Caffey, Charles Mark C. Lively material: M.C. Lively campaign card for Justice of the Peace, 1900; digital images of M.C. Lively (cropped from photo in Rice book); and a receipt from 1883 (perhaps for the school building M.C. Lively bought and moved from Kit). M. C. Lively was a pioneer to northwest Dallas County. He taught school in the Kit community which later became part of eastern Irving. The Irving Independent School District named an elementary school for him.  MVF 14-02 
Campbell, Barbara   Newspaper issues concerning the first moon landing, 1969. 9899-44
Cannon, Gerald Poster - Heritage Park groundbreaking ceremonies, 1986. 0001-173
  City of Irving street map, 1955; pair of roller skates used by the donor in the Worlds Fair, 1942.  0405-214 
Cannon, Weldon Information on Estelle Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1887-1896. MVF 30-19

Caperton, Patty Landers

Program to American Library Association banquet, 1979. The cover art is by local artist Pete Fernandez, and a letter explaining the event; blue denim Irving Centennial shirt, 2003; shirt commemorating the 25th anniversary of Texas Stadium; and two black Irving Centennial t-shirts. 0910-128 
Pamphlets, fliers, photos relating to the City of Irving; Rotary; IPL; and ICTN events, 1980-2000s.    0910-132
Artifacts from various city of Irving-related events: Christmas Classic Run t-shirts, 1990s; Irving Centennial products, 2003; ICTN t-shirts; All American City finalist t-shirt, 2000.  0910-190
Invitations, programs, small artifacts relating to city of Irving events, 1990s-2000s  1011-69
Rotary newsletters The Blade, March 10, 2011 - July 14, 2011; architect's renderings of West Library and Valley Ranch Library  1011-117
Digital images of playhouse construction at Heritage House, 2013. 1213-71
Caraway, Dixie Electric bill stub from when the Bear Creek community first began to receive electric service, 1944.  9900-28 
  Program from Ben Washington Baptist Church's 58th anniversary celebration, 1999. MVF 4-15 

Coal oil lamps (2); flatiron; ceramic oil bottle; ceramic pepper shaker; Sowers School #2 elementary school diploma, 1944; obsequies for J.O. Davis. 

  Photos - Morton family photos, 1940s. The Morton family are long-time residents of the Bear Creek community that today is part of western Irving.  Photo Coll.
  Digital images of Morton family, 1940s and 1950s; photocopies of newspaper articles about the Bear Creek community. Bear Creek was an African-American community that today is part of western Irving.  0102-245 
  Letter to the Irving Morning News concerning the Headstart program building in Bear Creek.   0102-285 
Cardwell, Barbara  PTA yearbooks from MacArthur High School, T.J. Lee Elementary, and Travis Middle School; and City Council of PTAs yearbooks, 1960s-1980s; also Irving Heritage Society yearbooks, 1981-85; and political campaign literature from various local elections. The donor served several terms on the Irving Independent School District board of trustees. 9900-156 
  Irving Heritage Society yearbook, 1995; MacArthur High School PTA yearbook, 1993-94; Community Theater Guild yearbook, 1995-96; Symphony League yearbooks, 1994-95 and 1996-97; Irving Republican Women’s Club Directory, 1980; IISD Council of PTAs directory, 1995-96; Irving Human Services Council Directory, 1996-97.  0001-53 
  AIA poster, 1977; P.A.F.L.E. audiotapes; IISD budget, 1977-78; directories of Irving clubs and organizations, 1976 and 1979; Irving Public School Directory, 1977-78; invitations to various school board and PTA events. 0001-102 
  Magazine - American School Board Journal, June 2002; Book - Journey From Ignorant Ridge about the history of public education in Texas. 0102-238 
  State of City address and program, 1998; newsletter from the Women's Division of the Chamber of Commerce, 1997.  0203-21 
  Hand-fan from the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center dedication, 1996; campaign add for Barbara Cardwell for IISD school board, n.d.; Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce newsletter, 1992; TexasFest program, 1996.   0203-254 
  Northgate Methodist Church bulletins: The Informer, The Advocate, and The Reporter, 1970s-1990s.   0607-152 
Carlson, Fred Digital images of construction at intersection of Loop 12 and S.H. 183, c. late 1950s. 1213-84
Carnell, Jack and Pat  Magazine article about Texas Tech woman’s fencing team coached by Jack Carnell in 1954.  MVF 11-14 

Newspapers - Irving News Progress edition, 1976-77; Irving Daily News celebrating Irving's 75th anniversary, 1978; miniature sheet of bonds depicting the bonds issued through the years by the Irving Community Hospital; city of Irving street map, 1971. 

