthur Blvd.), Feb. 2010. 0910-100

Audio of Harwood Hinton talk about his youth in Irving, April 25, 2002; DVD entitled "Irving a History" created for Irving Centennial celebration; and DVD of ICTN's coverage of the vintage baseball event held in Lively Park, October 30, 2006. 0910-114

CD of the City of Irving's adopted budget, 2007-08; 2008-09; 2009-10; and Capital Improvement Program, 2007-08. 0910-115

Articles of Incorporation for Friends of the Irving Museum. MVF 28-05 (PDF)

Digital images of construction of the Irving convention center, May 2010. 0910-155

Printing negatives of the pages from the book Irving a Texas Odyssey, 1989. 0910-156

Digital images of the Irving Heritage Society general meeting, Maura Gast speaker, Oct. 2010. 1011-04

A letter written about the WWII plane crash in Greenland by crew member Tucciarone. 1011-58

Dallas Morning News magazine - Guide Super Bowl Edition, Jan.28-Feb. 3, 2011 1011-67

Digital images - West Irving Library exterior, April 2011. 1011-71

Digital images - Mayor C. B. Hardee house on Rindie, April 2011. 1011-72

Digital images - AAMCO building demolition, April 18, 2011. 1011-91

Digital images - Chism-Smith lot after building demolition, April 11, 2011. 1011-92

Slides, 35mm, Irving Heritage Society local history slide show, c. 1980s; slides from Archives promotional show, c. 1990s; slides from the Risk Management Department showing various images from around town, 1989. 1011-98

Digital images of the building that was Robert's Lumber during the 1950s. 2011. 1011-106

Digital images of MAL Hobby Shop interior and exterior, June 2011. 1011-107

Digital images of houses along the north side of Irving Blvd. between Delaware Rd. and Britain Rd. just before they were torn down, Sept. 2011 1011-139

Digital images of AMS Studios filming at Paine house, Nov. 1, 2011. 1112-12

Digital images of Griff's Hamburgers, Nov. 10, 2011 1112-15

Digital images of MAL historical marker dedication, Nov. 15, 2011 1112-20

Heritage Society Historical slide show; 35mm slide of signing of Texas Stadium agreement, 1968; Texas Stadium groundbreaking, 1969. 1112-65

Invitation to Civic Center groundbreaking, 1974; Irving information pamphlet, 1963. MVF 30-13 (PDF)

Digital images of state historical marker in Kit Cemetery. 1112-71

Digital images of unveiling of original town plat map in Central Library, 2012 1112-112

Irving newspaper and newspaper sections, 1956-1958. Many ads for School Board candidates. 1213-06

Newspaper articles relating to the Ms. Mature Irving Pageant, 2012. MVF 30-20 (PDF)

Pamphlet - Irving Public Library Annual Report, 1979-80 and 1980-81. MVF 30-21 (PDF)

Digital images of Christmas parade and depot tours, 2012. 1213-16

Digital images of Chrystal's Pizza shortly before closing, 2013. 1213-41

Digital images of the South Library groundbreaking, Feb. 2013. 1213-42

Digital images of Honoring Women of Irving Event - Jackie Townsell, Apr. 2013. 1213-63

Digital images of reception for artist Pete Fernandez, June 2013. 1213-94

A Dallas Morning News article about moving Age of Steam train museum from Fair Park in Frisco with a stop in Irving, 2013. 1213-107

