Happy Tails 

Below is a list of the animals we were able to find loving homes for. If you have a successful adoption or rescue story, we would love to hear it! Please click here for the online form and it will be forwarded to shelter staff.






She is so adorable!! Here is her freedom photo and video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzN7rjRL-MA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

She talked the entire car ride. :)




Marlene got to enjoy the afternoon at a law office with her foster mom Suzi.  Suzi says she's having a blast sniffing out the legal files and such. :) She already knew sit and stay.

A Day at the Office 


Foxy - Flying Foxy!

Flying to Rescue

Amelia - Feral Dog

Fred Sanderson has been an animal welfare administrator for 25+ years. This trip is his gift to all the dogs in his career,  like Amelia, who never had the opportunity to go on to a brighter future. It will be therapeutic, I’m sure for a heart as big as Fred’s. He retired from animal services just a few days ago. Bon Voyage, Amelia, you’re in the best of hands now, and your future will shine with the help of the good people at Best Friends.



Jude (Theriot)

It's only been a few days, but Jude is fitting in as if he's always been with us.  We couldn't be happier with him, he is such a gentle and polite boy.  We have taken a trip to the dog park and he was one of the best behaved boys there!  He and Sally get along royally.  The cats are still unsure, but he gives them their space and everything stays pretty calm.  We think his calm energy is helping Sally with her anxiety, she seems much more at ease having him around.  He loves joining our morning walks, snuggling on the couch, and chewing on his raw hides!

 Thank you so much for bringing this boy into our lives, and bless you for all of the work that you and your organization do!

Jude and his new buddy Sally

Faith, Hope and Love

To keep Ms. Mixson busy, staff convinced her to become a foster mom to 5 baby kittens brought into the shelter without a mother, and just a few days old. Ann reports that these kittens are as strong as any she’s ever known, they took instantly to the bottle and are currently eating her out of house and home. Volunteers often make the difference between life and death by giving of their time, talent and love.  IAS staff salutes Ann Mixson and all the volunteers here at IAS for making a difference, every day.  

 Hands of Love


Lilly (now Abby)

Irving Animal Services staff would like to thank Ann Mixson, Chairperson of Irving’s Animal Services Advisory Committee, for making a wonderful “match” between new pet parent Jan T. and adoptable terrier mix Lilly, now named “Abby.” Jan was devastated at the recent loss of her “seeing eye” dog, the close companion of Jan’s blind Westie mix, Scooter. Ann’s compassionate eye caught Lilly’s at the shelter today, and a phone call later, the tan terrier was adopted and on her way to meet little blind Scooter. According to both ladies, it was love at first “sniff”, and the two new friends are now like seasoned thieves, “joined at the hip, full of stories, and stealing hearts left and right.”  




A note from Amanda (shelter volunteer)

Just wanted to give you an update from Ramey!  He left last night via PETS LLC to New Jersey...where he is already ADOPTED! His new family has a little boy who has apparently already convinced the mom that Ramey will be sleeping in his room.  They have already bought him a fluffy bed, kennel and toys. Traci from the NJ rescue has known the family for 15 years and assures me it is a good home and that they will send us pictures.
While in foster, Ramey learned some new skills - leave it, drop it, and to ring a bell to go outside. Hopefully this will make him an even better new companion for his new family!  Here's a pic of him from last night before we left to take him to the drop off point. He's a VERY happy and waggy boy!



A note from our facebook teams:

Mia's adopter sent us this photo and told us that this is her new favorite chair and where she gets to relax and wait during the day until her mom comes home.  She is so very loved by the adopter who very regularly shares photos and updates with us.  A happy ending for this gal!



