DFW Airport 

DFW Airport dedication program, 1973; promotional pamphlet, 1980; statistical review, 1974-1989; Fortune magazine, 1972; City of Irving DFW Airport Week Resolution, 1984; CD of photos of construction of DFW Airport, 1972. 

  Digital images of the DFW Airport area before construction began, c. 1969.   MVF 14-05
Dallas County Commissioners Court   

Records for Irving from Dallas County Justice of the Peace Court, 1902-1946.

Dallas County Historical Commission 

A Guide for Seeing Dallas County History, 1987. 

MVF 3-14 
Dallas County Public Works Department  Design drawings of the Carpenter Street bridge over Delaware Creek, 1950 (today the intersection of MacArthur Blvd. and Grauwyler Rd.).  0001-93 
Dallas Cowboys  Dallas Cowboys Star magazine, Dec. 20, and Dec. 27, 2008; program from final game at Texas Stadium, Dec. 20, 2008; DVD of post game activities.  0809-31 
Dallas Public Library  Copy of a Dallas Morning News advertisement for the Irving lot auction that established the town, December 19, 1903.    MVF 6-03 
Dallas, University of   University of Dallas publications of various types, 1970s-1990s (bulk 1990s).   0304-261 
Daniels, Estelle Crocheted doily spelling “ Irving.”   MVF 5-07 
Danish, John John Danish records relating to his local political career and involvement in local issues, 1975-2008.  1011-35
John Danish records from his time on the DART Board, 2005-2013. 1314-17 
Darby, Dorothy  World War II ration books.  MVF 24-04 
Darr Equipment Company  Darr Equipment Company Collection: company history files; newsletters; photos; employee training programs; promotional material, artifacts,  1950s-1990s. The Darr Equipment Company was the Caterpillar tractor representative for North Texas and the surrounding area. The company established its headquarters in Irving in 1954.    Collection 36 
Daughters of the American Revolution, White Oak Chapter  Trophies and ribbons won by the White Oak Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  9899-24 

Daughters of the American Revolution, White Oak Chapter scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1980-1983; 1984-86; 1993-96. 

Davis, Donna Digital image of the first Miss Irving, Mary DeLay, and newspaper article about the Miss Irving contest, 1946.  MVF 6-23 
  Digital image of a postcard advertising Shangri-La Estates at 805 S. Irving Heights, 1956.  0405-91 
Davis, Shelly  Robert A. Sale family material: family photos; school report cards and other material, 1959-60; issues of the Irving High School newspaper (5), 1960; scrapbook; cards from Irving businesses; and artifacts. The Sale family was a pioneer family to the Irving area.     0304-258 
  Robert A. Sale family material: Irving Fire Department commemorative book, 1983; Irving High School yearbook, 1947; Sale family genealogy book; Irving High School class ring, 1929; Mobil Oil Company artifacts; correspondence, 1909-1910; invitations; family photos, 1917-1970s; land documents.    0405-78 
Day, Rex  Digital image of the Irving Elementary School graduation class, 1944.  0304-196 
Deel, Guy 

Sketches of scenes used in the Irving Centennial painting and electronic images of other Guy Deel paintings and of him at work; preliminary sketch of the Centennial painting.

  Digital images of Guy Deel as a young man, 1940s; and working on the Centennial painting, 2002. 0304-142 
DeHaes, Laura  Digital images of Laura Allison DeHaes and family when she was young, 1910s-1920s; and with husband Louis DeHaes and family and friends in Irving and Colorado, 1930s-1970s. The DeHaes family were early settlers in northwest Dallas County and what later became Irving.   Photo Coll.
  Photo - copy of Laura Allison and Louis DeHaes's wedding photo, 1929.   Photo Coll.
Delaney, Tim  Research paper: A Biography on Irving, Texas, by Tim Delaney.  77-01 
Delay, Pinkey   Photos - Officer Pinkey Delay in Irving's first police car; and Delay and the police chief posing by the first police car, c. 1950.   Photo Coll.
  Photocopies of the Irving News Record and the Irving News containing articles about the opening of Pinkey’s Drive-in grocery, 1955-56.  0001-177 
  Newspaper articles about Pinkey’s Drive-in, 1955-56.  0102-124 
Dennis, Betty Stanley  File of genealogical information on the Stanley family. The Stanley family were pioneers to the Hackberry community which is now part of far north Irving.  MVF 21-13 
Dennis, Jo 

Prom dress, black taffeta, 1929. 