Program from the Jackie Townsell Women of Irving event, April 2013. 1213-110

Book - Frozen in Time (about the crash of a WWII bomber in Greenland during WWII. Irvingite Harry Spencer was the co-pilot.) 1314-19
  Research and development material for the Ruth Paine House Museum; also newspaper articles about the house. 1314-33 
  Calendar - Big Read - Fire Dept. theme, 2012. 1314-34 
   Photocopy of a newspaper photo of July 4th gathering in area, c. 1900. 1314-42 
   DMN insert - DFW Airport at 40, Jan. 12, 2014 MVF 32-03 
  Digital images of actor John Anderson playing Washington Irving, April 7, 2014 1314-62 
  Photos of Irving home builder, Bob Nichols, c. 1950s-1970s.  1314-63 
  File of material on the Mustangs of Las Colinas move to its new location, May 2014.   MVF 32-08 
  Digital images of Robert Glen's visit to the Mustang Museum for the 30th anniversary proclamation, Sept. 16, 2014. 1314-106 
  Digital images of the Convention Center, Sept. 16, 2014.  1314-107 
  Digital images of press event for the announcement of the Gilbert house being placed on the National Register of Historic Places, Sept. 8, 2014.  1314-108 
  Digital images of Big State Drug's last day before closing, May 13, 2014.  1314-109 
  Issue of the Irving Daily News Texan, April 16, 1964, Golden Anniversary of Incorporation. 1415-10 
  Digital images of the ribbon cutting at the Mustang Museum, Nov. 11, 2014  1415-17 
  Photos of the Irving Volunteer Fire Dept., c. 1950.  Photo Collection
  Photocopies of Texas Fireman magazine article about the Irving Volunteer Fire Dept., 1952.  MVF 33-05 
  Pamphlet - "Welcome to Irving," 1978 with facts about the city at that time.  MVF 33-06 
  Audiotapes of the NRHP marker dedication at the Joffre/Gilbert house, Dec. 2014.   1415-29
  CD of Irving Library shorts produced ICTN, 1982-84.  1415-98 
  Dallas Cowboy game programs (12); parking passes and unused tickets, 1996-2006. 1415-105 
  DART publication: Station Art Design Program, 1996.  1415-106 
  Digital images of the 30+1 anniversary of the Mustang of Las Colinas anniversary, 2015.  1415-112 
  Digital images of 30+1 Mustangs of Las Colinas anniversary interview with Robert Glen, Sept, 26, 2015.  1415-113 
Mustangs of Las Colinas p0oster signed by artist Robert Glen as part of the 30+1 anniversary events.  1415-115 
  List of School Board Members, 1935-2000. MVF 34-15 
   Copy of presentation made to Council regarding idea that Irving was named for Washington Irving, 1998.  MVF 34-16
   Archives report; consultant's report regarding establishing an archives, 1997; long term outcome of Centennial activities, 2003; status of Archives, 1997; Irving Archives Report, 1999.  MVF 34-17
   File - Avenue of Stars application and nominations, 2002.  MVF 34-18 
   VHS tape of Jim Brown talking about is WWII experiences, 2000. 1516-39 
   Folder of material concerning "The Turn - American at the Millennium" a festival hosted by The Dallas Morning News, November-December, 1999. MVF 34-19
   Star Wars Wookie note pad, 1977.  MVF 34-20
   History of Dallas County Sheriff Department by Dick Hitt, c. 1998. MVF 35-01 
  Report - A Community Cultural Plan for the City of1999. MVF 35-02 
  City of Irving Department Survey for Y2K and internet policy, 1999. MVF 35-03
  Digital images - F&J Automotive, 1950s-1960s. 1516-54 
  Digital images of Irving High School Airlane Relays articles, 1958.  1516-79 
  Digital images of demolition of Aamco at 501 W. 2nd and Crown Pool building at 416 W. Irving Blvd., 2012.  1516-80 
  Digital image of 1903 original lot auction newspaper advertisement.  1516-82 
  Digital images of newspaper articles relating to Bear Creek. 1516-84
  Digital images of Kitty Boyle. 1516-85 
  Digital images of Heritage Society's Bracebridge Dinner, 2004.  1516-86 
  Digital images of Singleton bridge footing.  1516-87 
  Digital image of William Michael Cain for Veterans Park wall.  1516-88 
  Digital images of Blake, Mike and Troy Cash for Veterans Park.  1516-89 
  Digital images of downtown marker installation, 2003.  1516-90
  Digital images of Centennial Student Art Show, 2003. 1516-91 
  Digital images - images used for Centennial Calendar; and images of the Centennial Calendar.  1516-92 
  Digital images of Convention Center construction, May 28, 2010.  1516-93 
  Digital images of Jack Danford in Vietnam for Veterans Park.  1516-94 
  Digital images of depot in Heritage Park, 2010.  1516-96
  Digital images of Dixie Chrome from Chamber of Commerce publication, 1950s.  1516-97
  Digital images of downtown between Second and Sixth along Britain Rd., July 7, 2009.  1516-98 
  Digital images of Chism Smith Funeral Home at Second and O'Connor, 2011.  1516-99
  Digital images of demolition of Chism Smith and Aamco building, April 11, 2011.  1516-100 
  Digital images of City of Irving logos through the years.  1516-101 
  Digital images of Estelle Heritage Society meeting, c. 2007.  1516-102 
  Digital images of Historic Estelle School sign at Walnut Hill and Valley View.  1516-103 
  Estelle School grounds aerial, 1974. 1516-104
  Digital images of Adam Garcia for Veterans Park.  1516-106
  Digital images of John Haley house at Ohio and Second, before it was moved, 1999.  1516-108 
  Digital images of Jan Hart's retirement party.  1516-109
  Digital images of high school football head coaches.  1516-111
  Digital images of Indian George Alford, c. 1960s-1970s. 1516-114
  Digital images of groundbreaking for Arts Center and invitation to groundbreaking.  1516-115 
  Digital images of buildings along Irving Blvd. and Main St. taken for "Now and Then" exhibit, 2013. 1516-116 
  Digital images of PTA Founders Day event, 2010.  1516-117 
  Digital images of Irving Heritage Society trivia contest, 2013.  1516-118 
  Digital images of Irving Heritage Society's "Women of Irving - Jackie Townsell" event.  1516-119 
  Digital images of Heritage Society fish fry, April 2013.  1516-120 
  Digital image of Irving Heritage Society officer installation, May 2013.  1516-121 
  Digital image of various Irving Heritage Society events, 2010-2015.  1516-122 
  Digital Images of Irving Heritage Society's Women of Irving event.  1516-123 
  Digital images of Irving Heritage Society trivia contest, 2014.  1516-124 
  Digital images of Library Director Patty Landers retirement party, 2010. 1516-126 
  Digital images of South Library construction, 2013.  1516-127
  Digital images of West Library, March 20, 2011.  1516-128 
  Digital images of Dan Matkin receiving Legacy Award, May 2008. 1516-131 
  Digital images of medical and surgical buildings being demolished.  1516-133 
  Digital images of Millennium Fountain  1516-134 
  Digital images of Miss Mature Irving Tea, 2007.  1516-135 
  Digital images of Mustangs of Los Colinas Museum in west building.  1516-136 
  Digital images of Irving National Guard units after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and in Bagdad.  1516-141
  Digital images of Old Kit Cemetery state historical marker.  1516-144 
  Digital images of original plat map being moved from City Hall to Irving Archives for temporary storage.  1516-145 
  Digital images of exterior and interior of Ruth Paine house after city purchase, 2010.  1516-147 
  Digital image of Ruth Peck.  1516-149 
  Digital images of Barbara Perkins.  1516-150 
  Digital image of James Pippin from Veterans Park project.  1516-151 
  Digital images of plat map case and installation of plat map in Central Library.  1516-152 
  Digital images of post office at 3rd and Hastings before and after demolition. 1516-153 
  Digital images of construction of elevated tracks along Rock Island Rd., 2008.  1516-154 
  Digital images of Susan Rose's retirement party, 2007.  1516-155 
  Digital images of Joanne Sherlock collected for her retirement party. 1516-156 
  Digital images of Bobbie Thomas.  1516-157 
  Digital images of TXS United Housing Program, Inc., formerly Jackie Townsell grocery store.  1516-158 
  Digital images of Bicentennial tree planting program "Avenue of Trees."  1516-159 
  Digital images of 1908 Trinity River flood newspaper articles.  1516-160 
  Digital images of serviceman Josiah Vandertulip used in Veterans Park.  1516-161 
  Digital images of Veterans Park construction.  1516-162 
  Digital images of Irving Public Library Maria Williams. 1516-166 
  Envelope postmarked at Centennial Station, Irving, TX, April 5, 2003.  MVF 35-10
  Stamp for checks to deposit in Irving Garden and Arts Center account at Irving Bank and Trust  1516-202 
  Texas Power and Light Company brochure, c. 1960s MVF 35-14
  Oversize, matted photos from dedication of Bear Creek museum 1516-218 
  Poster - "Crossroads," South Irving Transit Center, signed by Dan Matkin and Robert Power, 1990.  1516-220 
  Book - Dealey Plaza: The Front Door of Dallas, 2003.  MVF 35-18 
  Ceremonial railroad spike. 1516-226 
  Digital images of Highway 183 expansion contstruction, 2016. 1516-235
  Digital images of Main St. mural, 2016 1516-236 
  Digital images of Heritage Crossing development "The Delaware" construction, 2016.  1516-237 
  Digital images of the Elise Walker Outdoor Learning Center dedication, Nov. 2, 2016.  1617-12 
  Digital images of Italian Restaurant construction on Main (former Caldwell Inns), 2015.  1617-18 
  Digital images of Texas Musicians Museum construction, 2015.  1617-19 
  Digital images of Paine House van wrap.  1617-20 
  Digital images of Union Bower Baptist Church - Irving Baptist Church, 2015.  1617-21 
  Digital images of Union Bower WPA school building, 2015.  1617-22 
  Digital images of Dealey Plaza, 2016.  1617-23 
  Digital images of possible heritage museum sites, 2015.  1617-24 
  Archives scrapbook, 2005-2006 1617-30 
Attaway, Dr. H. E. High school yearbooks (10) : MacArthur High School Crest: 1985; Nimitz High School Valhalla: 1981; 1983; 1984; 1985; Irving High School Lair: 1963; 1982; 1984; 1991. 0102-155
Ayers, Michael Irving High School Tiger Guard megaphone, 2005-06. 1011-104

