Gage, Sue  Novelty item - small wooden box with the words “I stopped in Irving Texas for a three piece chicken dinner" on it.  0203-24   
  Irving Public Library promotional ballpoint pen "One of a Kind."  0203-42   
  Nimitz High School coach's jacket and rain suit; spirit towel; rally rag; Viking tote bag; and Viking scarf, 1980s.   0203-152   
  Nimitz High School football program; fight ribbon; and bumper sticker, 1987; photos of Margie Stipes, longtime Nimitz booster, being honored as the football sweetheart at 1993 football banquet.  MVF 9-16   
  Irving Independent School District annual report brochure, 2003; packet “Learning Without Limits," 2002-03; city of Irving pamphlet “Just the Facts” containing facts and demographics information about Irving, 2002.   0304-172   

Irving High School report card, 1952; and a wooden nickel promoting a local business.

MVF 11-09   
  Booklet from the 45th reunion of the Irving High School class of 1957.   MVF 14-13   
  Directory from Bethel Methodist Church, n.d.  MVF 15-04   
  Nimitz High School stadium seat cushion, 1982.  0405-194   
  Booklet – Thrift Tips a Compilation of Helpful Hints, c. 1950.  MVF 16-07   
  Irving Morning News commemorative paperweight, Nov. 16, 2000.  MVF 17-01   
  Irving Public Library "dress down" buttons.  MVF 22-03   
  Newspaper: Irving News Texan relating to the John Kennedy assassination, Nov. 24, 1963.  0708-12   
  Nimitz High School rally rag, 1988.  0708-142   
  Nimitz High School sweatshirt from 1988 football state playoffs.   0809-24   
  Photos of Sue and other Library Staff; bond election pamphlet, 2006 and a guide to Irving Central Library, 1986.  MVF 25-21   
Galbreath, Forestine        

Newspaper clippings regarding the naming of Irving, and history of Fishtrap Cemetery; a photo of Charlie Clark, c. 1900; a Clark grocery calendar, 1912; Dallas Morning News supplement-"The 20th Century Through the Eyes of Texas," 1999.  

MVF 4-13   

Book - White Cliffs of Dallas about the La Reunion Colony; aerial of downtown Irving, c. 1950; a brief history of the Clark family; two Irving School class photos; photo of the interior of the Clark grocery store, c. 1910s; digital images of Forrestine and her husband J. L. Collins; Carroll McNeil and Forrestine as kids, 1930s; and the Irving High School senior class, 1916.  

Gallery Workshop Irving historic trail map posters.  0203-208   

Irving historic trail map posters; a framed newspaper article about the restoration of an antique flag. 

Gannoway, Juanita  Irving Grandmothers Club material; Home Demonstration Club programs; final issue of the Dallas Times Herald, Dec. 9, 1991; plat map for the Ballywood subdivision #2, July 19, 1946; various cookbooks; Irving High School newspaper the Tiger Rag, Sept. 23, 1938 and Nov. 17, 1939; Irving Schools PTA yearbook 1939-40; newspaper about the assassination of President Kennedy, 1963.  0102-295   
  Hand fan with pictures of Irving churches on it, 1978; New International Dictionary, 1913; cooking inserts from a local newspapers, 1960s-70s; U.S. Bicentennial flag; Home Demonstration Club yearbook, 1937; clippings about Mary Kirkpatrick; Girl Scout program invitation, 1958; Forrest Park School invitation, 1957; Irving golden anniversary cookbook, 1964; Irving High School commencement program, 1940-41; Buttons and Bows dance recital program; Irving Schools PTA yearbooks, 1933-34; 1934-35; 1935-36; 1936-37; 1937-38; 1938-39; Irving Bank and Trust 5 year service pin; Irving bank key chain; Irving 50th anniversary lapel pin, 1964 (anniversary of incorporation); promotional pencils from various Irving businesses. 0203-31   
Gardner, James  U.S. Air Force overcoat; olive drab fatigue shirt; dress blue uniform; and Air Force green “night uniform,” 1948-1950.  0304-239   
Gardner, Mary 

Irving Junior Historian Club material: publications; news clippings, 1974; aerial of Texas Centennial fair grounds, 1936; digital images of Texas history related board games created by the Junior Historians, 1974. 

