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• What is the phone number to report a code violation?

(972) 721‐4929. Code violations/complaints may also be submitted on the website.

When may trash be place at the curb for pickup?

Trash may not be placed out earlier than 6:00 pm the day prior to your scheduled pickup. Bags of landscape clippings may be placed out 24 hours prior to pickup day.

• If a scheduled trash collection day falls on a holiday does the trash still get picked up?

No, trash will resume for pickup on the next scheduled day. Trash should not be placed out for pickup on a holiday. 

• Is a permit required for a garage sale?

Yes, a permit registration is required. Applications may be filled out on the City of Irving website or the kiosk located on the first floor of City Hall. Two garages sales are allowed per calendar year. There is no fee for a permit. You are just registering and there is not a paper permit issued.  

• What if I need to cancel my garage sale?

Garage sale permits may be canceled up until 7:00 am the first day of the sale. Simply go to the same link where you requested it and select “Cancel Garage Sale” in the dropdown box instead of Request Garage Sale Permit.

• Is parking your vehicle over the sidewalk a code violation?

Yes, it is a violation under the Transportation Code 545.302 that is enforced by the Police Department.  

• Who is responsible for maintaining an alley or easement behind their property?

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the alley or easement free from high grass and weeds, trash or debris, and may also include trimming tree branches back for 7-foot clearance.  

• Who is responsible for cutting and edging the grass between the sidewalk and street?

The property owner is responsible for maintaining this area up to the street including the curb. 

• What is the height regulation for grass and weeds in the City of Irving?

In the City of Irving grass should not exceed 10 inches.  

• What is outside storage?

Household furniture, trash, building materials, tools, toys, equipment, car parts and items not intended or designed for outdoor use. Outside storage should be stored in an enclosed building or removed.  

• Is parking on the grass allowed?

No, the only exception is a vehicle actively being washed.  

• Do you have to have an address number on your house if you already have them on the curb?

Yes, address numbers must be on the structure and be visible from the street. If you have a rear entry way the numbers must be placed in the back in a conspicuous place so that they are visible from the alley or rear entrance.  

• Do you have to get a fence permit when you are replacing or repairing a fence?

Yes, new fences and repairs that exceed 100 linear feet require a permit.

• What are the regulations for putting out garage sale or temporary signs?

They are allowed from noon on Friday to noon on Monday, but not on telephone poles, street signs, trees, fences, or on medians, state highways or access roads. They must also be picked up.

• Can I park a commercial vehicle at my house?

No, commercial vehicles such as a vehicle of 3 axles or more, a bus, truck tractor, tow trucks, cargo van or bobtail truck with a cargo space of more than 720 cubic feet, and commercial vehicles with a rated capacity in excess of one and one‐half ton are not  allowed in residential neighborhoods.

• If a vehicle has an expired inspection or registration sticker is it considered a junk motor vehicle?

No. For the vehicle to be considered a junk vehicle it must also be wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled, or discarded; or inoperable and has remained inoperable for more than 30 consecutive days.

• What are the regulations for maintaining pools?

Pool water must be clear enough to see the main drain and pumping system must be turned on and be fully operational.

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• How often are apartments in Irving inspected?

They are inspected at least once per year depending on the Risk Rating. Level 3 properties are inspected at least twice per year.

How often can I have a garage sale at my apartment complex?

You are limited to two sales per calendar year for the entire complex and the manager needs to apply for the permit at the City of Irving website.

• What do I do if I have maintenance issues with my unit?

First you must give notice to your manager in writing and keep a signed copy or send certified mail. If the issue is not resolved in a reasonable amount of time contact the Code Enforcement complaint line at (972) 721-4929.

• What do I do if I have a problem with my lease or utilities charges by my apartment complex?

 You can contact the Texas Tenant’s Union at (214) 823-2773, or the Housing Crisis Center at (214) 828-9623 to obtain legal advice for these civil issues. The City cannot help you with civil issues.

• My vehicle was involved in an accident and does not run. Can I store it in the apartment complex parking lot until the insurance claim is settled?

No, wrecked and inoperable vehicles are not allowed in to be stored in the parking lot for more than two consecutive days. They must be stored in an enclosed structure.

• What items are allowed to be stored on the balcony/patio of my apartment?

Items designed for outdoor use like patio furniture, grills, and toys may be stored outside. All other items such as indoor furniture, boxes, tires, and items not designed for outdoor use, must be stored in an enclosed structure.

• What is the process when a property changes names, managers, or owners?

When this occurs please contact your inspector.

   For Management change:

         Complete a new Multifamily Application and deliver to the Code Enforcement Department.

   For Name change:

         Provide Code Enforcement Department with a copy of the DBA Certificate filed at Dallas County.

         Complete a new Multifamily Application and deliver to the Code Enforcement Department.

         Apply for a new Certificate of Occupancy under the new name through the Inspections Dept.

         Apply for Sign permits through the Inspections Dept.

   For Owner change:

         Complete a new Multifamily Application and deliver to the Code Enforcement Department.

         Apply for a new Certificate of Occupancy under the new owner’s name.

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