1. Safety Tips for Walking a Dog

    Safety Tips for Walking a Dog

    For many pet owners, walking the dog around the neighborhood is a daily activity that is pleasurable and beneficial. But ensure the experience is a positive one, and protect your dog and yourself by following a few safety tips. Read on...
  2. January is Walk Your Pet Month

    Survey: One-Third of Dog Owners Rarely Walk Their Dogs

    January is Walk Your Pet Month, and it’s the perfect time to begin a daily walking regimen to boost the health of your dog, as well as your own. Read on...

Proper ID, Microchipping Will Have Your Pet Home Sooner
Irving Animal Services is emphasizing the importance of pet identification. Microchipping is the most permanent solution. See a demonstration of the microchipping process, and find out how it can help get your dog or cat home more quickly. Microchips are available for $10 at the Irving Animal Care Campus. Microchipped pets get a discount on the city’s required pet registration.

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