  Irving Woman’s Club scrapbook, 2001-02; Delta Delta Delta scrapbook, 1960-1997; Irving Symphony Orchestra scrapbook, 1970-71.  0809-78 
  Irving Bicentennial Commission scrapbook, 1976.  0809-95 
Carpenter, Ben  Statues (2): monumential cast-stone African lion sculptures that were at the gate to the Carpenter ranch.  97-09
Carroll, Janice Newspaper - Daily News Texan, May 23, 1963, (complete issue).  Contains article on Irving's first constable, Walter Connolly. 1213-68
Carter, Salma 

The Door by Ben Carter; photocopies of Ben Carter's obituary; an article Once for All by Ben Carter that accompanies the book The Door.  Ben Carter was a columnist for the Irving News. 

Carullo, Julie Mayes  Stephen F. Austin Middle School cheerleader uniform, 1980-81; Irving High School varsity cheerleader uniform, 1982-83.   0809-30 
Irving High School cheerleader magaphone, 1983-84. 1112-87
Casey, Arthur and Sissy 

Arthur and Sissy Casey Collection: material collected by the Caseys during their teaching careers in the Irving Independent School District, 1940s-1970s. Among the materials are: an extensive collection of photos and documents relating to the Irving High School drill team, the Toy Tigers, 1950s-1970s; MacArthur and Irving High School yearbooks, 1970s; elementary school class photos, 1950s-1960s. Also included in the collection are personal items such as: family photos; Arthur Casey's Irving High School letter sweater and his WWII marine uniform. Arthur and Sissy Casey were long-time teachers and administrators with the Irving Independent School District. He was the first principal at MacArthur High School. She was the director of the Irving High School drill team, the Toy Tigers, from the late-1950s to the late-1970s. She was also a member of the Dorety family, a pioneer family to the area.   

Collection 41 
Caster,  Buck  Digital images of the Caster family. The Casters were a pioneer family to the area. 0304-63
Caster, Doris 

Doris Hamilton Caster Collection, 19880s-1980s: Haley, Caster and Hamilton family material.  The Haleys and Casters were pioneer families in northwest Dallas County arriving in the mid-1800s. Some items included in the collection are: Dr. John Haley’s medical instruments, c. 1910; photos of John Haley, c. 1910; a medical examiners badge. John Haley was one of the area's first doctors. Photos and digital images of Caster family members, 1870s-1930s: newspaper clippings about the Caster family and Irving in general, 1930s-1940s; material from the 50th anniversary of the 1935 class of Irving High School (Marshall Caster was a member of the class); photo of Irving baseball team, 1920s; list of Irving High School grads, 1930-1939; Caster family genealogical research. 

Collection 69

Caster, Hewitt and Jean  Digital images of Hewitt and Jean Caster and other members of the Caster family, 1900-1990s.  Photo Coll.

Copy of a deed and other land transactions related to Old Kit Cemetery. 

MVF 3-11 
Caylor, David 

The Works of Washington Irving, (5 vols.), Putnam and Sons, 1849.  

  Life of Washington, (3 vols.), by Washington Irving, 1856.  9900-27 
Centennial Task Force  Rough cuts of videotapes of the Irving Centennial history video.   0102-121 
Audiotape recording of sculptor Paul Tadlock's interview and Dr. Clay Gilbert, Charles Schulze, and Charles Brown. Paul Tadlock created the founders statue for the Irving Centennial celebration, 2003, and interviewed ancestors of and those acquainted with the founders, J. O. Schulze and Otis Brown.   0102-180 
  Sketches for the Irving Centennial painting by Guy Deel, 2002.  0304-292 
  Audiotapes and documents from the Centennial "Remember When, Speakers Bureau" organizing luncheon, 2002.  0102-182 
  Rough cuts of the three Irving Centennial history videos created for the school programs, 2002.   0203-41 
  Display materials used by various Irving Centennial committees at the "State of the City Address," 2003.  0203-147 
  Irving Centennial logo posters (mounted on foam core), 2003. 0203-298 
  Quilt created by the Irving Quilt Guild for the Irving Centennial celebration. 0304-190 
  Guest book from Irving Centennial Student Art Contest, March 2003.  MVF 15-05 
  Irving Centennial Committee financial records; charge plates; cash bags; and check endorsement stamp.  0708-33 
Chamber of Commerce, 
Greater Irving-Las Colinas 

Chamber of Commerce material: Chamber of Commerce Scrapbooks: (28 vols.), news clippings, photos, and newsletters relating to Irving history and events and to the activities of the Irving Chamber of Commerce, 1944-1995. 