Note from Adopter and Family:

 Team Irving Here is Diego in his new back yard with his New Papaw. They are soooooooo Happy. My Dad said to tell you guys thanks for his new buddy and all you do. Cause if not for you guys he fears he and Diego would have never found each other. He is SPOILED. My Dad even installed a new full glass storm door so Diego can see him while he is working in front yard. There are lots of cats in the neighborhood and as we all know letting cats live is not Diego's strong point, so just taking that out of the equation. He has a new Sealy Poster Pedic baby bed mattress with memory foam, a new Dallas Cowboy Blanket and a box full of new toys except he likes to chew on my dad's boots so Dad gave them to him and now has a new pair. He has Grandkids next door to play with, and one is a boy which is his favorite, and special game day dinners when he watches the Rangers with his Papaw and Uncle Ben. Even though I have given lectures about dog food only, I hear his favorite part of the day is mornings with consist of scrambled eggs, sausage, with a little dog food mixed in. Will keep you guys up dated from time to time and I wish you all could see the two of them together, It truly brings tears to your eyes. Thanks again Team Irving YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Diego and Papaw

Adopted with Love


Foster caregivers for the animals at Irving Animal Shelter represent much more than extra time for our needy pets. Like Franklin, seen here in before and after photographs, our amazing foster families provide a real chance at life. The staff at Irving’s Animal Care Campus salute our foster families. Your heart and soul makes the difference for little dogs like Franklin, and we applaud each of you. Congratulations to Franklin, now living the life of a loved family member because of the helping hands of his foster caregiver, JoEllyn.

Before Before   

 After  After




Here is willow, the stray baby from December…

“IAS does more than just dogs and cats..:)”



Razzle-Dazzle (now Archie)

Razzle has been renamed Archie, and he's doing great.  He's exactly what we needed. He's great with the other two dogs, even the old grumpy one. On Easter we went on a road trip, he was so well behaved no one believed we had only had him a few days!  Here are a few pics of him. Oh, and he loves trampolines!



Meet Tux, a wonderful and gentle cat with all 9 lives still in full effect! He was brought to the Irving shelter as a stray, tested positive for feline leukemia, usually a death sentence for cats in shelters, however with the help and advocacy of our great volunteers, Tux will now live a full life with new guardian, Abdul.

  Tux and his new family!


"Penny recently came into my life via the Irving City Animal Shelter. (Please excuse her funnel head, she was in surgery being spayed and having a tumor removed). This 10-year-old baby girl is an AMAZING addition to my little family. Another person's loss has definitely been my gain! A little shy at first, it's now been a week and she hangs with her sister, little baby also adopted, and I got my first kiss today! Facebook networking WORKS! My friend who lives in Houston tagged me in her picture since she was in Irving, and I headed up there with my sister-in-law who rescued a dog as well! Two adoptions because of sharing on Facebook! Not only that, I've been sharing adoptable pets in return and someone went up there today. I love the helpful staff who genuinely cared and I am so grateful for Penny!"
- Eunice Kim Nakamura


Hans and Otto (Basil and Clyde)

"Just an update on Basil and Clyde who were both adopted by the same family who drove in from Birmingham, Ala. Basil is now Hans, and Clyde is now Otto. This update from their new family: "They love their walks and their new home. Both sleep in our laps whenever they can and Hans woke us up with sweet kisses today. We are very happy to have them and most important: they seem to be very happy too."
- Paula Lutan


Lucy and George

"We adopted Lucy in early January and she has been such a delight! When the shelter found her she was in pretty bad shape. She was significantly underweight and had a giant burn on her back. After several months of love and care, I am happy to report she is at a healthy weight and her scar just gives her more character. She is extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle. We are extremely grateful for finding her. She has been a blessing to our family!"

"After a few months of bonding with her we decided she needed a friend! We introduced Lucy to George (formerly named Doak) in early April and they really seamed to hit it off. A week later we brought George home and the two of them have been best friends since. George is extremely energetic and loves his time playing with Lucy at the dog park. We are so happy to have him in our family."



"I just wanted to thank you. We adopted Frankie and he is such a wonderful part of our family now. He is so loving and he gets along great with everyone. We couldn't be happier. He loves it here!"

