Community-One Convenience Stores

Community shopping in a safer environment
  • The Irving Community-One program is a partnership between the Irving Police Department and convenience store managers/owners working together in a cooperative effort to foster a safer community.
  • The Irving Community-One program is designed to help owners and managers of convenience stores keep illegal activity off their property.
  • By taking proactive steps to abate crime, you enhance the quality of your store; making for a safer and more pleasant environment to shop or work.
  • Participating in the Irving Community-One program does not imply there is no crime on the property; it simply means properties are taking steps to deter crime.
What is the program all about:
  • Partnership
  • Helps with reduction of criminal activity
  • Creates an atmosphere that makes the criminal element feel uncomfortable
  • Fosters a more personal relationship with convenience store properties, the Police Department and the citizens of Irving
How the program works
  • The program is completely voluntary but comes with requirements upon entering the program
  • This program goes above the Chapter 29A requirements and is completely separate
  • Once the requirements are met, the store will then get the benefits


  • No 8-liner (gaming) machines
  • Cash Accountability Policy must be less than/equal to $150
  • CPTED Survey Conducted and suggestions followed
  • Drop safe located somewhere outside of an enclosed area
  • Employees 17 years of age and older must have a criminal background check conducted—it is at the owner/managers discretion whether or not to hire the employee
  • Panic buttons must be worn by all employees on duty at all times
  • No pay phones on site
  • Robbery prevention training must be conducted by all employees at least once a year
  • Trespass Affidavit must be posted in the main window at all times
  • A video monitor of the surveillance must be in a place where customers can see it as they walk in

Benefits—ALL FREE

  • Use of Community-One Logo
  • More communication with PD personnel—emails will be sent to the owner/manager with any calls for service on the property and any major crimes that occur at other convenience stores
  • Community One Alcohol Sales hours decals
  • No Trespassing / No Loitering signs with Community-One Logo
  • Community-One Decals for entrance(s): Video Surveillance in use, employees cannot open safe and have min. cash on hand & security alarm system in use
  • Community-One Height Strips
  • Community-One Sign
  • Community-One Certificate
  • Store listed on the IPD Website
  • Frequent visits from PD Personnel

How to get started
Contact Chelsey Jones at 972-721-2547 or 

Certified Properties
Chill & Fill
2330 W. Airport Fwy
Irving, TX 75061