How to Watch Online

Testing your computer for Windows Media Player

If you are not sure if you have this software on your computer, you can test it any time by trying the links below. If you receive errors in trying to download these files, please see the instructions for downloading the correct players.

Download Instructions for Windows Media Player

To Download and install the free Windows Media Player, please follow these instructions:

Please visit this link (Windows Media Player Downloads) and choose the appropriate player for your Operating System. There is a version for MAC users available.

Once you have found the version that you need, simply click on the "download now" button. It will open a window and ask you to either save or open the file. You may choose to open it from its current location.

Once you have selected to open the file, it will begin to download the program onto your computer. After the download is complete, it will ask you to accept the user license agreement prior to installing the program. Depending on what version you install, you will be asked to make some choices about updates and file types during the installation process. You may accept the defaults, by selecting "next" until the installation is completed.

Once you are finished, please close your web browser and then restart the browser before trying to load the City of Irving webcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City webcasting this?

The Information Technology department exists not only to support City employees in their day to day tasks, but also to provide citizens with information about City functions with the web. These web casts will hopefully increase the audience of those listening to and thus participating in various city activities. The more people the City is serving, the better job we are doing!  

What is webcasting?

Webcasting is just a technical/trendy way of saying that something is video or audio that is broadcast on the web.

What is streaming? What is bandwidth?

Streaming is a way to break up sound files into small pieces. This allows the player to begin playing the sounds before downloading an entire file. If streaming is not used, the meeting would have to be saved to a large file during the event, and then users would have to download the entire file without loosing their connection to play it. Streaming means that pieces of the file can be sent while the file is still being created, and that users do not need to download the entire file to begin playing. Streaming also means that home users on modems who get disconnected do not have to start their downloads over from the beginning.

Bandwidth, for our purposes, refers to the amount of download needed to open a file. A computer with a 14.4 modem has less bandwidth than a user on a corporate T1 line. This means users on low bandwidth connections receive grainer images and choppier sound than users on high bandwidth, but can still  receive live, detailed information.

How is this different from watching ICTN?

ICTN plays video on local cable and is available in most homes in Irving. Webcasts are available only to users with Internet connections, but are available regardless of location.

Windows Media Player Errors

If you have problems or errors, please visit the Windows Media Player site.