Rocha (Cassie)

"I adopted a little pit mix girl named Cassie by the shelter. Her name is now Rocha (like Almond Rocha candy since that's what her brindle coloring reminded me of). She was on death row. I was online earlier that day looking for a pup to adopt when her darling little face popped up with 'urgent' flashing on the screen. I lived in Denton at the time and was very new to Texas. I high-tailed it to Irving and adopted this little girl just 15 minutes before closing time and what would have been her sad fate. She has been a truely wonderful addition to our family! She was diagnosed at around 1 year old with severe hip displasia, but we keep her sound and with the right activities and supplements I am very happy and proud to say she is a very happy, healthy, spoiled 3 year old now. We love her so so so very much. Thank you Irving Animal Shelter!"



"It's been almost a year since I took home Brin and I have to say it's been one of the best.  She is by and far, one of the happiest dogs I've ever seen.  I don't think she has stopped wagging her tail since we got home.  No matter how bad the day at work, she's at the door waiting and wagging.  She's also brought a new life to my older dog.  While the older dog may not be able to chase her around the yard, she does a great job of sitting in one spot playing with Brin as she runs around her. Thank you so much."

Julia (Sprinkles)

"I adopted Julia, formerly Sprinkles, a few months ago. I was lured to the new Petco location by my Mom who said I HAD to see this dog she wanted to adopt. When I got there she immediately said, 'Come inside.' There were 3 kittens in the top cage, one of which wouldnt go to anyone. She just sat there in the back looking really scared. Even the people caring for her couldnt figure out why she wouldnt come to them. So my mom said, you try and pick her up. I reached in, scooped her up and she instantly started purring, went to sleep curled up by my neck. Needless to say- she is THE BEST KITTY. Gets along very well with my 2 other cats and is just a godsend to our family. We love her so much!"

Buddy (Corky)

"Our family adopted Corky on 10/22/2011. We have cleaned him up and he now goes by Buddy. This is a wonderful dog who has a great disposition, seems to be housebroken, is wonderful with our two boys, and loves to chase balls.  He is a wonderful addition to our family. We are so happy we were able to adopt him and are very thankful to Irving Animal Services."


"My boyfriend and I came to the shelter looking for a cat. We have two young dogs so we wanted a younger cat that could get along with them. When we saw Leonardo we really liked him and when we took him out to play he was so sweet! We knew he was the one. We've only had him home for a day and a half now, but he's fitting in just great! All he wants to do is play and snuggle. The dogs love him and so do we."

Tommy (Santos)

"We adopted Santos. His full name is Santos Thomas. We call him Tommy :)  We just love him :)  Thank you for our beautiful baby."

Bauer (Buddy)

"Buddy, now known as Bauer, has been a perfect Labrador retriever for me! He is a fabulous dog!!! He is wonderful with children too!!! Today was a very successful day for him at mastering the stairs and he has gained full trust in me. I love him!!! Thank you!"

Winnie (Isabelle)

"Update on Isabelle, new name "Winnie" she is still a little scared of her own shadow but is learning to truth humans, luckily her big brother Charlie (7yr old doxie) is helping her adjust. They spend most of the afternoon playing, running & napping. Thank you Irving Animal Shelter for posting these precious animal in need of a forever home. We're extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to provide a loving home for Winnie. Thank you again."


"We fell in love with Mercedes as soon as we saw her :) she has immediately become part of our family and doing great with our cat we already owned :) she is a loving lap cat and slept at the end of our bed all night and was happy to help wake us up when the alarm went off this morning!!! We are so happy with her and happy about the whole experience we had at your shelter! Thank you so much for all that you do for these sweet animals and your staff is absolutely wonderful!!!!"