  Junior Historian Texas history board games: Texopoly, chess; bingo;  photo of Neal’s Department Store in Plymouth Park, c. 1970s; and photos of the interior of B&H Dry Goods, c. 1950s; negatives of the interior of B&H at its re-location grand opening on East Irving Blvd., 1948; and negatives of Neal’s Dept. Store, 1970s.  0304-125   
  Irving Heritage Society newspaper clippings; newsletters; invitations; programs; and photos relating to the Heritage Society, c. 1980s.  0304-255   
  Toys: Lincoln Logs; baseball glove and ball; game of “Cootie;" blocks, telephone; WWII tank; football uniform, 1960s; North Texas State University (today University of North Texas) yearbooks, 1942 and 1949.   0506-142   
  Newspaper articles about Irving Junior Historians, 1974; Progress Edition of the Irving Daily News, 1974; papers written by Junior Historian students about various local history events, 1970s.  0708-61   
Gaspard, Marla Book - Against the Wind by J. Don George. 1213-57
Gears, Christina Letter of thanks from Ruth Paine to Mayor Gears for a luncheon held for her, June 2010. 1011-97
Gee, Sayde  Digital images of Trigg family members and obsequies from various family funerals. The Trigg family were pioneers to the Bear Creek community which is now a part of western Irving.  Photo Coll.
Gibbs, Chet  City of Irving annual budget, 1956-1957.  MVF 1-03   
Gibbs, Clara (estate of) 

Irving Heritage Society newsletters; newspaper clippings regarding the founding of the Irving Heritage Society; the Heritage House; information on the local U.S. Bicentennial Commission.  

Collection 72   

Resolution honoring local volunteers during the U.S. Bicentennial celebration, 1976. 

MVF 23-11   

Gibson, Ramon
(estate of) 

Ramon Gibson papers: FAA test pilot material; military papers; research material for his book The Way I Saw It; and other personal and career related material, 1930s-2000s.  0506-176   
Gilbert, Clay 

The Irving Index, Vol.1. No. 1, (framed). 

  Gilbert Family Collection: biographies of Dr. D. W. Gilbert, Dr. F. M. Gilbert, and Dorothy Gilbert written by Clay Gilbert, c. 1992; guest book; program; and newspaper clippings relating to the dedication of the D.W. Gilbert historic marker in Sowers Cemetery; copy of address given by Dr. Clay Gilbert at the dedication of F. M. Gilbert Elementary School; photos from the F. M. Gilbert school dedication. The Gilbert family were early settlers in the Sowers community that today is a part of Irving.   Collection 5   

A brief history of the Gilbert house; Dr. Clay Gilbert's resume; and a downtown property improvement award; copy of the research material sent to Austin for the application for the Gilbert House state historical marker.