Deolloz, Katie  White House Christmas ornaments: Bicentennial of the U. S. Presidency, 1989; and an ornament resembling the doors to the White House, 1987.  MVF 28-14 

DeYoung, Raymond


Irving High School Tiger Band scrapbook, (1 vol.), 1987-88.  0708-78 
Dickason, Wendell  Digital images of a vintage baseball game played in Buffalo Gap, March 2007.   

Photo Coll.

Dickens, James  Photos - Irving Centennial finale event, Dec. 2003.  Photo Coll.
Dillard, Ann  Piccadilly Garden Club scrapbook, (1 vol.), 1987-2000.  0203-74 
  Scrapbooks from the Green Thumb Garden Club, 1958-1969 and 1970-1974 (2 vols.).  0809-139 
  Irving Rotary Club material - Assembly booklets, 1991-92, 1992-93, and 1994-2004; club committee manual; president's handbook; Irving Rotary flag; COI proclamation honoring Rotary, 1996; Roatry grant booklet; volunteer booklet.  0910-183 
Dobson, Clayton  Irving Rotary Club material: assembly booklets, 1991-92; 1992-93; 1994-2004; Rotary Committee Manual; Rotary President handbook; Rotary Foundation Fact Book; What Is a Rotary Volunteer booklet; Irving Rotary flag; Rotary cataloguw, 1997; City of Irving proclamation honoring Rotary, 1996.   0910-183 
Doles, Karen Myrick  Photo - Myrick family and notes on the family.  Photo Coll.
Dos Gringos Restaurant 

Photos - large duplicates of early Irving scenes.   

Downs, Ted  Digital images of YMCA baseball and football teams, late 1960s; Irving school photos, 1930s-40s; and a copy of a newspaper article about Ted Downs and his brother delivering newspapers on horseback, 1942.   0102-323 
Drake, John  Program from the dedication of DFW Airport, 1973.  MVF 7-01 
Dugger, Aimee  Publications and invitations relating to the groundbreaking and grand opening of the Irving Arts Center and theaters, 1985 and 1990.  MVF 1-13 
Dunagan, Don  School yearbooks: Crockett Middle School; 1957-1958; Irving High School, 1960; digital images of kids posing on downtown Irving veterans memorial, c. 1948; Dunagan family photos, 1950; Irving school class photos, late 1940s and early 1950s.   0506-206 
Dunkley, Jim 

Photocopy of a newspaper article in which Dallas County pioneer Alice West Ford remembers life in early Dallas County. 

MVF 2-05 

Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train Patch, 1986; Cub Scout Family Historic Trail brochures; article about the Irving trail hike from Scouting magazine, 2003.