"We adopted Jake the cat last Sunday at the Petsmart in Valley Ranch. He originally transferred from Louisiana. We just love our new family member and he moved right in without missing a beat. It's like he has been here from day 1! He is a great big sweetheart and a fun cat who loves to play! We love his quiet mew and his curious nature. Our other cat is coming around and will hopefully play with Jake one day! Jake would love nothing more than to have a 'big brother.' :) Thank you!! We went into Petsmart for a bowl and I'm glad we stopped!!"

Chaos (Zelda)

"I adopted Zelda; a friend in Texas pulled her from the shelter for me and arranged for boarding. ( but to be honest she looks like her sister Arlin as in the photo online Zelda looked even smoother coated but maybe that was just the photo?) Doesn't matter as I feel this puppy sleeping next to me was meant to be with me. I flew to Texas this week and she flew home with me so now is living in Santa Barbar Ca. Her new name is Chaos (Texas Chaos!) She acts like she has been with me forever and is an amazing puppy.Very confident and not at all nervous at the airport she was interested in everything she saw.Her new brother a 3 yr old Silken Windhound named Dazzle and her older sister a homozygous merle deaf 12 yr old aussie (or maybe border collie) named Phoenix are not sure what to make of her and run from her but she is determined to become best friends with them and I know she will. I can't wait until she is done with her shots and can join us at the leash free beach.she will have the good life of beaches and dog parks and agility.I am hoping she will become my next good agility partner!"

Sheolie (Bear)

"Sheolie (formerly "Bear" pronounced Shoal-E) has become a substantial member of our family. We got her a bit under two months old, she is now almost four months. Sheolie is extremely smart and knew what "go potty" meant the minute we took her home. It took only two weeks to have her potty trained. She loves her bed and crate, as well as her sister, Molly, and brother, Jasper. Sheolie (a suspected Rottweiler GSD mix, is just the sweetest baby you could ever imagine and enjoys waking up and bolting onto the bed to give my fiancee and I kisses. We really couldn't ask for more in a pet and we thank you so much for helping us find the perfect companion. God bless."



"I brought Eli home today and he is in fact a wonderful addition to our "pack". Gets along great with the dogs and even leaves the cat be. :) we will face the challenges of training and communicating with him being deaf in the coming weeks. Though he's already a joy and is picking up cues from other furry members of the family."

"I read about him Friday night and eagerly awaited till Tuesday to come up and meet him. I'm so happy he's HOME!!! The special needs animals capture my heart. Thanks for giving us both the opportunity to meet one another. I look forward to the rest of our lives together."


Rocky (Pookie)

"I adopted Rocky (formerly known as Pookie) at Irving in December. He was a runner; after the 3rd time running from his Irving home, his owner gave up. I took him home to meet his new brother, also a Yorkie. They've had to work out some jealousy 'spats', but love to play and play and chase each other. I learned just how fast a runner Rocky was on New Years Eve, when he accidentally got out the door and I chased him about 3 blocks, in my nightgown and across a busy street, literally stopping traffic myself. Fortunately he stopped at a fence, interested in their dogs, and I was able to catch him. I've never been so scared in my life. Since then, he's learned better that he cannot go out the front door, or out the back yard gate. We still have to watch him when going out, but he's doing much better. He is the sweetest little boy and I am so, so happy to have him."


Kyri (April)

I adopted April (renamed Kyri) from Irving Animal Shelter.

She had flea dermititis, heartworm, missing and broken front teeth. Due to her health, she was at risk for being euthanized.  When we got her home, she did a lot of sleeping, but with a little tlc, she began to blossom!

She loves to play with her stuffed leopard, hide her rawhide bones and take walks to the lake. Ky-ky as we call her has been such a blessing to our family, she is so sweet and gentle with our children and such a loyal soul.  We love Kyri deeply and are so grateful to the people of the Irving Animal Shelter for bring Kyri together with our family! Thank you!!!

Oscar (Beau)

"We adopted Beau from Irving Texas Shelter in October 2010. He was labeled " fractious" and needed a a lot of work. He is a small black and tan long hair doxie that has stole our hearts! He is named Oscar now."

