Beneficial Insects

Beneficial InsectsIs your garden overrun by pests?  Do you have aphids on your aspidistra ... scale on your scabiosa?

Have I got some bugs for you!

Not all insects are pests. Most are friends of the gardener. This talk helps to identify insects that are helpful to the gardener and how to effectively decrease dependence on pesticides. 

Tuesday, May 20
6 to 7:30 p.m.
West Irving Library
4444 W. Rochelle Road

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Speaker: Carolyn Rozier, Dallas County Master Gardener

Carolyn Rozier said her grandmothers who were avid gardeners introduced her to gardening, and it was at that time she developed a lifelong need to be growing somthing in the garden. Rozier became a Master Gardener in 2002, then became fascinated with insects and took the specialist training in entomology. Her certifications include Texas Master Gardener, Entomology Specialist, Texas Master Naturalist and Plant Propagation from Texas Discovery Gardens.

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