Trapped on Greenland's Ice Cap

Lt. Harry Spencer's WWII Saga, 1942-1943

Air Transport Command

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ATC insignia

Organized in May of 1941 as part of the U.S. Army Air Corps, the Air Transport Command supplied vital war materiel, planes, and personnel wherever they were needed around the globe. In 1941, the Air Transport Command, or ATC, began with four officers and enlisted men. Throughout the war, the demands on the ATC grew, and in 1944 the ATC logged over 600 million miles supplying Allied forces worldwide.

One of the tasks of the ATC was to ferry aircraft from American factories to the warfronts overseas.

 ATC route map

Lieutenant Harry Spencer, Jr., served in the Air Transport Command, Ferrying Division, 2nd Ferrying Group. He was serving as a co-pilot on an ATC flight crew, ferrying a B-17 bomber from the northeast coast of the United States to Europe when his plane crash-landed on the Greenland Ice Cap. It would be 129 days before the entire crew was rescued.

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