Humane Live Traps

humane animal trap with raccoonIrving Animal Services has humane traps available for Irving residents and businesses to borrow. The traps are available to use for 10 days, free of charge on a first come, first serve basis.

How does a humane trap work? 

A humane trap is a cage with a door on one end which can be lifted up and set in place with a small hook. The door is connected to a flat metal trip plate on the bottom of the trap. The trap is baited by placing food at the back of the trap, past the trip plate. When an animal enters the trap, the weight of its paw on the trip plate triggers the door to shut behind it. The trip plate is far enough away from the door so that the animal is not harmed.

Reserve a trap

  • If you live in Irving, call us at (972) 721-2256.
  • If we have a trap available at the time you call, we will reserve the trap for you. Reserved traps not picked up the same day will go back to being available.

If you would prefer to buy a humane trap of your own, contact us at (972) 721-2256 for additional information. If you purchase your own humane trap, you still must sign the trap agreement form at the Irving Animal Care Campus to protect the treatment of the animal and ensure we can pick up the trap once it is filled. 

 Trap Instructions

  • Check the trap on a daily basis. Leaving an animal in a trap for an extended period without notifying Animal Care and Control constitutes Animal Cruelty under the laws of the State of Texas, and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.
  • Do not set the trap on the day before or the day of a holiday, and do not lend the trap to any other person or remove it from your property. Responsibility for the trap is solely yours during this agreement, and you will be held responsible for any expenses incurred by Irving Animal Services to repair or replace the trap if it is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Call us at (972) 721-2256 as soon as possible after the animal is in the trap. Leave a voicemail or tell the dispatcher your name, address, phone number and what type of animal is in the trap.

The animal welfare community is vibrant and passionate about saving the lives of countless homeless pets. These persons and organizations, located throughout our city and nation, provide foster homes, transport animals, promote the adoption of animals, post pictures on websites, and assist shelters in numerous other ways. Irving Animal Services works with the animal welfare community to place Irving Animal Care Campus animals into loving homes. While Irving Animal Services is appreciative of the efforts of the individuals and organizations that comprise the animal welfare community, the City of Irving neither controls them nor is responsible for the content on their websites.