Category - Education

Beavers Family Collection 1940-1968 two generations of students; Toy Tigers  Collection 60
Bell, Eleanor Corry Collection 1940s-1951 student; school photos; Tigerettes  Collection 59
Box, Doris Puckett Foster 1947-1951 IHS Class of 1951 material  MVF 12-01
Brooks, Juanita Davis Collection 1950-1951 student; Tigerettes Collection 65
Casey, Arthur and Sissy Collection 1920s-1970s teachers; Toy Tiger drill team; military Collection 41
Central Elementary P.T.A. Collection 1936-1965 four scrapbooks Collection 64
Elm School 1930s three photos of Elm School and students MVF 9-20
Irving School Course of Study 1921-1922 rules and regulations MVF 4-08
Irving High School newspaper and program   1948 / 1950 Tiger Rag 3/18/48; football prog. 1950 MVF 9-12
Irving High School class of 1953 2003 50th reunion booklet-where are they now MVF 10-17
Irving High School class of 1960 2000 40th reunion booklet-where are they now MVF 5-12
Irving High School class of 1964 1989 25th reunion commemorative napkin MVF 4-14
Irving High football schedule 1951 football schedule courtsey Big State Drug  MVF 3-08
Irving High School Scrapbook(Clyatt/Trate Coll.) 1937-1941 mainly school newspapers Collection 34
Irving High band performs at Cotton Bowl 1971 cover of game program 1971; photos MVF 10-12
IISD School Board roster 1935-1962 list of School Board members MVF 7-16
IISD Council of PTAs Records  1954-2003 scrapbooks and organization records Collection 51
IISD Teacher Walkout (John Morris Papers) 1951-1960 documents about 1957 teacher walkout Collection 55
IISD report-Your Schools after 5 Years 1956-1961 5-year report by the Irving School Board MVF 6-09
Jordan, L. E. 1951 Senior class play - program and script MVF 11-03
Keatts, Ruth 1952/1968 IHS yearbook, 1952; Tiger Rag, 1968  MVF 11-8
MacArthur High band performs at Cotton Bowl 1971 cover of game program 1971; photos MVF 10-12
Metroplex High School Hockey League Schedule 1999-2000 schedule MVF 4-11
Moreland, James and Barbara Collection 1950-1972 student, school board member Collection 33
Nimitz High School 1987 football program; sticker; ribbons; photos MVF 9-16
Revier, Rogers and Barbara Collection 1940s-1950s students; school ephemera Collection 61
Union Bower School P.T.A. Scrapbooks 1949-1963 scrapbooks Collection 52
Walker, Elise and Adolphe Collection 1920s-1990s teacher,1930s-1960s; photos; documents Collection 40
Watson, Martha Jo Lucas Collection 1936-1948 student; photos; scrapbook; documents  Collection 56
Wheeler, Earlie Mae Collection 1949-1986 teacher in Bear Creek community Collection 54