"Between the Forks"

The Irving Area Prior to 1903

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Map of area between the forks, 1900
Early settlers often referred to Dallas County as "the three forks region" because three of the major tributaries that form the Trinity River converge in the region.
Two of the forks converge in northwest Dallas County. The West Fork flows through Wise and Tarrant Counties into northwest Dallas County. The Elm Fork begins in Montague County and flows south into western Dallas County. The Elm and West Forks merge northwest of downtown Dallas forming the Trinity River.

The City of Irving was founded between the West and Elm Forks of the Trinity and just west of their convergence. Pioneers referred to this region as "between the forks."

Settlers began moving in to the area between the forks of the Trinity River during the 1850s. Throughout the second half of the century, as more people arrived, small farming communities grew up throughout the area. Kit, Union Bower, Twin Wells, Sowers, Bear Creek, Elm, and Estelle were some of the prominent communities.
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Bear Creek kids
Bear Creek

Estelle Citizens

Kit store

School class

Hinton store
Twin Wells

couple in Union Bower
Union Bower

Toler family-Elm community