MVF 3-19   
  Photocopy of a newspaper page containing an article about the new Gilbert-Roberts Medical Clinic, 1949. 0001-115   
  Records of the Historic Downtown Homeowners Association: correspondence; letterhead; crepe myrtle caper file; program information; photos, 1984-1992.  0001-187   
  Photos - Dr. Clay Gilbert in medical school; Gilbert-Roberts Clinic letterhead; information on the various hospital and clinics where Dr. Clay Gilbert worked, 1960s-1970s; material related to Dr. Clay Gilbert in the Irving Schools, 1930s-1940s.  0102-145   
  Newspaper articles about Dr. Clay Gilbert; letterhead from Irving State Bank, 1939.  0102-164   
  Gilbert family histories compiled while doing research for the Irving Centennial historical markers, 2002.   0102-213   
  Copy of an address Dr. Clay Gilbert gave at the Irving Black History month program, 2003 in which he addressed his father's work with the African-American community of Bear Creek, 1920s-1950s.  MVF 8-06   
  Digital images of the Gilbert family walking in downtown Dallas, c. late 1930s.  0203-138   
  Brief autobiography of Clay Gilbert.   0203-328   
  Photocopy of a newspaper article about a painting of the old Gilbert home, 1965.  0405-230   
  Clay Gilbert research material and presentation to the Grand Prairie city council regarding the name change for Gilbert Road, 2005.  MVF 16-14   
  Information on the D. W. Gilbert homestead; on the historical grave markers for D. W. and F. M. Gilbert; and info submitted on the Gilbert family for Irving Centennial cookbook.  0607-131   
  Photocopy of a letter in which Dr. Clay Gilbert writes about Christmas memories from his childhood, c. 1930s; and a letter appointing Dr. Clay Gilbert to the Irving Museum Board, 2007.  0708-16   
  Photocopy of  a letter from the Irving Heritage Society to Dr. Clay Gilbert thanking him for playing the piano at the Valentine Tea.  0708-50   
  Digital images of D.W. Gilbert and Fannie Gilbert, c. 1928; and Clay Gilbert, 1965. D.W. Gilbert was a pioneer physician in the area. 0809-124   
  Digital images of Clay Gilbert in medical school, 1962.  0910-177   
  Information on Dr. Clay Gilbert becoming a lifetime member of American Osteopathic Association; and a letter from one of his colleagues.  0910-180   
Gilbert, F. M., Jr.  Newspaper - Irving's Golden Anniversary issue of the Irving Daily News Texan, 1964. Irving was founded in 1903. It was incorporated in 1914. In 1964, the town celebrated the 50th anniversary of incorporation.   0102-62   
  Photocopies of newspaper articles about the Irving Woman’s Club, 1960s; and photocopies of the Irving High School newspaper the Tiger Rag, March, 1947.   0102-72   
  Gilbert family genealogy information.  MVF 17-18   
Gilcrest, Henry  Records relating to the operation of Texas Stadium, 1968-1985.  0910-178   
Gill, Louise  Scroll of a list of names of Irving pioneer families.  0001-94   
  Newspaper articles and photos pertaining to Guy Deel’s art career. Guy Deel was the donor's brother. He attended Irving schools and worked on many Disney projects and as a illustrator for western novels. He was also a well-known western artist.    0102-305   
  Newspaper - Irving Daily News Texan, April 16, 1964, celebrating Irving's golden year of incorporation; and a flyer for a Guy Deel art show in New Mexico.   0102-99   
  Irving newspapers relating to various events, 1960s – 1970s. 0203-28   
  Irving League of Women Voters "Voters Guide," 1977.  0203-225   
  Book - The USS Texas in WWII; program of Texas Art Gallery exhibiting artists, Guy Deel included; article about a class reunion for the Irving High School class of 1934; Directories of Irving Clubs and Organizations, 1974-79; Guy Deel information card from an art show; newspapers covering various topics; Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train supplement, 1986; This Week magazine "Turning Points in History," 1959; Irving Daily News Progress Edition, 1985.   0203-278   
  Note cards from a program dealing with early Irving and pioneer residents; Index cards containing notes from an Irving history program in which early Irving families were recognized, c. 1980s.   MVF 10-06   
  Print of a Guy Deel painting “Old Wooden Shed” signed and numbered; and a photocopy of a photo of the Irving High football team, 1939.   0405-118   
Gleghorn, Vera Lou  Microfilm of the Haley family scrapbooks, 1910s-1970s; also newspapers from 1950s-1980s; and an issue of the Irving Herald, 1941. The scrapbooks contain newspaper articles pertaining to the Haley family and to items of general interest in the area. The Haley family were pioneers to northwest Dallas County arriving here in the mid-1850s. They were also early residents of Irving.   0203-56   
Goad, Mark 

Irving High School yearbook, 1977; material used for the class of 1977's 10th anniversary reunion; University of Dallas publications: The Tower, 1980s and early 1990s; Scholarship Annual of Arts, 1975-1977; 8mm film (unknown topic). 

Gorrell, Malinda 

Photo - Biggs family, c. 1920. The Biggs family were residents of early Irving. 