Collection 6 
  Chamber of Commerce material: videotape of the Chamber of Commerce Economic Division appreciation dinner, 2002.  0102-92 

Chamber of Commerce material: videotapes; 8mm films; and 16mm films documenting various activities of the Irving Chamber of Commerce, c.1970s; (see inventory)  

  Chamber of Commerce material: copy of a Chamber booklet, Irving Progress, 1960; article about the rapid growth of telephone service in Irving and the accompanying problems, c. 1960.  MVF 7-13 
  Chamber of Commerce material: mounted poster-size cover of the Chamber’s Visitors and Relocation Guide (featuring the Irving Centennial issue and pictures of old Irving), 2003  0203-161 

Chamber of Commerce material: photos - various Chamber of Commerce events, 1990s - of note are dedication of the Trinity Railway Express, 1996; also included is a Chamber Evaluation Report, 1964. 

  Chamber of Commerce material: invitation to the "State of the City Address" program, 2008; and a program and year in review handout from the same event.   0708-49 

Chamber of Commerce material: Chamber meeting minutes, 1938-1990s; slides and photos of various Chamber events; publications (see inventory). 


Chamber of Commerce material: photos, slides, and negatives of various Chamber events, 1970s-1990s; newspapers, 1970s to 1990s. (see inventory) 

  Chamber of Commerce material: photos - various Chamber events, 1990s-2000s; organization evaluation reports, c. mid-1960s, 1969, and 1974; binder of meeting minutes and membership rolls; and resident survey, 1955-1957. (see inventory) 0506-105 

Chamber of Commerce material: rolled maps of city development, aerial photos, 1964, 1967, 1978; Chamber office files, c. 1950s; photos; videotapes. (see inventory) 

  Chamber of Commerce material: Aerial of Las Colinas Business Center under construction, 1981.  0708-67 
  Chamber of Commerce material: videotapes; photos; publications pertaining to Chamber events, c. 1997-2004. (see inventory)   0708-135 
  Chamber of Commerce material: city of Irving street map, 2008.  0708-160 

Chamber of Commerce
Greater Irving-Las Colinas Women’s Division  

Records of the Women’s Division of the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, 1970s-1990s.


Records of the Women’s Division of the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, 1970s-1990s.  

Chambers, Alice
Chambers, Angie Reid

Phillip Reid Collection: scrapbooks (2), one plaque, Irving phone book, 1956. Phillip Reid was the president of Irving Bank & Trust from the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s. This collection provides information on Irving Bank & Trust Co., which began as Irving's first bank and was its only banking institution for almost five decades.  It also provides some information on three of the bank’s longtime officers: Phillip Reid, R. N. Pittman, and John Brandenburg.

Collection 48
Chambers, Fay Photos - early Irving residents - Mayor Jack Johnson, 1940s; John Brandenburg, c. 1931; Claude Lanier Chambers, c. 1931; interior of Irving State Bank, c. 1932.  Photo Coll.
Chambers, Leahmon  History of Estelle Masonic Lodge. Estelle was a rural community that today is part of western Irving.  MVF 6-22 
Christianson, Charles    Digital images of the vintage baseball exihibition at Lively Park, 2006. 0910-91 
Christy, Tom  Photos and newspaper articles relating to Norman Christy and his businesses, 1950s-1970s.   0910-31 
  Christy Furniture postcard; newspaper articles about Norman Christy, 1980s.  0910-53 
Cicherski, Sue  Keep Irving Beautiful Christmas scarf, 2002. 0910-54 
Circle I Square and Round Dance Club 

Circle I Square and Round Dance Club Scrapbooks: (8 vols.);
1947-1990; 1990-1993; 1993-1995; July 4, 1995-Dec. 1997;
Jan. 1998-Dec. 1999; 2000; 2001; 2002; 2002-03; 2003-04; 2004-05; 2005-06; 2006-07; 2007-08; 2008-09; 2009-10; 2010-11; 2011-12. 