"We adopted him because a dear friend networked an album of dogs that were 'URGENT!' The main picture grabbed my eyes because it just happened to be Oscar. I now work as much as I can to help other dogs in need there. The shelter and volunteers are absolutely amazing people!"



"We got Ruffy the Bichon Frise in August of last year and he has been a member of the family every since. Our other dog, Abby the Black Lab, wasn't completely sure about him at first, but they're best friends now. She's so protective of him if other dogs are around, but they play and wrestle just like siblings when it's just them. More often than not, he's the one starting it! He's such a funny little guy. In short, we adore him and we're incredibly grateful to the Irving Animal Shelter for the effort they put in for us to get Ruffy."


"She is a really sweet girl and is adjusting to her new home very well.  She and Maggie (a Lab mix)have fun chasing each other outside and I think that they will be really close friends - not sure about the 2 cats, but they will come around. Holle follows me around just like a little puppy.  She is well mannered,fast learner, cage trained, and just a love! Thanks to the Irving Animal Services, my search for a little schnauzer has come true.  Holle is a real jewel!"

Lexy (Pearl)

"We adopted Pearl (now called Lexy), on Dec. 7.  SHe stayed with some friends until Christmas when she was delivered by Santa to my daughter, Lindsay.  Christmas morning was the most memorable ever."

"I cried as I watched the joy in my daughter's eyes and have watched the video several times since.  Lindsay loves her (and so do I).  She is just precious!!  The folks at the animal shelter were so sweet, helpful and informative.  I would never pay a breeder rather than save a life and am so glad we were blessed in finding Lexy Lou.  We are forever greatful and have precious pictures to treasure!"

Passion (Margo)

"All I know is that my "Passion" came from Irving, TX.  She was picked up as a stray on the streets (early June of this year) and that someone there named her Margo.  She was reportedly a 3+ year old female rottie (mostly) mix and extremely friendly.  'Try to find rescue' was the note on the form from the shelter there!  I changed her name to Passion since she does everything with passion, whether or not it's acceptable!"

"She ended up with Animal Rescue of the Rockies in Denver and I got her from there.  I'm an experienced rottie owner and I am always thrilled to help a rottie - especially one like Passion that is SO good with cats!!! AND good with 4 other big dogs!!  THANK YOU for seeing that she was SUCH a good dog and worthy of effort to save!!!  She is here in the Panhandle of Nebraska (her first experience with snow was fun!) and she is safe for the rest of her life!  Please look for the little bit of evidence that the not-so-favored-breeds CAN MAKE GREAT PETS!!  She is so welcome here at "camp cramer" and she is forever home!!"

Ann Cramer

Hollywood (Nick)

"I adopted a large brindle pitbull named Nick, whom we changed it to hollywood. Hollywood has not had one accident in our home. He is perfect. Im so glad I randomly walked into the pound and found him and was able to take him home."




"I just adopted Jordan yesterday and in just the day that I have had him he has captured my heart more than I could have thought possible. I brought him home and I very quickly found out that he doesn't like stairs. Anytime I get up to walk around he is fast on my heels. His first night home I tried to put a baby gate up to keep him in the kitchen and he decided that he didn't want to be there so he jumped the baby gate and came jumping in bed with me, very proud of himself I must say. And as a last note he just loves laying down with his mom and taking a good old fashioned nap."


Julian Buford

"Don't forget to add Buford (now Julian Buford) to your list of Happy Tails.  He was adopted on 9/8 and has already helped me loose a couple of pounds due to our vigorous walks...smart, high energy, quick learner and good looking, likes people and other dogs...Has already gone to camp for a day to socialize and did great.. if we could now just get along with our cat, all would be perfect, but all in good time... Julian is a puppy after all!  Thank you, Irving Shelter, for helping so many pets find good homes and for looking after those in transition so well!  You make it great to live in Irving! "



"Our family can't thank you enough for our little Gizzy. He has been so much fun and has bonded to the family so well. He is such a smart little dog and has already learned to sit, shake, leave it and is working on stay. Thanks for all you do." 



