Recycle Used Cooking Oil

The proper disposal of fryer oil is essential. Once the oil is cool, carefully pour or scrape the oil into a container no larger than 5 gallons and apply a tight-fitting, screw-top lid. Call (972) 721-2232 for pick up. Free plastic funnels are available to residents to pour oil back into containers. There is a limit of one per household. Call (972) 721-2772.

The used fryer oil will be recycled into biodiesel, an American-made fuel that burns cleaner than petroleum diesel. Biodiesel also is safe, nontoxic and biodegradable. Every gallon of used fryer oil replaces a gallon of foreign crude oil. Frying oil accepted in the recycling effort includes vegetable, peanut, canola, sunflower and cottonseed oils. This does not include cooking grease such as lard or animal fats. For more information, call (972) 721-8059.

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Posted Dec. 1, 2010