MVF 3-13 
  Program from the dedication of the DART South Irving Transit Center and research material created while writing the text for the Bear Creek cemetery historical marker.  MVF 5-14 
  Elm Fork Echo the publication of the Peters Colony Historical Society, 1974-1983 and 1987-1989.  0001-165 
  Digital image of the Irving area trails map mosaic in the floor of the DART South Irving Station.  0203-334 
  Maps of the Peter’s Colony in Dallas County (copies).   0304-32 
  Photocopy of a picture of Jim Shaw.  MVF 15-03 
  Paper copy of an aerial of the old Hackberry School site, 2008.  MVF 21-10 
Paper copy of Jim Dunkley's historical marker for the Hackberry School site, 2012. MVF 30-15
Dupree, Robert  Videotape and transcript of an interview with Charles Schulze, March 2001. Charles Schulze was the nephew of Irving co-founder J. O. Schulze.  0001-157 
  Zip disk containing the typescript of Joe Rice’s book Irving a Texas Odyssey.  MVF 6-14 
  Notes and some text for a proposed Irving Centennial history book; also a CD containing an electronic version of the material, 2002.  0102-165 
Duvall, Peggy  Photos - Centennial Park; an Irving Heritage Society meeting at Centennial Park, Oct. 2003; and Irving Heritage Festival, 2003.   Photo Coll.
  CD containing Kingsbury family genealogical information.  0304-165 
  Negatives from photos used in the Irving Heritage Society scrapbooks, 1995-2003; PTA yearbooks from Brown Elementary, Crockett Middle School, Bowie Middle School, and Irving High School, 1950s-1960s; material on running a PTA; Irving High School student directories early 1960s. 0304-201 
  Photos - signs designating the various sections of Plymouth Park shopping center, 2003.  Photo Coll.
Earle, Terry and Belinda Las Colinas County Club membership card; Charles Schulze for mayor campaign card, 1957; Texas Ambassador card, c. 1952; newspaper article about Christmas tours of the Heritage House, 1976.  1112-26
Easter, Jane   Haley and Tompkins families material: marriage license of T. S. Tompkins and Mary Burns, 1869; Tompkins family photo, 1895; John Haley medical certificate, 1907; John Haley medical certificate, 1897; diary of Fannie Haley, 1925; ledger of road work payments, 1909; teachers stamps; Vera Haley’s dress. The Haley and Tompkins families were pioneers to the Irving area arriving during the 1850s.    0203-54 
Irving  High yearbooks, Lair, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947. 0203-84
Edge, Murray Items relating to Ramon Gibson and his military and test pilot careers. 1112-100
Earl Cabell political campaign material, 1960s-1970s. 1112-101
  David Condray's WWII dog tags and flight kit and Korean War flight jacket.  1112-102
Edwards, Joe 

Joe Putnam for mayor t-shirt, c. 1999. 

Edwin, George 

Book - Oral History for Texans. 


Videotapes - Washington Irving and Sam Houston and pictures of the route Washington Irving took and writes about in his book Tour of the Prairies. 


Photos - historical markers in the city of Irving, 1997. 

Photo Coll.
  Irving High School yearbook, Lair, 1956; for loose items found in the yearbook see MVF 3-07.  9798-82 
MVF 3-07
  Mapsco pages from the Irving section of a 1956 Mapsco; photo of a Jaycee group, c. 1950; photo of the moving of the railroad depot to Heritage Park, 1984; photos of the Heritage Park railroad depot in a field before it was moved; newspaper clippings and photos about the Caster cabin and the depot being moved to Heritage Park; architectural drawings of the mounts used to hold the Washington Irving medallion on the exterior of the library.   MVF 3-20 
  Floor plan of the building at 313 W. Irving Blvd. The building was considered for use as a city museum. 0203-86 
  Brief history of Jaycee Park Center for the Arts.  MVF 10-13 
  History of the development of Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center.  MVF 10-20 

Heritage Park development file: Rock Island stock certificate; postcards of various railroad depots; photo of the caboose in Heritage Park; estimates for buildings and structures in Heritage Park; clippings about the depot in Heritage Park; booklet – Dallas Quarterly from Dallas Genealogical Society and a newsletter 1992; Downtown/Delaware Creek Master Plan, 1993; articles on the Ruth Paine residence in Irving.  

