General Permit Requirements

The following areas are required to have a permit obtained through the Fire Department and Building Inspection Department PRIOR to the event.

Tents or Temporary Membrane Structures
Chapter 24, 2009 International Fire Code.

Canned Heat (Sterno)
Irving Fire Department Policy

Outdoor Burning and Recreational Fires
Chapter 3, Section 307, 2009 International Fire Code

To obtain these permits a scale site plan or drawing showing needed locations, sizes of tents, flame proofing certificate of tents must be provided. The drawing or site plan will be reviewed, and if correct, approved by the Fire Department. These approved drawings must be taken to Building Inspection to purchase the permit. The permit will only be issued for a specific period of time and is not a blanket permit. Construction permits must also be obtained separately by the contractors.

For further information, please contact the Fire Prevention Division of the Irving Fire Department at 972/721-2651.