Collection 10 
Clapp, Opal Newspaper clippings on various topics relating to Irving history, 1970s-1980s; and on the Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986.  0304-153
  Newspaper articles relating to Irving residents, and local and national events, 1970s-1990s. 0304-183
Clark, Joe and Barbara  Irving High School Football Sweetheart jacket, 1952-53; Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, (3 issues), February 7, 1950; March 21, 1950; and May 2, 1950; newspaper clippings regarding Irving High School sports and other events, late 1940s-early 1950s.   0910-212 
Clark, Ken Nut cracker, c. 1913 1011-34
Clark, Stan Promotional calendar from Joe’s Coffee Shop, 2000.  9900-23 
  Photocopies of Warren Commission material relating to Lee Harvey Oswald in Irving and to Ruth Paine; photocopies of a summary of a police interview with Bill Randle about his association with Lee Oswald; photocopy of a summary of a police interview with Mrs. Linnie Randle about telling Oswald about the job at the Texas School Book Depository; and a photocopy of Jerry Abbott Oswald’s interview with the Warren Commission. MVF 18-09
Clawson, William  Photos of a quilt created by the Irving VFW Post 2594, Ladies Auxiliary.

Photo Coll.

Cleere, Duane  Greeting cards with sketches created by Doris Cleere. MVF 9-09 
Cleveland, Joe

Information on the 50th Anniversary of Plymouth Park Baptist Church; also a file of material from the Goals for Irving Conference, 1968; and information on the Irving liquor election, 1981. 

Clifton, Evelyn  Documents explaining the Space Shuttle display at First Presbyterian Church. James Pawelczyk a crew member on Space Shuttle flight STS-90, 1998, was a member of First Presbyterian Church of Irving.  MVF 18-06 
Cline, Jim and Roma Photo album of City employees given to Steve Windsor, Assistant Director of Building Inspections, at his retirement; also a digital image of Steve Windsor and wife.   0809-75 
Clyatt, Mary Catherine  Photocopies of newspaper clippings about the Lively family; digital images of the Lively family; and a book The Popular Question Book. The Lively family were pioneers to the area. 0304-270 
  Photo - Irving Elementary School students in front of old red brick school building, 1929.  0304-277 
Clyatt, William Irving High School cheerleader sweater, 1939. 1011-112
Cobb, Patti   Photocopies of newspaper clippings relating to the 1964 celebration of the 50th year of Irving's incorporation and local U. S. Bicentennial activities, 1976; also digital images relating to the Cobb family, c. 1940s; and Selective Service card for Clarence Cobb, 1918. 0102-210 
Coleman, Thelma  Antique ink bottle; promotional items from various Irving businesses, 1950s-1960s.  0506-60 
  Photos - Thelma Coleman with Richard Nixon, c. 1960; and with Spiro Agnew’s wife, c. 1970; and the Irving Republican Club, c. 1953;  also newspaper clippings and an obituary for Pop Coleman; newspaper articles about the Irving Republican Club, c. 1950s; Thelma Coleman's Real Estate awards; postmarked envelopes from the Eisenhower presidential election campaign, 1952; and the Nixon  presidential campaign, 1972; also a magazine article about space shuttle Challenger needlework at First Presbyterian Church of Irving. A member of the church was a crewman on shuttle flight STS-90.  MVF 17-14 
Collier, John  Digital images of the Clark/Collier family, 1890s-1900s.  0910-93 
Collins, Elaine  

Photocopies of the death certificates for Esther and Ben Hurwitz and Esther's Social Security application form. Also a research paper on Esther Hurwitz. Esther Hurwitz established the first public library in Irving and organized many of the town's first social and civic organizations, 1920s-1960s. 

MVF 12-11
Colonial Dames,
Major James McGregor Chapter

Colonial Dames, Major James McGregor Chapter: scrapbooks, (5 vols.), 1974-1980; 1981-1983; 1965-1974; 1993-1995; 1989-1991; publication Family Line (1 vol.); organization letterhead, envelopes, and ashtray. 


Concordia Historical Institute 

Book - A Preliminary Guide to the Archives of Texas. 0102-247 
Connell, Sandra  Newspaper article concerning Ben Carpenter and the National Cattlemen’s Association meeting, 1960.  MVF 5-09 
Conners, Ruth Evans  Irving High School girls basketball letter jacket, 1942.  0203-102 
Conners, Lynn Photocopy of Lynn Connor’s brief history of Irving and a digital image of the Elm community school building, 1930s. Lynn Conners was a lifetime Irvingite and longtime teacher and administrator in the Irving Independent School District.   MVF 8-12 
Cook, George  Commemorative key-chain given at the grand opening of the Irving Bank & Trust building, 1967.   MVF 5-08 
Cooper, Carolyn Jeter 

Material relating to Carolyn Jeter Kelly Cooper's life growing up in Irving and attending the Irving schools; her career as a teacher in the Irving schools; and her participation in the Irving Jaycee-ettes.  Among the items are: Newspaper clippings and photos relating to Irving High School student life, 1940s; the Irving High School drill team, 1950; Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, May 28, 1951; Irving phone directory, 1954. Scrapbook relating to the Irving High School football season, 1949. cheerleader bell; Jaycee-ette newspaper articles; and a commemorative plate given to Irving High School graduates of the class of 1951 by Irving State Bank (later Irving Bank & Trust). 