  Program from exhibition at the Panhandle-Plains Museum - Granville Bruce-Oil Texas.   MVF 16-06 
  Photocopy of pages from Frances James’s book, Dallas from the Ground Up – 3 pages about Harrington Cemetery in Irving.  0708-70 
  Photocopy of a scrapbook documenting George Edwin’s time in the Rotary Club, 1989-1997.  MVF 25-10 
  Street map of Las Colinas, University Hills, Hackberry Creek, 1998.  0809-23 
  Irving Heritage Society Historical Marker file.  0809-92 
  Mapsco, 1956 (first time Irving in Mapsco) recordation of old Bear Creek African American Cemetery for runway 16/34E, 1992; COI Master Thoroughfare Plan, 1970-71; Land use and Heritage Preservation Plan, 1985; and other City reports and studies.  0809-116 
  Texas Almanacs, 1925-2007 (some gaps).  0809-121 
  Photos of depot in field and being restored in Heritage park; Festival of Houses booklet, 1967; aerial of area around Centennial Park and downtown, 2005; Acme Brick paperweight, 1978; postcards of Dallas buildings, c. mid-1950s; Texas Centennial roadmap, 1936; Texas Coastal Birding Trail Guide, 1986; Texas Travel Handbook, 1986; 1001 Texas Place Names, 1986; a Guide to Texas Historical Roadside Markers, 1990  0809-128 
Edwin, Velma   313 Museum building file; Friends of the Museum file; Museum Ad Hoc committee file; Washington Irving file. 0910-32
  Architectural renderings of the addition to the JC Center for the Arts; Caster Cabin; depot in Heritage Park; Texas Sesquicentennial wagon train magazine, April 13, 1986 and December 1985; Campion Trails t-shirt.  0910-69 
  DVD and VHS tape entitled - "Tour of the Prairie" by George Edwin; Irving Heritage Society hisotrical marker medallion; drawing for the depot in Heritage Park;    0910-81 
  Map depicting Washington Irving's travels through Oklahoma, 1832; architectural renderings of Heritage Park; video Houston Meets Irving; videotape made by George Edwin and Joe Rice about Washington Irving's tour of the prairie, 1993; slides taken by George Edwin while re-tracing Irving's tour of the prairie; photos of the museum homes being placed in Townsell Heritage Center; photos of the Shady Grove bridge marker dedication, also dedications at St. Lukes Church, First Baptist Church, City of Irving, Haley and Sowers Cemeteries, Ledbetter Rd, Birds' Fort Trail, California Crossing, and Pioneer Dr.; photos of depot in field before renovation; photos of moving of water tank to Heritage Park and Masonic Lodge before renovation; notes about Townsell Heritage Center and the caboose in Heritage Park; Heritage Park site plan; drawings for the windmill installation in Heritage Park; renderings of Green and Davis houses; blueprints for Caster Cabin in Heritage Park; rendering of Masonic Lodge in Townsell Heritage Center; files on JC Park Center for the Arts and Caster Cabin; Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center; specifications for Heritage Park depot; sketches of Caster Cabin and Davis and Green houses.              0910-137
  Photos of the caboose placement in Heritage Park; information on the museum board, art in the DART South Irving Station; newspaper articles on Lee Oswald and Ruth Paine; photos of construction on Family Advocacy Center; renderings of Fire Stations 1, 3, 7, 9, 10;    0910-158 
  Books - Review of Events of 1936; Architecture of Washington D.C., 1965; Texas Centennial Celebration Pictorial Parade of Texas, 1936; Fort Worth's Log Cabin Village, 1980; Dallas 1952-1972 20th Anniversary of the Crystal Charity Ball; Fort Worth's Legendary Landmarks.    0910-165 
  35mm slides of the depot in Heritage Park before renovation; Texas Stadium; and local business signs, 1974-75.  0910-176 
  35mm slides of Townsell Center museum houses' renovation; blueprints for a garage and a storage building at Heritage House.      0910-187 
Jaycee directory, mid-1960s; program from the Dedication of Dallas County Building and Celebration of the 135th Anniversary of Dallas County, 1981. MVF 28-17
Commemorative mason jar from opening of Jackie Townsel Heritage Center, 1995. 1213-56
Books - Railroad Curves and Earthwork, 1920; Twentieth Century Manual of Railway Commercial and Wireless Telegraphy, 1902; Missouri Pacific Lines Transporation Rules, 1929. 1213-79
Eiler, Tony  Aglaians Club scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 1964-1978.  0001-116 

Copy of Tony Eiler’s autobiography - mainly concerning his service in the U. S. Navy during WWII; digital image of Tony Eiler in the navy.  

MVF 18-18 
Elliott, Mrs. Charles

Scrapbook of U.S. historical events.