Irving Boys Choir shirt, 1996-2000. 1112-84
   Small card catalogue (9 drawers). 1314-36 
Ayles, Earl Earl Ayles Collection: City of Irving planning studies; transportation studies; thoroughfare plans; DFW Airport publications and studies; Irving area aerials. Also included is material collected to create the maps used in the Irving history book Irving A Texas Odyssey. Earl Ayles worked in or was the head of the City of Irving Community Development Department from 1968-1994. Much of the material addresses various residential and business developments in Irving during those years. Mr. Ayles is also a cartographer, and lent his skills to help develop the maps in the Irving history book, 1989. Collection 32 (PDF)

Photos - John Haley house before it was moved, 1998. Photo Coll.
Ayles, Carol   Map; downtown aerial, c. 1990s; Heritage District; color aerial of South Irving, c. 1990s; West Irving Area Study map. Collection 32 
Bailey, Bruce Dempsey family material:Irving newspapers (4) from 1940; photocopies of correspondence, 1880s-1920s; tax receipts, 1930s; postcards; Dempsey family genealogy. The Dempsey family were residents of early Irving. 96-03

Dempsey family material:photos of John Dempsey, c. 1906; the Dempsey house being moved; survey plat and photo of the house at 1910 Waldor; Jack Dempsey's Life Member of Ancient Order of Camel Herders (certificate). 9798-109

Photos of moving of John Haley house.

Photo Coll.

Information on Dr. John Haley and moving the Haley house: wallpaper from the house before renovation; and an issue of the San Francisco Chronicle, 1915. 9899-88
Bailey, Lee  Elliot Elementary PTA Scrapbooks (3 volumes): 1980-1981; 1981-1982; and 1990-1991 & 1992-1993. 1617-59 
Baker, Ethel IPL library card, 1985.
Baker, L. E. Fort Worth Mapsco, 1989. MVF 7-19 (PDF)

Civil Engineering Magazine containing articles about Irving entitled,“Closing the Loop," May 2003. MVF 8-14 (PDF)
Banks, Raymond Aerials of Las Colinas County Club, 1967. Photo Coll.
Banks, Ouida Local chapter of the American Business Women's Association material:newspaper articles about the Laurel Chapter of the ABWA; attendance rolls; ribbons; correspondence; newsletters; convention material, 1970; yearbooks; club banner; scrapbook, 1960s-1970s; gowns by Victor Costa. 0304-62

Local chapter of American Business Women's Association material: door wreath; a newspaper section on the opening of Irving Bank & Trust building, 1967; AWBA cookbook, 1972; Ouida Banks AWBA president place card, 1968-69; Inner Circle AWBA ribbon; silver sugar and creamer engraved ABWA. Also included in the accession are: an Irving Health Care publication, 1974; Texas Sesquicentennial sampler calendar, 1986; program from the Irving High production of “Annie Get Your Gun” 1970; programs from Irving Community Concert events; newsletter, Irving Sesquicentennial News; dress by Victor Costa, c. 1970s; promotional items from various Irving businesses, 1960s-1970s. 0304-95

Local chapter of American Business Women's Association material: proclamation from the mayor to ABWA, 1982; photos of Jackie Townsell addressing an AWBA luncheon; AWBA officer installation ceremony invitation. Also included are: a Texas Sesquicentennial sampler calendar, 1986; newsletter Irving Sesquicentennial News, Winter, 1985. 0405-112
Barrett, John Photocopies of Mid-Cities Stamp Club information and info on the Stamp Exposition, 1993-2000; photocopy of a notebook of early Irving area stamp cancellation and area postal history. MVF 8-08 (PDF)
Bates, O. D. and Estelle U. S. Bicentennial project: material on Irving history; newspapers, research notes, audio taped interviews of early Irving area settlers, 1976. Collection 7 (PDF)