"Lilly was rescued from a puppy mill in January 2009. Three weeks later, we saw her in Petsmart where the rescue folks brought their animals for adoption on Saturday. She has been with us since then and she is my sweetie pie. Today, we went to our first Dog Training Class. It was amazing that for the first time, we were communicating. She has become such a loving individual and is an important member of our family."


Riggs (Dennis)

"My husband and I came to the Irving Animal Shelter in December to check it out, thinking we may get a dog soon. There was a beagle mix called Dennis in a kennel with a pregnant beagle, and he just looked up at us, tail wagging, and it was all over. He goes by the name Riggs now and is SO happy, all the time. He is so sweet, even little kids can run up and pet his face, all he does is wag his tail. He's quiet, gentle, and playful, and just wants to be near someone. We're not sure why he was on the street, but we're so happy that he found his way into our hearts!"

"Thanks to the Irving Animal Services for taking care of him until we got him!"



"We adopted Baxter over a month ago and he is doing so well! He is such a part of our family and enjoys leisurely days basking in the sun coming through the windows and laying on top of the kitchen cabinets. He is such a fun and vocal cat! We are so thankful to have him in our life and enjoyed our trip to the Irving Animal Shelter and were so impressed with everyone there. What a wonderful facility! Thanks again for all that you do to help these animals!"



Rygel (Clyde)




Trooper (Biff)

Watch video here


"We adopted Duke last summer, his previous owner had abandoned him. He is a big, black, happy boy who loves his new life as a ranch dog. He has the run of over 200 acres with his new best buddy, Zoe and loves chasing the cows (bad boy!), running alongside when we go out on the horses and taking a dip in every creek and tank we go by! He loves to lie by the campfire at night and, even though he is huge, he will always try to "sneak" into our laps on lazy nights by the fire. He has really filled out and looks so handsome, people always ask what breed he is and I say that he is our "pound puppy". Someone left a real sweetheart and that is our gain!"

Sahara (Doris)

"We adopted a beautiful sweet dog named Doris which we changed her name to Sahara. We are so grateful dog placed her into our lives. She is a loving wonderful dog ans she has so much love to share. Thank you so much for our lovely Family addition."


Mason (Lazer)

"Everyone remember Lazer? Well its now Mason. He is the one that came from the Irving TX shelter with Pudge and Corina. He got adopted after being in MN in his foster home only after 1 week! :) This is from his new foster home. They have sent me other updates but I just loved this picture and wanted to share it with you. Blows my mind he was on death row and going to be euthanized the day I pulled him.Thank you to everyone who helped me save him and the others!!! :) Sometimes we need to see good positive outcomes to remind us to keep moving forward and doing rescue even though its very hard some days!"


Divinity and Bobbi

"Little Orphan Angels pulled a 2 year old pregnant black smoke cat from the Irving shelter June 24, 2009. We named her Divinity to bring attention to the white color underneath the black."

"She was adopted Sept 3, 2009 to a family with a 16 year old daughter. The daughter absolutely loves her and has since started volunteering with us helping to breakdown after our adoption events. We have gained a volunteer and get to hear weekly how well Divinity is doing in her new and loving home."

"Little Orphan Angels also pulled a pregnant bobtail mix that same year. We named her Bobbi for the little cotton tail that she would wiggle when she was happy. Below is her bio:

'I may be a tv star, but I don't let it go to my head.'

"Bobbi was featured on April 26th edition of DFW Closeup with Vanessa Brown. She stole the show. Bobbi is the coolest Bobtail cat anyone has ever meet. She is very friendly, comes when called, and only speaks when she has something important to say. And what a little snuggler! She gets so excited when petted that she wiggles her cute little bobtail. Come spend some time with this little star. She's soft and snuggly and just waiting for you! This young cat will fit into most any home with or without cats,dogs or children.She was adopted to a great family in June. "

"Both girls are doing great! They were vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped and adopted out to loving homes. We are so very happy for the opportunity to help them find their forever homes."

