Community Programs

  1. Blue Christmas

  2. Citizen Police Academy

    Learn about the Irving Police Academy and how you can get involved.

  3. Citizens On Patrol Program

    Find out what the purpose of the Citizens On Patrol Program is.

  4. Civilian Observation / Rider Program

    Find out how you can be considered to ride along with, and observe, an Irving Police Officer.

  5. Community-One Program

    Discover what the purpose of the Community-One Program is within the community.

  6. Convenience Store Standards

  7. Crime-Free Multi-Housing Ordinance Program

    Research the program that aims to keep illegal activity out of Irving rental properties.

  8. Criminal Justice Classes

    Read about the Criminal Justice Classes that are offered in Irving Schools.

  9. Family Advocacy Center

    Review the services provided by the Family Advocacy Center.

  10. Irving Police Awards Banquet

    Learn more about the annual Irving Police Awards Banquet

  11. Mandatory Apartment Crime Reduction Program

    Browse through information describing the Mandatory Apartment Crime Reduction Program to get a better understanding of its purpose.

  12. National Night Out

    Learn about the National Night Out event and how you can participate.

  13. Neighborhood Watch

    Look over the purpose of the neighborhood watch program and how you can get involved.

  14. Rape Aggression Defense Systems

    Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Systems classes are designed to teach women and girls 10 years and older realistic self-defense tactics and techniques. Classes are female only and are taught by Irving Police officers who are nationally certified RAD instructors. Classes are open to any female, 10 years and older, living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and are free.

  15. Safety Education Program

    See the many types of safety education programs that are taught to school-age children by officers from the Community Services Division.

  16. School Crossing Guard Program

    Find out how you can become a school crossing guard and serve your community.

  17. Volunteer Program

    Find out the best way to go about volunteering through the Irving Police Department's Volunteer Program.