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Tune in for a classic movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Things to Come " – 1936 - (1:35:04) - Raymond Massey, Margaretta Scott, Ralph Richardson -

A sci-fi classic full of futuristic vistas and modern cityscapes, based on the story by H.G. Wells and written for the screen by Wells. Beginning before World War II and traveling to 2036 AD, this journey predicts a host of modernity’s before following a rocket ship to the moon. Massey is a future leader determined to restore law and order.

One of the most important science fiction films of all time, Things to Come opens prior to World War II and takes the viewer on a hundred year time trip to 2036 A.D., when a man and woman are rocketed to the moon. This inspired saga predicts television, jet planes and evil dictators. Featuring fabulous sets, a rich musical score and sweeping visual grandeur. This is truly a spectacular film event! Visionary science fiction novelist, H.G. Wells, teams up with ace producer, Alexander Korda, and Academy Award®-winning director-designer, William Cameron Menzies, to produce this landmark motion picture epic, beautifully restored from the original 35mm studio masters.

Starring: Raymond Massey, Margaretta Scott, Ralph Richardson, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Edward Chapman, Pearl Argyle, Ann Todd, Maurice Braddell and “a cast of 20,000”. Story and screenplay: Herbert George Wells. Special Effects: Ned Mann. Music: Arthur Bliss. Musical Director: Muir Matheson. Producer: Alexander Korda. Director and Designer: William Cameron Menzies