Allen family material: scrapbook, c. 1940; newspaper clippings regarding the Irving volunteer Fire Dept., Irving High School, and various other Irving topics, c. 1940s. The Allen family were early Irving area residents. 84-11

Talley family material: photos and textile items, 1900-1920. The Talley family were early Irving area residents 83-12

Hartin family material: photos from the opening of B & H Dry Goods at 305 E. Irving Blvd.; and a newspaper page about the George Bell family. 0203-302
Baugh, Louise Letter from the Irving city council urging citizens to support the Texas Stadium in a local referendum, Mar. 27, 1968. MVF 17-13 (PDF)

Invitation to the Bracebridge Dinner, 2000 and a book Three Tales from the Sketchbook. MVF 28-19 (PDF)
   Enco Gas Station sign, c. late 1960s. 1314-64 
Baxter, Dr. Charles
Photocopy of Dr. Baxter's vitae. MVF 9-03 (PDF)
Beam, Cynthia Yardstick advertising First Federal Savings and Loan of Irving; and a paperweight commemorating Irving Girls' Softball League's 25th Anniversary, 1960-1985. 0506-163
Bearden, Avery Photocopy and digital images of Avery Bearden’s football and baseball scrapbook from his days at Irving High School, 1947-1951: two issues of the Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, Oct. 31, 1950, and Nov. 13, 1950. 0102-250

Photocopies of Avery Bearden “Official Eagle Scout Stained Glass Tableau,” n.d.; certificate appointing Avery Bearden  a First Class Petty Officer, n.d.; Dallas Morning News award to Bearden for being named to the All District 12A high school football team, 1950. 0708-47
Beavers, Jerry Beavers Family Collection: Irving school related material:Irving High School newspaper issues,Tiger Rag, 1944-1949; and 1966-67; programs, invitations, tickets, fight ribbons; newspaper articles; student directories; football programs, 1946-47, and late-1960s and early-1970s; Irving High School drill team uniforms, 1960s; photos and digital images of the Beavers and Justus families; material relating to First United Methodist Church of Irving. Bob Beavers and Jerry Justus Beavers were Irving High School graduates of the 1940s.They married in 1949, and their children graduated from Irving High School during the 1960s and 1970s. Collection 60 (PDF)
   Lee Britain Elementary sweatshirt, c. 1970s; I Association sweatshirt, c. 1969; Big Irv candle holder; Irving High School   class of 1949 reunion booklet, 2003; Journalism Class textbook, 1948; beaded Irving High School poncho, c. 1950s; dress made by Jerry Beavers in homemaking class, 1949; dress worn by Cheryl Beavers during Irving High Most Beautiful Contest nomination, 1966.    1314-90
Beavers, Regina Gebert family history. MVF 30-25 (PDF)

Digital images of Nimitz High School drill team, 1991-1993. 1213-116

Nimitz High School drill team uniforms including boots and hat, 1992-1994; letter jacket; equipment bag; homecoming items, 1991; photocopies of pages from a drill team scrapbook. 1314-08
Beeman, Suzy Irving Human Services Council information- list of institutions to contact for various types of help and directories from the late 1990s and early 2000s. 0910-193

Newspaper clippings relating to the Irving Health Board's campaign for a smoking ordinance, 2003; and for an AIDS awareness program, 1985. 1011-125

Irving Health Board records, mid-1990s: Health Coalition needs assessment and committee reports. 1112-06
Belden,Dreanna Spelling textbook, 1894; child’s ABC book (cloth), 1884; scrapbook from Home Economics college class, 1940; E.M. Kahn store box. 0203-191

Two record cylinders “Edison Gold Molded Records” 1904. 0203-203

Photos of Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Over Georgia, c. early 1960s. Photo Coll.

Chism Smith Funeral Home Records, 1939-1965, compiled by the Irving Genealogical Society. MVF 9-15 (PDF)
Bell, Carey M.C. Lively Elementary Safety Patrol belt, 1981-1982. 0304-249

Irving High School senior T-shirt, 1988; tiger patch and graduation cap, 1988. 1011-14
Bell, Charles Photo -Irving High School reunion of the class of 1945. 0304-245
Bell, Cory Digital images of Walter Harvey carvings in his restaurant, c. 1990s.  1516-219 
  South MacArthur Church of Christ Pictorial Directory, c. 1983 MVF 35-17
Bell, Eleanor Eleanor Corry Bell Collection: school records, photos, and mementos, 1940-1951; Irving High School drill team uniform, 1950; material relating to Irving State Bank (later Irving Bank & Trust); Corry family photos, 1890-1970s; digital images of Irving Centennial events and Centennial Park construction, 2002-2004; Irving Women's Bowling Association pins, patches, record books, 1970s-1990s; newspaper issues about the assassination of John Kennedy and other issues concerning historical events of the second half of the 20th century.Eleanor Corry Bell moved to Irving with her family in 1940. She attended Irving schools during the 1940s and early 1950s.Her mother was a long-time employee of the Irving State Bank. The donor was also employed there during the 1950s. She was an active member in the Irving Women's Bowling Association from the late 1950s-1990s.She served on the Irving Centennial Historical Markers Committee, 2002-2004. Collection 59 (PDF)

Irving Physicians and Service Directory, 2002 and n.d.; and Irving Health Care Medi-Fax, second edition, c. 1996. MVF 16-01 (PDF)

State highway maps: Texas, 2002 and 2003; Oregon, c. late 1980s; Colorado / Wyoming, c. late 1980s; Oklahoma 2001-02. 0506-212

Books - American Heritage New Illustrated History of the United States (16 Volumes), 1963. 0708-08

Irving High Pep Squad material, 2004 – decorated overalls and a megaphone. 0708-145

Digital images of the Irving Heritage Society's Valentine Tea, 2009. 0809-43

Antique sewing needles and buttons. 0809-68

Digital images from Irving Heritage Society fish fry, 2009. 0809-84

Promotional license plate from Freeman Oldsmobile, “Across from Texas Stadium”, 1996. MVF 26-03 (PDF)

