Participating in Adopt-A-Spot (AAS) simply involves the "adopting" of a specific location by a group such as a businesses, faith groups, neighborhood associations, school or scout troop, or by an individual or family. Adopters make a commitment to keep their areas litter-free and report their results to Keep Irving Beautiful on a monthly basis. In an effort to reduce "sign pollution" we have gone to a virtual sign system. New locations will not have a physical sign installed, but will be included on our web sites with the adopters name listed. There are a number of signs already in place and available for adoption, and can have the adopter's name included. Please call the KIB office at 972-721-2175 if interested in one of these spots. 

We feel that as Irving residents we share the responsibilty to reduce litter and thereby improve the appearance and beauty of our community.


1) Choose a safe location.

2) Register on line

3) Choose your own schedule, commit to the project for one year, and be proud of your accomplishment.

4) Clean your area as often as necessary, but at least once a month.

5). Report to KIB with your activities each month. We will send an email to all adopters each month to request to report the  following:

  • Total number of volunteers
  • Total volunteer hours worked
  • Total number of bags of trash and recyclables collected


  • Fill out a registration form.
  • Commit to one year and Report your Results monthly.
  • Clean your area as often as is necessary, but at least once a month.
  • Call (972) 721-2175 for more information.

Adopt-A-Spot Locations