Category - Irving History

MVF 3-09 Wagon Train magazine 1986 souvenir magazine of Texas Sesquicentennial
MVF 3-10 Precinct Guide, Dallas County 1967 voters' guide to precinct location
MVF 3-11 Kit Cemetery land donation 1896 photocopy of deed
MVF 3-12 Irving Bar Asso. fee schedule 1967 recommended charges for legal services 
MVF 3-14 Guide for Seeing Dallas County History 1982 historic buildings throughout Dallas County 
MVF 3-16 Texas Stadium 25th anniv. napkins 1996 commemorative napkins
MVF 3-17 Dallas County Mapsco 1986 Mapsco
MVF 3-18 Abstract-Schulze/Brown land transactions 1902-1912 record of land transactions
MVF 3-19 History of Gilbert house 1999 309 S. O'Connor Road
MVF 3-20 Heritage Park Depot restoration 1986 newspaper articles
MVF 4-03 Irving incorporation election 1914 petition, notice of election (photocopies)
MVF 4-04 Naming of Irving and Ordinance 7345 1998 as it relates to Washington Irving
MVF 4-05 Sketches of the J.O. Davis and Green houses c. 1990 Bear Creek museum buildings
MVF 4-06 Sam Houston letter setting up treaty meeting 1843 photocopy
MVF 4-06  Ike Story information n.d. northwest Dallas County pioneer
MVF 4-12 Hezekiah Lucas family genealogy n.d. Lucas family were pioneers to the area
MVF 4-13 Clark/Santerre family material 1973/1912 La Reunion colony, Clark family grocery
MVF 4-18 Irving City Plan 1954 by Koch and Fowler
MVF 4-19 Genealogy material on families in Bear Creek  2000 developed for Bear Creek history museum
MVF 4-20 Bear Creek community research 2000 developed for Bear Creek history museum
MVF 4-23 Welcome to Irving information booklet c. 1977 residents information
MVF 4-25 Will Story financial documents 1907,1908 promissory note to Mechants and Planters bank
MVF 5-01 Newspaper articles concerning Irving history 1904-1978 photocopies of Irving history articles 
MVF 5-05 Netta Brown's history of early Irving  1949 two page pamphlet
MVF 5-06 Irving, Texas, Past and Present   1967 booklet by Irving resident Mabel Hill Scott

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