How do I get cable?

A. Contact Time Warner Cable at (972) 742-5892 or Verizon FIOS at 1 (888) 553-1555.


Who do I contact if I have problems with my cable service?

A. Call Time Warner Cable at the phone number listed above if you have problems with cable. Customer Service is (972) 742-5892 or Verizon FIOS at 1 (888) 553-1555.


Does the City of Irving have anything to do with my cable service?


The Communications Department oversees the cable franchise and acts as a liaison between the cable company and its customers in the City of Irving. If you are unable to resolve your problem with the cable company or have a complaint about the service you received, call (972) 721-2533 for assistance.


Can I get a copy of the programs produced by the Irving Community Television Network (ICTN)?

A. Yes. The Communications Department will provide tape dubs to people who would like a copy of a particular program. The tape dubs are $15 each, and you are required to provide your own blank DVD-R. The dubbing is usually completed within 10–15 working days once the tape has been received. For additional information contact us at (972) 721-2468 between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon. For Program Copies Form