Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a claim for damages against the City of Irving?

If you think you have a claim for damages against the City of Irving, you should contact the City Secretary's Office at (972) 721-2493 as soon as possible in order to preserve your claim. The City Secretary's Office will forward a claim form to you, which upon completion and return of the form, the Risk Management office will start the process of reviewing your claim.

How can I get a copy of Irving Ordinances?

Official copies of all ordinances and resolutions are kept on file with the office of the City Secretary, to request a copy of an ordinance or resolution contact the City Secretary's Office at (972) 721-2493. Copies of the Irving Code of Civil and Criminal Ordinances and the Land Development code are available on the web and are generally updated two to four times per year by the Michie Corporation. If you have questions about the application of a particular ordinance, contact the department that administers the ordinance.

What if I witness a violation of city ordinances or a Class C misdemeanor?

If you personally witness a violation of city ordinances or Class C Misdemeanor offenses you should report the violation to the proper authorities (ex. Code Enforcement or Police Department). If the suspect has been identified and a report has been prepared for our office, then the person wishing to pursue the matter against the violator should call the Office of the City Attorney at (972) 721-3600 to schedule an appointment with one of the prosecutors.  Appointments are scheduled for Fridays in the order the phone calls are received. The prosecutors will discuss the matter with the person and the options available--up to and including the filing of criminal charges in Municipal Court.  Persons wishing to file a compliant will be asked to read and sign a Complainant's Information Sheet.

I want to follow up on a returned check, who do I call?

Returned/canceled ("bounced") checks are handled at the Dallas County level by the Justices of the Peace.