Certain Materials Need to be Safely Discarded

Solid Waste Services provides waste collection for some of the most dangerous items in the household waste stream. To help homeowners dispose of dangerous or hazardous materials properly, and protect the employees who handle this refuse, the following is recommended.

Broken glass and sharp metal
Wrap the edges of large pieces of broken glass or sharp metal with duct or masking tape and place next to trash bags so they are easily identifiable. Smaller pieces of glass need to be wrapped in several layers of newspaper with the edges wrapped in tape. Place shattered glass in a cardboard box, or fold the glass in several layers of newspaper and tape closed. Label all items “broken glass” or “sharp metal.” Carefully wrap razor blades with tape before placing in the trash.

Light bulbs
Whenever possible, place light bulbs in their original packaging before placing in the trash. If unavailable, place incandescent bulbs, small fluorescent tubes and CFLs in two plastic bags, or a small box taped closed, to prevent bulb breakage. Place long fluorescent tubes next to the trash so they are easily identifiable. Tape multiple tubes together.

Place syringes in a metal or plastic container such as a coffee can, soda bottle or milk jug with a screw-on top. Tape the lid closed and call Solid Waste Services at (972) 721-2232 to request collection.

Posted Aug. 31, 2011