Digital images of the dedication of Veterans Memorial Park, May 17, 2009. 0809-98

Digital images of Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, exterior, June 2009. 0809-123

Canvas Bag promoting the U.S. Census, 2010. MVF 26-12 (PDF)

Book - Conversations with Kid Cougar and Lim Hang High by Joseph Faulds (Irving author). 0910-42

Digital images of record snowfall, February 11, 2010; and of the Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, February 14, 2010. 0910-63

Digital images of the Mustangs of Las Colinas sculpture and the reception for Robert Glen at the Mustang Museum, 2009. 0910-74

Digital images of the implosion of Texas Stadium taken from the TV screen, April 2010; and sale of Texas Stadium seats by the Irving Heritage Society, 2010. 0910-118

Digital images of Irving Heritage Society fish fry event, April 2010. 0910-124

Digital images of Irving Heritage Society trivia contest, April 2010. 0910-125

Digital images of the installation of officers for the Irving Heritage Society, May 2010. 0910-146

Digital images of the July 4, 2010, parade; depot in Heritage Park and hanging the shades on the windows of the depot, 2010. 0910-198

Digital images of cleanup of depot in Heritage Park, June 2010. 0910-199

Digital images of the painting and roofing of the depot in Heritage Park, 2010; Brett Star of COI at society board meeting, Sept. 2010; ICTN interview with Eleanor Bell, 2010. 1011-03

Digital images of the general meeting of the Heritage Society with Maura Gast as speaker, Oct. 2010. 1011-05

DVD of ICTN's interview with Eleanor Bell, Sept. 2010. MVF 28-16 (PDF)

Digital images of the depot in Heritage Park during Holiday in the Heritage, 2011. 1011-23

A DVD of 8mm film entitled Super Shoppers, 1962 showing Worth Food Mart at Britain and Grauwyler and Minyard's in downtown. 1011-29

Digital images - Irving Heritage Society general meeting, Jan. 24, 2011. 1011-49

Digital images - Irving Heritage Society board meeting at Chamber of Commerce office, Feb. 11, 2011. 1011-55

Digital images - Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, Feb. 13, 2011. 1011-56

Digital images - Dedication of West Irving Library, April 9,2011. 1011-79

Digital images - Archives exhibit at West Irving Library and Irving Heritage Society receives a proclamation from the city council, April 2011 1011-80

Digital images - Irving Heritage Society general meeting, April 14, 2011. 1011-81

Digital images - Irving Heritage Society fish fry, April 22, 2011. 1011-83

Digital images - Irving Heritage Society trivia contest, May 1, 2011. 1011-89

Digital images - School students visiting the Heritage Park depot and the cabin, May 2011. 1011-93

Digital images - Irving Heritage Society general meeting and depot marker dedication, May 22, 2011. 1011-99

Digital images of Heritage Park depot tour volunteers at the Main St. event, 2011. 1011-135

Digital images of new rugs in the Heritage House, Oct. 2011. 1112-01

Digital images of the 60th anniversary gathering for the Irving High School class, 1951. 1112-02

Dallas Morning News and Dallas Times Herald, Oct. 5 and 6, 1922. 1112-05

Digital images of Heritage House 100th Anniversary kickoff event, Dec. 4, 2011. 1112-24

Dining car menu from a train trip from Dallas to Nevada, TX, Jan. 31, 1939. MVF 30-09 (PDF)

Digital images of the Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 2012. 1112-48

Script from Women of Irving event, "This is Your Life Esther Hurwitz", 2012. MVF 30-14 (PDF)

Digital images of Heritage Society fish fry, 2012. 1112-70

Digital images of Heritage Park Depot tours and July 4th parade, 2012. 1112-96

Digital images of wallpapering and flooring replacement at Heritage House, Oct. 2012. 1213-10

U. S. M. C. blanket, 1942. 1213-66

Dallas Morning News Special Section on the new Big Tex, 2013. 1314-04

Digital images of Paine House opening reception and documentary showing, November 2013. 1314-09
   T-shirt - Irving Heritage Festival, 2004 and 2006; Centennial Festive logo (4).  1314-28
   Hand fan from Irving's Diamond Jubilee, 1978. MVF  31-09 
   Book - Star Interest Tables, 1939 (from Irving Bank and Trust); thread on wooden spools; old buttons; sewing basket, c. 1950s; Eleanor Bell's Easter dress and bonnet, 1935; infant dresses, 1935; snowsuit, 1936; first grade book satchel, 1940.    1415-03
  Wooden plank engraved with the words "Texas Commerce Bank."  1415-32 
  1973 Texas Instruments electronic calculator; hand-held electronic dictionary, c. 1987; shoehorn from Irving Soroptimist Club, c. early 1980s; Delta Airlines sewing kit; Invitation to Irving South Library opening and event program, 2015. 1516-174 
  Dallas Morning News July 8-11, 2016 editions covering the July 7, 2016 shooting of police officers in Dallas  1516-195
  Glass bottle from Dublin Bottling Works, "Texas Root Beer" label, 2016. 1617-09 
  Newspaper - Dallas Morning News, Nov. 9, 2016, "Trump Triumphs." 1617-28 
  Newspapers and magazines (1940s- 2016) related to: assassinations; space flight; Clinton impeachment; WWII; Election; Dallas Morning News Trump inauguration (2 issues), January 20-21, 2017.  1617-30 
Bellew, Jimmy George Alford's collection of Native American and Boy Scout material. George Alford was a Native American who was very involved in local scouting, 1960s-1980s. 0910-217
Belo Corporation Photo negative collection from the Irving News, 1982-1999. 0001-158
Bennett, Richard Brief biography of Carl Range, long-time Irving Post Master. MVF 13-04 (PDF)