English, Curtis  Photo - Irving School 2nd grade class photo, Oct. 12, 1937.   Photo Coll.
  Irving High School stadium seat cushion, 1969.  0708-42 
English, Neill and Dorothy  Dress - black sheer party dress in the 1920s flapper style.  0506-155 
Photos - Neill English home along Highway 183, c. 1940s; and the Triangle Restaurant on Irving Blvd, c. 1950.   0304-232 
  Scrapbook - photocopy of English family scrapbook, 1950s-1980s.  0304-246 
Enlow, Bill  Photocopies of two scrapbooks documenting Irving Parks and Recreation Department during Bill Enlow’s years as director, 1970s-1990s.   0203-299 
Ervin, Ruby   Irving Women's Bowling Association material: convention programs; yearbooks; tournament material; artifacts.  0102-66 

Espinita Home Owners Association 

Grant application for money to build a fence around the neighborhood swimming pool.  MVF 4-24 
Esslinger, William P.  Digital images of a certificate of recognition from the government of France to all veterans for their role in the Normandy invasion during WWII and a photo of Governor of Texas presenting it to William Esslinger.   0102-230 
  Digital images of William Esslinger's military documents, 1940s; family photos, c. 1910s-1980s; military photos, 1940s; board of First National Bank of Irving, c. 1962.    0102-266 
Euless Museum Group Gauges from Hill and Martin Ice House, 1940s-50s. 1112-82
Evans, Clifford  Scanned images (2) of Fred Cox by his bomber in WWII, 1943; and with his wife Dottie, 1942; and newspaper article about downing of Cox’s plane.  MVF 25-13 
Evans, Loyie Digital images from Iwo Jima during and after the battle, 1945; and photocopied material including an article about the murder of E. L. Evans, 1893; articles about the Irving High School Class B regional champion football team of 1936.  MVF 10-01 
Evans, Lurlene  Digital images of the Evans and Beaufford families; photocopies of land records; poll tax receipts, 1883-1981.  0102-242 
Everett, John  Program from the showing of the Irving history documentary Eighty Acres of Dreams, 1986; and stickers that say “I Watch ICTN.”  MVF 23-03 
Evergreen Baptist Church
Records of the Evergreen Baptist Church, 1950s-1970s.  
Ewing, Ken  Jaycee statuette engraved "Youth Assistance Award Division 5, 1970-71."  0304-96 
  Jaycee statuette first place award for Youth Assistance, 1971-72; 3rd place plaque for Youth Assistance; two vests with pins and patches from various Jaycee state, national, and international meetings, 1970s.  0304-117 
  Digital images of the Wyatts on State Highway 183 being torn down for road expansion, 2009.  0910-201 
Falkenstein, Mary Lou  Records documenting the history of the founding and early days of the West Irving Improvement Association.  0910-166 
Hate letters sent to the donor while she worked to integrate the area, 1960s.  0910-184 
Farmer, Jessie  Newspapers articles, primarily from the Irving Daily News, mainly cooking recipes, 1966-67.  0607-58 
Fellows, Steve  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, newspaper, The Keystone, 1839 (damaged-areas are tattered and shredded).  0405-04 
Ferguson, Betty  Digital image of Irving School class, 3rd grade, Mrs. White teacher, 1936-37.  0304-203 

Early chapters of Betty Ferguson’s autobiography about living in Irving during the 1930s. 

MVF 11-11 
Fernandez, Bob and Pete  Digital images of Pete Fernandez in college and of the Bob and Pete Fernandez family, 1950s-1990s.  0304-141 
  Irving Train depot diorama.  0607-105 
Findley, Maribelle Elliott  CD containing images of newspaper articles about Sally B. Elliott, a longtime teacher and Irvingite, 1930s-1970s.   MVF 17-17 
  Digital images of pages from a scrapbook entitled - Classes of Sally B. Elliott School, 1970.  0506-140 

First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ) 

Records of the First Christian Church: scrapbooks, minutes, registries, photos, song-books, commemorative plate, bible class record, directories, budget, artifacts, 1941-1995. 


Minutes from First Christian Church board meetings: 1961-1964; 1969; 1970-1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1992; 1994-1995; 1998-1999; 2000; and photocopies of yearbooks and directory pages, 1964; 1969-1997; 1999-2004. 

