Help the Environment

  1. Air Quality

    Learn about how the air quality can be improved reducing bad ozone emissions.

  2. Bicycling in Irving

    Learn more about the bicycling initiative in Irving.

  3. Business

    “Triple bottom line” (abbreviated as TBL or 3BL) incorporates the notion of sustainability into business decisions, coined by John Elkington in 1994. The TBL is an accounting framework with three dimensions: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial.

  4. Climate

    Find tips to avoid leaving a negative impact on the climate.

  5. Composting & Yard Care

    Learn more about how composting saves money, enriches soil, and helps the environment.

  6. Energy

    Find out ways to reduce energy consumption to help the environment.

  7. Farmers Markets

    Discover farmers markets in North Texas.

  8. Green Advisory Board

    Learn more about the Green Advisory Board, including board members and responsibilities.

  9. Green Buildings

    Read about ways to improve health, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency during a remodel of your home.

  10. Green Technology

    Technology is often thought of as time-saving, convenient, and sometimes just plain fun, but your smartphone is also a powerful tool for conservation and smarter choices.

  11. Green Videos

    Browse through a list of green videos on demand brought to you by ICTN.

  12. Home Chemicals

    Discover the harmful effects home chemicals may have on the environment and what you can do to help reduce the impact.

  13. Irving's Garden for Wildlife Program

  14. Native Texas Plants

    Lean how native plants can benefit your yard while helping the environment while conserving water.

  15. Pollinators

  16. Recycle

    Discover recycling options in the City of Irving to help reduce waste.

  17. Reduce and Reuse

    Learn ways to reduce and reuse to help protect the environment.

  18. Shopping

    Learn how you can become an "enviroshopper," to help the environment while you shop.

  19. Transportation

    Find tips to avoid leaving a negative impact on the climate due to transportation.

  20. Travel

    Find out ways you can help the environment before and during your travels.

  21. Trees

    Learn more about the benefits trees offer to the environment and how to select the right trees for your landscaping projects.

  22. Urban Gardening

    Planting and seeing the result of your garden work can be a joyous experience. This section provides information about gardening in the urban setting and resources for further study and practice.

  23. Water

    Discover ways how to help the environment through water conservation.

  24. Youth