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Frequently Asked Questions

Fence FAQs

How can I tell where my property lines are?

If you have a plat or survey of your property, the information will be there. You can also stop by city hall and research your property information on GIS which is available to the general public.

Are there any special regulations regarding a fence around a pool?

Yes, call Inspections Dept at (972) 721-2371 for information.

Can I build a fence in my front yard?

Yes, you can. The maximum height of a fence in the front yard is 4 feet with 50 percent visibility. However, if you live on a corner lot there are additional restrictions. Call (972) 721-2371 for details.

What is the cost of a fence permit for a homeowner?

The cost is $35 for a permit to construct a new fence and $25 for repair/replacement of more than 100 feet of an existing fence (same height, same materials, and same location).

What is the cost of a commercial fence permit?


If I build a commercial or subdivision security/perimeter fence, how much is the permit?

15 cents per linear foot, with a $75 minimum.

What will I need to get a permit?

A fence permit application, a survey or a plot plan of your property indicating the location of the fence, and the fee.

When does the permit expire?

If we have seen no activity and had no contact from the applicant, the permit will expire 90 days from the date it was issued. An extension may be granted for half the cost of the original permit if requested in writing prior to the expiration.

What is the maximum height for a fence in by backyard?

8 feet on a lot zoned for residential use and 10 feet on a lot zoned commercial.

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