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Ben Washington Baptist Church 1999 58th anniversary program and history MVF 4-15
First Baptist Church, Irving 1904-1991 history MVF 4-02
First Baptist Church, Irving 1951 program - auditorium inaugural services MVF 8-15
First Baptist Church, Irving history 1991 history compiled for state historic marker MVF 10-15
First Baptist Church, Las Colinas 1995 history - began as Bear Creek Baptist Church MVF 6-18
First Presbyterian Church, Irving 1999 article about needlework taken into space MVF 4-17
Oak View Baptist Church 1950-2000 history MVF 5-04
Plymouth Park Baptist Church c. 1960s cookbook MVF 7-12
St. Luke Catholic Church 1902-1990 history MVF 4-01
Church of Christ
Central Church of Christ 1966 article about new building MVF 5-13
South MacArthur Church of Christ 1975 history and dedication booklet MVF 9-05
Church of Christ, Scientist
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Irving 2003 history of church MVF 8-02
Union Bower Methodist Church 1960 building program MVF 5-17
First Presbyterian Church, Irving, Texas c. 1940 postcard with picture of original church MVF 9-18
Calvary Church 2004 program, scissors, ribbon from ribbon cutting MVF 11-04