Talent Competition Information

You may have a performing, or a non-performing/displayed talent for this competition. There are many varieties of “performing” and “non-performing” talents. Some contestants may be singers, dancers, or actors/comedians. These are considered performing talents. Non-performing talents would encompass the fine arts such as painting, sculpture, or handicrafts. Not all art can be easily displayed, but if you have artwork or crafts to display, we will make every effort to assist and accommodate in creating the best display possible.

Some examples of non-performing talents include:

  • Crocheting, knitting, quilting, or sewing: The contestant can bring some samples of her work.
  • Dollmaking: She can display the dolls she has made.
  • Flower Arranging: The contestant can demonstrate by doing a flower arrangement and tell how she got involved with this craft. 
  • Cooking/Baking: The contestant can bring a sample dish and talk about the process of cooking and her
    love of it.
  • Gardening: She can bring some of her plants and flowers. She can talk about how to garden, and why she loves it.   

These are just some suggestions, but you may be talented in many areas. If needed we will be happy to assist you in preparing for your talent presentation. It must be an original performing or non-performing creation of your own. The time limit for the talent presentation will be two minutes and 45 seconds. Prizes will be awarded to all contestants, and a trophy will be awarded to the new Ms. Mature Irving. You can contact the pageant coordinator for more info.