Northwest Dallas County Map 1900

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Settlers began moving to the area between the forks in the middle of the nineteenth century. Early settlers provided for themselves and their families by farming, chopping and selling cord wood, and hunting. This map depicts the location of several of the farming communities that were scattered throughout northwest Dallas County in the area between the West Fork and Elm Fork of the Trinity River in the year 1900. By the 1990s, the City of Irving encompassed the entire area. The location of the future city of Irving is shown as a small rectangle in the center of the map.

On the left side of the map are the Estelle community, now largely on DFW Airport property; the Sowers community, once roughly centered around today's intersection of Belt Line Road and Pioneer Drive; and the Bear Creek community, found just west of the present day intersection of Rock Island Road and Belt Line Road. The map also depicts Finley, which was more commonly known as Elm. The Elm community was located between today's MacArthur Blvd. and O'Connor Road and north of State Highway 183 up to Northgate Drive. 

On the right side of the map are Kit, once found around today's Irving Boulevard and Irving Heights; Union Bower in the area of today's Texas Stadium; and Twin Wells to the south on the banks of the West Fork near the intersection of Shady Grove Road and Loop 12.

 Northwest Dallas County map

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