Shopping Guidelines for Buying Recycled

Materials recycled by the public are termed post-consumer. Buying recycled products made with post-consumer materials ensures that collection, transportation and recycling technologies are developed.
  • Examine labels to see if the product is recycled or recyclable.
  • Be particular about packaging. Aluminum and glass are continually recyclable.
  • Ask the store manager to stock both recycled products and products packaged in recycled material or write the manufacturer and ask them to use recycled material in their product.


Look for the arrows - they mean the product is either recyclable or recycled. 

  • Almost all products are recyclable, but not all are made from recyclable material.
  • When you see the arrows, look for further information on the package, telling whether the product is recyclable or made with recycled material.
  • Recycled is preferable to recyclable, because it means the product is made with material that has been sorted and re-used in the recycling process.

Click here for more information about Irving's recycling programs Drop-off Recycling Centers and Curbside Recycling or call the Solid Waste Services Department at (972) 721-8059.