Happy Tails: Corby's Story 

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Corby (Cutie)

"I adopted a cat from the Irving shelter that adopted me. His name was Cutie. His previous owner adopted him but had sent him back because of allergies.

"I saw him climbing the fence of the cage at the shelter and noticed he didn't meow, just hung on the fence and stared right at me. Needless to say that #2287 stole my heart. His name is now Corby.

"Corby is a loving, funny cat that plays fetch and loves to eat! He gives kisses and comes up to any one in the house and sits next to them, like he is saying 'Hi, this is my house.' He knows he is spoiled and hams it up so bad. He loves to have his picture taken and it always looks like he is posing.

"I wouldn't know what to do without that cat. I'm always happy to come home and see what he has moved, he shouldn't, or just to hear his funny little purr. He also keeps my old Siamese cat lively. Gizmo is 10, but when Corby is into something, so is he.

"I'm so happy Corby adopted me that day. He picked the right owner!"


Nora Danielle Brooks

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