"Watch some video clips of the girls here. Both were so calm and relaxed (Bobbi would even walk on a harness/leash) that we took them to a tv talk show to represent Little Orphan Angels. As you will see, they stole the show! But what you don’t see, is Bobbi smack our dog once on the snout just to let him know she was in charge. He took heed and she felt no need to be bothered by him at all."

Divinity     Bobbi
                            Divinity                                                             Bobbi


"Pulled from the shelter in November with his brother. Stan had a birth defect; a stump for a back right leg. Dr. Jennifer Lavender neutered him and took the leg off up to the hip to make him more mobile and less likely for future problems. Well, Stan now lives with his new family. He has two pups for brothers and runs, plays and is a normal happy cat. They adore him! There are some really cool folks that will adopt a special needs baby. Good for Stan!"

-Haltemans Haven


"I just wanted to tell you about a dog that I adopted from the Irving Shelter in 2006. He is a red heeler named Bentley, and he is now an active flyball dog, with titles to his credit! Bentley is an awesome dog, runs in the low 4 second range (very fast for a cattle dog) and is one of the most consistent and dependable dogs on our team. I just wanted you and the shelter staff to know about how well he’s doing, and maybe you can share this with potential adopters and let them know what shelter dogs can do! You can see his webpage here. Bentley also has a Dogster page that can be viewed here."

Bentley Flyball     Bentley Flyball 3

Corby (Cutie)

"I adopted a cat from the Irving shelter that adopted me. His name was Cutie. His previous owner adopted him but had sent him back because of allergies.

I saw him climbing the fence of the cage at the shelter and noticed he didn't meow, just hung on the fence and stared right at me. Needless to say that #2287 stole my heart. His name is now Corby.

Corby is a loving, funny cat that plays fetch and loves to eat! He gives kisses and comes up to any one in the house and sits next to them, like he is saying 'Hi, this is my house.' He knows he is spoiled and hams it up so bad. He loves to have his picture taken and it always looks like he is posing.

I wouldnt know what to do without that cat. I'm always happy to come home and see what he has moved, he shouldn't, or just to hear his funny little purr. He also keeps my old Siamese cat lively. Gizmo is ten but when Corby is into something, so is he.

Im so happy Corby adopted me that day. He picked the right owner!"

Sincerely, Nora Danielle Brooks


"Hi - wanted to pass onto you a photo from Halloween and a couple others to let you see how Olga is getting along - she is just so wonderful!!!  She and Gino just LOVE each other now - I catch them luvy duvying on each other quite frequently now and she is still great around my cats. She's been sleeping with us in the bed or sleeping on her bed on the floor - she's pretty much got the run of the house except when I'm at work during the day I'm crating her.  She's just a gem - too bad for whoever lost her - they really lost a special angel!   I took the dogs to Lake Texoma last weekend for a one night stay and I think they really liked it - we just trolled around taking long walks and enjoying the weather.  She's blended in quite well with all my family.  I know she probably hates being dressed up, but she's just so darn cute! She and Gino were King and Queen for Halloween - can't wait for Christmas because I'll be having our pic taken again for our Christmas cards. Thanks and take care!"



The animal welfare community is vibrant and passionate about saving the lives of countless homeless pets. These persons and organizations, located throughout our city and nation, provide foster homes, transport animals, promote the adoption of animals, post pictures on websites, and assist shelters in numerous other ways. Irving Animal Services works with the animal welfare community to place Irving Animal Care Campus animals into loving homes. While Irving Animal Services is appreciative of the efforts of the individuals and organizations that comprise the animal welfare community, the City of Irving neither controls them nor is responsible for the content on their websites.