Plan Review FAQ's

Where can I get a copy of the code books?

Most of the code books can be found in the library for reference or can be purchased at a large bookstore or ordered from the International Code Council.

Where do I find parking calculations?  

The Zoning Ordinance has that information. Contact a Planner in the Planning division at (972) 721-2424.

How many plans examiners are there?  


I just applied for a new commercial permit. How do I get an address assigned?  

When you submit for a building permit, it is part of the plan review. The address(es) will be sent to the applicant with the plan correction list.

How do I document that my building plans are in compliance with the International Energy Conservation Code?  

Energy compliance for new commercial buildings and new single-family dwellings can be more easily determined by downloading and using free software available at: for commercial and for residential. An IC3 certificate is required for residential and a ComCheck ( is required for commercial projects. Be sure to select the 2009 edition of the Internation Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

How long will it take to look at a commercial building?  

Our turn-around time on new commercial projects is six business days. We try to review revisions in three days. Remodels/finish-outs take around five business days.

 How long will my residential permit take to get approved?

Residential remodels/additions are done at the counter; new houses take about three days, with townhouses requiring five business days.

What are the two biggest items that will hold up my permit?     

Platting and Zoning. If you are adding a building to a property, please check with a Planner in the Planning division at (972) 721-2424 to make sure your property is platted and is zoned for what you want to do. Those two things can delay a permit for at least two months.  

Can I submit the plat/zoning case and the building permit at the same time?

We prefer you wait until the plat/zoning case is scheduled for public hearing since the turnaround time for plan review is only 6 days.

I have a question that I cannot find an answer to on this website. What do I do? 

Call us at (972) 721-2371 or e-mail us here: Question
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