Commercial Remodel

Commercial Remodel / Finish-Out Submittal Requirements:

  • Application for permit

  • Certificate of Occupancy application if there’s a new tenant or if the tenant is changing square footage of the space

  • A plan check fee required if the construction area exceeds 2,500 square feet (for remodels).
    (The plan check fee is in addition to the permit fee – see the Fee Schedule).

  • An asbestos survey is required in the area where construction will take place. The only exception is for a first time finish-out of a new shell building.

  • Documentation showing that plans have been submitted to T.D.L.R. (Tx. Dept. of Licensing & Regulations) for a T.A.S. (Texas Accessibility Standards) review. (This is only required if the valuation of the project is $50,000 or greater)

  • Two sets of plans. (Three sets required for parking lots, city buildings, and schools)

  • If the business involves food sales or food preparation, a separate submittal is required for Health. Submit 1 set of kitchen plans, a health plan review application, and the fee for the review. (Contact person: Amie Burden at (972) 721-4912)

  • Documentation demonstrating compliance with the 2009 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code). Additions, alterations, change in occupancy, or repairs that will affect the energy efficiency of the building or portion thereof will require a COMcheck. COMCheck is free software that can be downloaded at 

  • Submit a set of plans electronically in pdf format -- either via email to or a cd disc or thumb drive before permit is picked up.

*** Note: If any square footage is being added to the property, it’s treated as a building addition, which changes the fees, the number of plan sets, etc.

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