  Booklet - Our Church, its Past, Present, and Future historical information on the First Christian Church from the late 1940s to 1959.   0506-125 
  Minutes from the meetings of the Christian Women’s Fellowship group of First Christian Church, 1989-1996.  0607-07 
Minutes from the first daytime service of the church, 1940; and a Women's Club guidebook, 1942. 1011-131
First Presbyterian Church  Digital images of scrapbook pages from a scrapbook regarding Space Shuttle STS-90 that was crewed by an member of the church.  0506-194 
  Proclamation “Outer Space Sunday,” Oct.18, 1998; framed items relating to Space Shuttle flight STS-90 including a piece of needlework from the church taken into space.  0506-207 
  Photo portrait of Reverend Robert McKee, pastor of the church from 1938-1958, and his wife Mary.  0809-186 
  Records of First Presbyterian Church, 1930s-1950s.   0910-07 
First United Methodist Church of Irving  Abstracts relating to land on which the church is located. 0203-234 
  Photocopies of land records relating to First Methodist, 1909 and 1945.  MVF 13-06 
First United Methodist Church of Irving Fellowship Class  First United Methodist Church Fellowship Class scrapbook, 1930s-2000s.  0102-315 
First Presbyterian Church of Irving Plaque containing the names of the charter members of the First Presbyterian Church in Irving.  0809-173 
Flatley, Paula  Digital images of construction at Centennial Park and of the Centennial Mystery Train event, 2003.   0203-74 
Fooks, Timothy  CD of images of the dedication of Veterans Memorial Park, May 17, 2009.  Photo Coll.
  CD of images of the dedication of Tim Markwood Park, June 2009.  0809-163 
Fong, Robert  Photocopies of material relating to the Charles Schulze, Jr. house and its conversion into a doctor's office.  MVF 8-04 
Frazier, Samatha Farine  Photocopies of Nicholas Farine's passport and other Farine family material. Nicholas Farine was a pioneer to the Irving area.  MVF 13-03 
Friedel, T. J.  Photos - Jackie Townsell; and the Irving Centennial Cookbook signing, 2002.  Photo Coll. 

Photos - Charles and Catherine Schulze; Charles Schulze’s funeral; and digital images of the Centennial Festival of the Century, 2003.  

Photo Coll.
  Digital images from the Irving Heritage Festival, 2003.  Photo Coll.
  Digital images from the Irving Centennial Cookbook signing, 2002.   0304-136 
  Book - Greater Dallas Visions (photos of Dallas and the surrounding area, some photos by T. J. Friedel).  0506-55 
Friends of the Grand Prairie Public Library  Booklet - Scholars Annual of Arts, booklet of poems, short stories, essays and sketches by Irving High School students, 1965.   MVF 19-09 
Friends of the Irving Public Library  Irving Council of Garden Club scrapbook, 1966; meeting minutes, 1951-56; 1956-63; presidents agenda, 1976; press books, 1975-78; 20th Century Book Review Club yearbook, 1996-97.   0304-01 
  Agenda from Friends of the Library board meetings, Jan. 2005-April 2006; minutes from board meetings, Jan. 2005-April 2006; income and expense statements, Jan. 2005-March 2006; and a financial report, 2004.   MVF 22-08 
  Financial records of the Friends of the Irving Library, sporadic, 1961-1980, bulk 1970s-early 1980s.  0910-163 
Friends of the Library board meeting minutes, Jan. 13, 2010 - Dec. 8, 2011 1112-42
Book Sale advertisement files, 2002-2010. 1112-61
Financial records - Check requests, 2010-2012; Agendas; Minutes, 2012. 1213-75
Irving High School yearbook, 1980. 1213-102
Fullbright, Betty  State of Texas Resolution recognizing the Irving Rat Pack, 2003.   MVF 12-06 
Fullbright, Ed and Betty  Pocket watch, 1903; photocopy of a Lee Harvey Oswald job application; and a copy of a murder affidavit for the killing of Officer Tippett.  MVF 7-11 
Fuller, Betty  Digital images of the Sowers School, c. 1940s. 0708-54 
Fullerton, Tom  Cartoon style map of Irving showing the location of various businesses (laminated).  0304-31 
Futch, Walter and Sybil  Photo - Walter and Sybil Futch, c. 1994. Walter Futch owned an automobile repair shop in Irving for several decades, 1930s-1970s.    Photo Coll.
Futch, Walter  Reminiscences of Kenneth Futch relating to his time as a bomber pilot and prisoner of war during WWII.   MVF 25-03 

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