Fees and Applications

Most applications can be submitted by mail, email, or in person along with any required information.
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Inspections Department Information

Inspections Department
City Hall, Second Floor
825 W. Irving Blvd.
Irving, TX 75060
(972) 721-2371
Email us at:  irving-permits@cityofirving.org

Inspection Requests

Voice mail request system
T: (972) 721-2571 (Cut-off time is 4 p.m. the day before the inspection)

Automated request system
T: (972) 721-3774 (Cut-off time is 6 a.m. the day of the inspection)  Permit payments can also be made here.

Irving Building Inspection System (IBIS) - Inspection codes and telephone payments (for permits)



Permit Fees–Fee schedule for permit applications filed with the Inspections team (updated 1-14-13).


Fault Current Calculation form - for new service


arrow Contractor’s Registration Form
Required for Concrete, Electrical, Fence, House Moving, Irrigation, Mechanical (HVAC), Plumbing, Signs, Fuel tank installation, General contractors, and Apartment Maintenance Workers (plumbing and mechanical work).

arrow Annual Outdoor Parking Lot
Required for the outdoor parking of vehicles whereas parking is permitted upon payment. Permits valid from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31 of the following year.

arrow Antenna Permit
Required for antenna mounted on buildings, existing towers or poles (co-locates).

arrow Block Party
Required for a temporary street closure for the purpose of conducting a neighborhood block party.

arrowCertificate of Occupancy
Required for any commercial space that will be occupied by a tenant.

arrow Commercial Permit
Required for commercial and multifamily remodel, finish-out, repairs, or additions; new buildings; commercial carports; parking lot. striping; door locks; fire alarms, sprinklers, hydrants and fire lanes; fuel tanks; tents and canopies; temporary use permits; construction trailers (for office use); fire repairs; demolitions; retaining walls; commercial swimming pools; antenna equipment; modular buildings; re-roofing and other projects.

arrow Earthwork and Tree Removal Permit
Required to remove protected trees or to fill, grade, or excavate property. 

arrow Food Manager
Application to register with the City of Irving as a State of Texas Certified Food Manager.

arrow Fence Permit
To erect a new fence or repair an existing one.

arrow Garage Sale Permit / Venta de Garaje
Required to have a garage sale. Only for residential property and only two garage sales are allowed per calendar year. Signage may used from noon on Friday through noon on Monday, and cannot be located in the medians or on traffic signs or telephone poles.

arrow Health Permit
Application for a health plan review and food, mobile food units, temporary food event, childcare, pool/spa, smoking and nursing home permits.

arrow House Moving Permit
Required to move any building or structure over 8 feet wide within or through the city.

arrow New Antenna Tower Permit
Required for a new telecommunication tower with antenna.

arrow Residential Permit
Required for a residential remodel, new construction or addition; carport; retaining walls over 30" tall; swimming pools, spas or hot tubs; accessory buildings; fire repair; duplex, triplex, or townhouse repair, remodel, or addition; mobile home set up, moving, stairs, landing or porch; patio covers; decks over 30" above grade, paving/flatwork; driveway approaches; or foundation repair.

arrow Sign Permit
Required for any sign or banner. 

arrowSign Variance Application
For any variance to the sign ordinance and for digital signs or displays.

arrow Single Trade Permit

arrow Temporary Use Permit – Restaurants with Alcoholic Beverages
City Council approval required. Required when a food establishment desires to hold special event in which they will serve alcohol outside of their normal RAB zoning limits.