Digital images of George Alford, 1960s. 0708-175

Book - Faith and Labor (MacArthur High School in Irving) by Richard Bennett, 2012. 1213-20
Bentley, Laurie Newspaper -Irving Daily News Texan issue regarding Irving's Golden Anniversary of incorporation, April 16, 1964. 0607-119
Berg, Karyl Photocopies of plat map and aerial map of the Patton farm land on Irving Heights Road. MVF 11-12 (PDF)
Behrens, Kaye Photos -city surveyors working at the Estelle School site, May 4, 2006. 0506-204
Berry, Cassandra Digital images of the Turf Turners Garden Club. 0405-128
Berryhill, Ruth Information on the Colwell, Guldens, and Stanley families. Early settlers in the Hackberry community. Hackberry is now a part of north Irving. MVF 21-09 (PDF)
Bessler, Betty Beaufford and
Susan Lay
History of the Beaufford family. The Beaufford family were early Irving area settlers.
Beta Sigma Phi
Preceptor Iota Omega Chapter

Beta Sigma Phi, an international women's friendship network, Irving chapter:scrapbooks, (3 vols.) , 1981-82; 1989-90; and 1995-96; and yearly activity binders, (3 vols.) , 1987-1994; 1994-2002; 2002-2005. 0506-214

Pledge manual; income and expense ledger, 1987-1995; Southwest Bank cash bag; Founders Day invitation and program, 1997; Chapter roster and minutes, 1985-1997. 0910-14

Beta Sigma Phi meeting minutes, 1996-2008. 1011-01
Bixby, Capitola, City of Irving street map, 1962; Early History of Irving by Netta Brown, wife of town co-founder Otis Brown, 1949.
MVF 5-05 (PDF)
Blackwell, Ruby Digital images of the Blackwell family and their neighborhood on E. 4th Street, 1949-1959. 0203-44

Newspaper article about Jerry Meagher, owner of several Irving movie theaters,talking with John Wayne about the movie War Wagon, 1967; newspaper article about the closing of Peck’s Office Supply, a longtime Irving office supply retailer, c. Mid- 1990s; photocopy of the newspaper picture of people standing in line to get license plates, March 1974. MVF 24-06 (PDF)
Blake, Elena Irving Chamber of Commerce Women’s Division Directory of Clubs and Organizations, 2001. 0102-63

Digital images of the Irving Centennial Style shows, 2003. Photo Coll.
Blanchard, Don Travis Junior High School yearbooks, 1976; 1977; 1978; 1979. 1011-88
 Blanchette, Doloris  Photo  - drive thru of Texas Commerce Bank; COI pocket size street map, 1983; Irving Bank and Trust deposit slip folder; newspaper section on Irving's 90th birthday; articles about Irving Bank demolition, c. 1999; Leo Jackson's history of Irving Bank and Trust.   MVF 32-05
Blaylock, Louis Publications: "This is Irving," c. 1950 (Irving Chamber of Commerce publication); and "Our Own Kessler Plan for Our Irving Community," 1938. MVF 12-17 (PDF)

Digital images of an Intercity Rotary Club meeting, 1937. 0910-75
Boatwright, Freida Digital image of Mary Jane Story obituary, 1961.  1516-166 
Boatwright, Randy Campaign fliers from the anti-liquor sales group from 2004 election. MVF 12-14 (PDF)
Bobbitt, Bud  Womens Bowling League Material - team photos; Spotlight Award IWBA 1986-1987; IWBA Scrapbook, 1985-1986; IWBA officers and directors 1993-1994; correspondence; rosters; scores; standings sheets; score cards, 1982, 1970  1516-211
Bohaning, Fay Biographical sketch of Carlton Nealy “Tex” Bohaning; photo of same, 1937; undated of his wife, Alberta Hoffmiester Bohaning MVF 25-12 (PDF)
Bona Fide' Club

Established as the Junior Felicity Club in 1933, The Bona Fide Club (name changed in 1946) is Irving's oldest civic service organization Scrapbooks, (6 vols.), 1950-1979; 1979-1987; 1988-1997; 2000-01; 2002-03; 2003-05; minutes: 1940-1945; 1946-1955; 1979-1989; and 1997-2007; photos and newspaper clippings regarding the Bona Fide' Club: photos, 1990s; newspaper articles, 1950s-1970s. Collection 15 (PDF)
Bond, Laura Newspaper issues -Irving News Record, Oct. 24, 1947 and Oct. 17, 1947 and Irving News Texan, Nov. 4, 1962. 0102-49

Newspaper issues -Irving News, Nov. 14, 1954 and Nov. 19, 1954; Texas Observer, March 14, 1955. The Observer contains a story on the Irving school teacher walkout of Feb. 1955. 0102-82
Bonham, Robert Newspapers and magazines, 1917-1986.   1415-33 
Bonilla, Fran Look magazine, Dec. 31, 1963; Irving Daily News city of Irving Diamond Jubilee edition, 1978; and a Plymouth Park Baptist Church newsletter.

Fran Bonilla Papers: correspondence; photos; reports; publications; collected during her terms on the Irving city council,1980s-1990s. 0203-01

DFW International Airport Official Directory, 1990. MVF 28-03 (PDF)
Borah, Mike Photos - Estelle School and Masonic Lodge, c. 1916; Lee Borah from the Estelle community, c. 1900. Photo Coll.
Bowen, Ruth Yearbooks, annual conference minutes, convention programs, and handbooks from the Texas Division, United Daughter of the Confederacy; United Daughters of the Confederacy; Daughters of the American Revolution, White Oak Chapter; Peter James Bailey Chapter, Texas Society of DAR; Colonial Dames, James River Chapter; Texas Society of Colonial Dames, 1970s-1990s. 0203-200

Copies of minutes from the annual meetings of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1990-2003; United Daughters of the Confederacy, Texas Division annual convention report, 1994-1997 and 2001-2003; United Daughters of the Confederacy press releases, 1993-1998. 0405-97

Yearbooks from the local chapters of DAR; SAR; UDC; and Daughters of the Republic of Texas, late 1990s-2010; DAR scrapbooks, 2000-04 and 2004-06. 1011-85
Box, Doris Photo -“Welcome to Irving" sign, c. 1940. Photo Coll.

