City Manager's Team


Primary Responsibilities:

  • To serve the interests of Irving residents by implementing projects important to the community.
  • To provide administrative assistance and support to the City Council.
  • To coordinate and manage the day-to-day operations of the city.
  • To oversee the implementation of all city programs.
  • To prepare the operating budget and the capital improvement program.

Executive Team Members

Chris Hillman, City Manager, Chief Executive Officer for the City of Irving. Responsible for the overall activities and operations of the city.
  • Michael Morrison, Deputy City Manager
  • Max Duplant, CFO and Interim Assistant City Manager - Strategic Services
  • Ramiro Lopez, Assistant City Manager - Public Works and Infrastructure

Department Directors

  • Teresa Adrian, Code Enforcement
  • Charles Anderson, City Attorney’s Office
  • Larry Boyd, Police Department
  • Leisha Meine-Bailey, Information Technology
  • Ray Cerda, Parks and Recreation
  • Victor Conley, Fire Department
  • Christine Dobson, Library Services
  • Maura Gast, Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Brenda Haney, Solid Waste Services
  • Chris Hooper, Community Resources
  • Richard Huff, Irving Arts Center
  • Doug Janeway, Business Affairs (Interim)
  • Shanae Jennings, City Secretary
  • Ike Obi, Human Resources
  • Wayne Lambert, Municipal Court
  • Gary Miller, Inspections
  • Todd Reck, Water Utilities
  • Steve Reed, Planning and Zoning
  • Susan Rose, Communications
  • Casey Tate, Capital Improvement Program
  • Dan Vedral, Traffic and Transportation

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