Collection 75
Cooper, Herbert  Scrapbook - The Successful Businessman Herbert Cooper - contains articles about Herb Cooper during his year as president of the Irving Chamber of Commerce, 1956-57.   0506-190 
Cooper, Maxine  Newspapers: Fort Worth Star Telegram, Nov. 22, 23, and 25, 1963, relating to the John F. Kennedy assassination; Life magazine John F. Kennedy Memorial Edition.  0506-126 
Corley, Caroline Stark  Digital image of Louis Stark in his navy uniform and his obituary, 1952.  0304-179 
Covington, Billie Sharp  Irving High School drill team uniform, 1949-1950.  0506-167 
  Digital images of Billie Covington in her Irving High School drill team  uniform, 1950.  0506-174 
Cox, Jack  Through the Eyes of Texas a publication by the Dallas Morning News looking back on the past 100 years in Texas, Sept. 9, 1999.  0506-98 
  Newspapers: Dallas Morning News - WWII victory, May 8, 1945; Dallas Times Herald - FDR dies, April 13, 1945; and Freedom Train arrives, January 29, 1948.   0910-197 
Cox, Renee   Milage Measles for Justice of the Peace election fliers and signs; notebook listing small claims cases, 1954-56; notebook listing citations, 1954-56; newspapers, 1950s; Palladian TV show fan club cards; a page listing movies showing at Irving Theater and the Irving Drive-in during the month of  September 1956.  0203-279 
Crabb, Randy  Bicentennial note cards with sketches on front by local artist Pete Fernandez, 1976.  MVF 21-12 
Crabtree, Muense  Memory book from Lenora Muense’s funeral, April 2004. Lenora Muense was a member of the Story family, who were pioneers to the area.   MVF 10-18 
Craig, Gwen  Campaign yard sign and mailers from the donor's successful election camaign for the Irving Independent School District  0910-152 
Crane, Johnetta   Irving High School yearbook, the Lair, 1940. 0405-185 
Barbosa-Crane, Sharon  Material collected during her terms on the city council and as an advocate for the public in zoning cases and in various civic organizations, 1990s-2000s.  0809-17 
Crofford, Bennie  Issues of the Dallas Times Herald relating to the John Kennedy assassination and to Gerald Ford becoming president.  85-15 
Crockett, Bob 

Copy of a map of Sowers Cemetery. 

Crockett Middle School PTA  Crockett PTA Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1963-1978 and 1993-1997; general meeing minutes, (4 vols.), 1960-1979; treasurers' reports, 1970-71; finanical recorks, 1982-84; PTA scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1964-1976; 1980-1981; 1983-1984; Crockett PTA Presidents scrapbook to 2001; Vocational Education scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 1972-1977; school sports scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 1963-64 and 1976-81; 35mm slides of the exterior of the school, c. 1960s.         0910-67 
Crouch, Jean  Naval Reserve yearbook, 1961-62; digital and original images of the Crouch family; Irving Doll Club material; Texas road map, 1950; framed photo of aircraft carrier.  0102-80 
Cub Scout Pack 826

Pack rosters, newsletters, advancement reports, meeting agendas, 2 photos. 

Cultural Affairs Council 

Invitation to the groundbreaking for the Irving Arts Center, 1989; programs to performances of Oklahoma, and The Nutcracker; Irving Symphony programs; arts publications, art guides, brochures, programs relating to art and cultural affairs in Irving. 


Cultural Affairs Council publications and photos. 

  Cultural Affairs Council project files, and correspondence. 9899-46 

Cultural Affairs Council photos, slides, and videos; also project files, and correspondence. 


Newspaper clippings relating to the Cultural Affairs Council,  publications, and correspondence. 


 Records - grant, fundraisers, board meeting minutes, treasurer's reports, 1994-1999.

Cunningham, Kenneth  Abstract of Deed for the Ferguson and Porter Addition to the Town of Irving, Dec. 1921.   0304-151 

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