Public Outreach and Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in having our Stormwater team come to your school, summer camp, or other youth program? We are always excited to educate the public about stormwater pollution prevention and what we do! We can be flexible with our presentations and have options for grades K-12.

Do your girl- or boy scouts need an opportunity to earn a badge? Let us help! We can work directly with your scouts or refer you to programs and events here in Irving.

We also need volunteers to mark stormdrains in their community with our "Only Rain Down the Stormdrain" message. We provide the supplies!

For more information on any of the above, or for general questions, please contact our Stormwater team:

Capital Improvement Program
Drainage Program
Brent Redd, Coordinator
Amber Nelson, Assistant
(972) 721-2611

Interested in volunteering for the Texas Stream Team? Click Here for more information, or to register.