Texas Centennial at Dallas Fair Park daily schedule of events, 1936; Irving Diamond Jubilee hand fans, 1978; S. Delaware Church of Christ publication 1951; Irving State Bank advertisement; city of Irving street map, 1953; newspaper article about Irving High School class of 1951; graduation commencement program, 1951; senior will and prophecy, 1951; senior class play program, 1951; Tiger directory, 1947-48; Tiger Rag, March, 27, 1951 and May 28, 1951. MVF 12-01 (PDF)

Student Directory - Irving High Roar,1950-51. MVF 22-17 (PDF)
Boyle, John John Boyle Texas Stadium Files, 1960-1992 - information on the construction of Texas Stadium, 1966-1970; and information on liquor sales in the stadium, 1989-1991. Collection 87
Bozeman, Gnat Videotape of the dedication ceremonies of Irving Community Hospital,November 1964. 0001-117

Publication: "A Brief History of Baylor Healthcare Facilities in Irving." MVF 7-02 (PDF)

Newspaper clippings regarding the construction of Irving Jaycee's Center for the Arts, 1966-67; and the Irving Parks Board, 1972. Gnat Bozeman was head of the Jaycee team in charge of creating the arts building and he was on the Parks Board in 1972. MVF 18-01 (PDF)
Brandes, William Digital images from 35mm slides of the Texas Stadium construction, 1969-1971. 0809-06
Brau, Kirk Irving Women's Bowling Association material: club related tee shirts; various club and team records, 1970s-1990s. 0304-68
Britain, H. W. Photocopies of Britain family genealogical material: letter from J. O. Schulze to D.E. Britain, 1903; Caster family history; research paper about Native Americans.The Britain family sold part of their land to the co-founders of Irving on which they founded the town in 1903. MVF 27-01 (PDF)
Britain, Juanita Britain Family Collection: The Britain family arrived in the northwest section of Dallas County that would later become the eastern part of the city of Irving in 1859. Henry Britain sold 80 acres of his land on which the town of Irving was founded in 1903.Primarily newspaper articles about Irving's history and a genealogical history of the Britain and Murphy families; also Britain family photos and two Irving High School letter sweaters from the early 1930s. Collection 63 (PDF)

Poster - Heritage Park dedication poster with 2 articles about the Britain's attached, 1986. 0102-90
Britain Elementary School Central Elementary School P. T. A. Scrapbooks, (4 vol.), 1938-1950, 1950-1959, 1959-1961, 1962-1965.The oldest scrapbook covers the origins of Irving's first P.T.A. which included all grade levels. In 1950-51, Central Elementary P.T.A. was formed. Three of the scrapbooks pertain to the activities of that group. In 1965, Central Elementary was renamed Lee Britain Elementary. Collection 64 (PDF)
Britain Elementary School PTA Records - Treasurer's records, 2001-2011. 1213-93
Brooks, David City of Irving Park Patrol badges and Police Security badges; Sergeant David Brooks’ id badge; two digital photos of David Brooks. 0809-129
Brooks, James Senior Review for the Irving High School class of 1943 (published in place of an annual); copy of Irving High School fight song, 1943; and commencement exercise program, 1943. 0405-136

Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, Nov. , 1941. 0607-147
Brooks, Juanita Irving High School drill team uniform, 1950-51; school fight shirt, 1950; Irving Bank & Trust money bag; Irving Theater and 183 Drive-in movie schedule, Feb 1954; Irving phone and address directory, 1949; Irving telephone directory, 1957; and digital images of the donor in her drill team uniform and cap and gown, 1950-51; Irving School class photo 1923. Collection 65 (PDF)
Brown, Buddy Aerial photo of downtown Irving, 1957.
Photo Coll.
Brown, Carroll Photocopy of a research paper concerning the activities of the West Irving Improvement Association, 1967. MVF 9-06 (PDF)
Brown, Katherine Irving High School Graduation invitation, 1936. MVF 1-01 (PDF)

Otis and Netta Brown Collection:ledgers, diary, scrapbook, photos, and personal documents.Otis Brown was the co-founder of the town of Irving in 1903. Collection 9 (PDF)

Lynn and Catherine Brown Scrapbook: photocopy of a Lynn Brown family scrapbook containing newspaper articles relating to the Brown family and Lynn Brown's time as mayor. Lynn Brown was son of town co-founder Otis Brown and served as Irving's mayor from 1959-1967. Collection 13 (PDF)

Brown Family Collection: information relating to Otis and Netta Brown and Lynn and Kay Brown - primarily newspaper clippings,also including the July 2, 1904, issue of the Irving Index. Otis Brown was the co-founder and first mayor of Irving. Lynn Brown was Otis Brown's youngest son. He served as Irving's mayor from 1959-1967. Collection 68 (PDF)

An original plat of the town of Irving submitted to Dallas County in 1903. 0405-64
Brown, Charles Photos -Irving co-founder Otis Brown, with his son and grandson, and fellow town founder, J. O. Schulze, c. 1950s. Photo Coll.

A history of First Baptist Church of Irving and a photo of the church. MVF 4-02 (PDF)

Digital images of Otis Brown's house on Pioneer Dr.and of Lloyd Brown's house on Pioneer Dr., 1930s-1940s. 0203-09

Photocopy of a letter written in 1953 by Scot Barcus (brother of Netta Barcus Brown, wife of Irving co-founder Otis Brown) to see. Lloyd Brown in which he discusses the founding of Camp Wisdom, a Boy Scout camp in southern Dallas County. MVF 8-19 (PDF)

Digital images of the Otis Brown family and early Irving, c. 1905-1920. 0708-30

Souvenir ballpoint pen from Irving's 75th anniversary celebration, 1978. 1112-31

Typewriter - Underwood Standard, 1938. 1011-76

Commemorative ball point pen from Irving's 75th anniversary, 1978. MVF 30-04 (PDF)
  Program - Dedication of Bicentennial "Avenue of Trees," Feb. 27, 1977  MVF 35-20 
  Wedding invitation - Arnetta Olive Barcus and Otis Brown, June 24, 1903  MVF 35-15 
  Articles about Bonnie and Clyde; Newspaper - The Burb, Oct. 2007; Production information about play based on life of Bonnie Parker, 2004  1516-208 
Brown, Clarence Photos - early Irving and Irving High School. 0607-85
Brown, Darlene Blueprints -plat and elevation drawings of the Colonial Corner shopping center at Story and Finley roads; and a plat map of Farelane Park Addition, 1960. 0506-147
Brown, Don and Becky Board game – Hometown Monopoly, 1983. 0809-148
Brown, Edgar Estelle Community Research Collection:hand-drawn map of the Estelle community showing where homes and the school were located, c. 1935; valentines from students at the Estelle School, 1920s; letter explaining how the Estelle community got its name; Estelle map and photocopies of Estelle photos, 1930s; copies of Dallas County maps, 1846; 1886; and 1900; photocopies of two deeds to Dallas County, for the Estelle School site,1883 and 1916; a sketch of the location of the buildings on the Estelle School site, c. 1930; a booklet put together by Edgar Brown about the Estelle community history and the community reunion held in 2002; Edgar Brown’s report card from Estelle School, 4th grade, 1928-29; photos of Estelle School classes, c. 1920s-30s; Pete Pannel’s memories of Estelle; photos of Redus Pannel family; photos of Estelle Masonic Lodge building, Bear Creek Baptist Church; and the Estelle store, c. 1940s-1950s; book: The Elementary Spelling Book, 1908; The Estelle community was located on property that is today part of DFW Airport. Collection 66 (PDF)

Photocopies of photos of the Estelle store, c. 1940. Photo Coll.

Photo - Edgar Brown standing next to a 1926 Model T, c. 2005. Photo Coll.
Brown, Linda Harper  Sister Cities Annual Conference material, 1997. Linda Harper Brown was a member of the city council at the time she attended this conference.  MVF 2-08 (PDF)
  State Representative Linda Harper Brown Records, 1996-2015. 1415-70
  State of Texas highway map, 2006. 1516-44
  State Representative Linda Harper Brown Records, 1990s-2015. 1516-56
Brown, Michael,J. Brown family genealogy entitled "The Ancestors of Otis Brown:” appraisal of Otis Brown's property, 1962; Brown family photos and newspaper articles relating to the Brown family. MVF 7-06 (PDF)

Enlarged photo of W. F. Barcus mounted on cardboard backing. W. F. Barcus was the father of Netta Barcus Brown, wife of Irving co-founder Otis Brown; photos -Otis and Netta Brown and family on their 50th wedding anniversary, 1953; Brown children, c. 1918; Otis and Netta and sons, Stanley and wife Nell, John, Lloyd and wife Lenora, c. 1940s; Netta as a girl posing in the tree, c. 1897; Lynn Brown, Kay Brown and daughter Catherine, c. 1950; Otis Brown with two unidentified women, c. 1940s; Otis and two sons in front of his house on Pioneer Drive, c. 1940s; Earl and John Brown with Charles Schulze, c. 1915; newspaper photo about the Founders’ Day celebration,1949. Photo Coll.
Brown, Mike Book - Echoes from the Past by Mabel Hill Scott, a local author. 1011-18
Otis Brown Elementary School Portrait of Otis Brown and a folder of Otis Brown Elementary School photos from 50th anniversary celebration. 0203-55
Brown, Ron Digital images of Handy House,Irving theater on Main St., and other downtown Irving buildings, 2006. 0708-164
Brown, Roy and Peggy Roy Brown political material - plaques, photos, campaign cards and signs, 1980-2000. 1112-99
Brown, Stanley Copy of Stanley Brown's “History of Irving." Stanley Brown was the son of Irving's co-founder Otis Brown. MVF 1-09 (PDF)
Burgess, Janice Issues of the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald concerning the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald, 1963. 9798-114
Burke, Gaylen Gaylen Burke Collection: records of the Metro Movie Makers Club; records of the Irving Bicycle and Touring Club, c. 1971-72; and records of the Dallas Hullraisers sailing club, c. 1970-71. Collection 27 (PDF)
Bryant, Patsy Dallas Consolidated Abstracts, p. 15-80.
MVF 3-18 (PDF)
Bucek, Mike The Meadowbrook Shopping News, April, 5, 2001, containing an article about Tom Vandergriff; a letter of congratulations from the donor to Tom Vandergriff; a videotape of a Vandergriff talk to a government class. Tom Vandergriff was mayor of Arlington, Texas, and active in area civic matters for several decades, 1950s-2000s. MVF 6-04 (PDF)
Burcham, Donna Digital images of the reunion of the 1929 Irving High School football team in 1979 and the program from reunion game, 1979. 0708-22
Burke, John Book - Echoes From the Past by Mabel Scott Hill. Mabel Scott Hill was a long-time Irvingite. 9697-09

Information packet on Kit Cemetery and early Irving history. 0809-131
   Piece of stone work from Irving Bank and Trust 10 story building.  1314-105
Burkett, Mae Digital images of Farmers Boy Market, 1956-2000; and photos of the Burkett family who owned the market. The Farmers Boy Market was a fruit and vegetable market that was in business on Rock Island Road from the 1950s-2008. 0506-195
Butson, George Texas Sesquicentennial flags (2). 0203-119
Butson, Patrick Calendars, banners, nameplates, plaques from Morris Specialty. Morris Specialty was a long-time Irving promotional advertising business. 0102-313

Plaque created by Morris Specialty for the Irving library honoring Anthony Yancy. 0203-210
Buttery, Pat Photos -Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 2008. Photo Coll.