Photo Coll.
Grapevine CVB

 Newspaper article about first service in First Presbyterian Church, Irving, 1935; dedication program, 1944; photos of Faye and Claude Chambers.

Graves, Dean

 Book - My Life as I Remember It by Dean Graves.

Green, Cheryle  Concerned Citizens Against Airport Noise (CCAAN) material: files and newspaper articles relating to the activities of the group, 1988-93.  0405-56   
  Concerned Citizens Against Airport Noise (CCAAN) material: organization files; and the DFW Airport Draft Environmental Impact Statement, (2 vols.), July 1990.  0405-86   
  Concerned Citizens Against Airport Noise (CCAAN) t-shirts.   0405-145   
  Concerned Citizens Against Airport noise flag: Don’t Tread on Me flag used by the group.  0708-88   
Green, J. Bernard Book - A Path Not Forgotten - Texarkana's African American Community, 1960s-1970s. 1213-111
Book - Bear Creek History (electronic). 1213-112

Green Thumb Garden Club  

The Green Thumb Garden Club was formed in 1951. The purpose of the club is “to stimulate the love of gardening, to aid in the protection of native plants, and encourage civic beautification.” Green Thumb Garden Club Records: scrapbooks, (6 vols.); 1951-1963; 1963-1968; 1968-1972; 1972-1981; 1981-1989; 1989-1996; 1996-2005; yearbooks, 1953-54; 1960s-1980s; meeting minutes, 1977-1989; club yearbooks, 1958-59; 1982-83; 1998-98; beautification plaque from the city; attendance records, 1998-2006; 50th anniversary meeting program, 2000-01; state and national garden club publications. Collection 16   
Griess, Jean Scrapbook - documenting Willard Griess year as president of the Elks Club, 1967; and articles about the founding of the Irving Toast Masters chapter, 1966. 0506-213  
  Newspaper – Dallas Morning News, Sept. 12, 2001 through Sept. 16, 2001. 0607-120  
Griffith, Billie   Weber family material: photo albums; correspondence; news clippings, 1960s-1970s.  0607-31   
Guarraia, Tammy  Medallion from the Civic Center dedication, 1976.  MVF 5-02   
Haas, Bobby  Texas Almanac, 1990-91.  0607-54   
Hack, Jessica  Photos - conservation and hanging of the original town plat map in city hall, 1992.  Photo Coll.
Hale, David  Photos (aerials) - Spring Lake National Guard rest and relaxation camp on Bolden Road, 1950s.  MVF 6-19   
Haley, Ann  Photocopies of letters written by Lucinda and William Haley on the way from Missouri to Texas in 1857; also and after they settled in Texas, 1860; and Haley and Littlepage family genealogy material.   MVF 13-08   
Haley, John Elementary School John Haley Elementary PTA scrapbooks; 1960s-2001 (sporadic); class photo albums, 1963-2000; Haley PTA yearbooks, 1965-2001 (sporadic); City Council of PTAs yearbooks, 1974-1993. 0607-72   
  John Haley PTA meeting minutes, 1950-1957.  0910-50   

Haley, Thomas Elementary School

Thomas Haley PTA scrapbook, 2009-10 MVF 28-18
Hamm, Frank III  Duplicate of photo of Frank Hamm, Jr., as a young man, c. 1910. Frank Hamm owned Irving's first hotel, 1912. Photo Coll.
Handy House  Handy House sales receipts, 1992; and Irving Lumber pennants; Handy House invoice forms. Handy House was a locally owned home improvement retail store established in 1960.   0506-215   
Hansen, Sandy Newspaper ads relating to Walter Hansen's run for the IISD school board after the 1957 Irving school teacher walkout. MVF 30-02
Hantleman, Barbara  Photos - exterior of St. Luke’s Catholic Church, April 2002.  Photo Coll.
Harden, L. B. 

Irving High School newspaper the Tiger Rag, 1963, 1964; Irving High School football fight ribbons, football programs, Irving Boys Baseball Program, 1956; Irving Daily News issues, 1964, 1974, 1984; Post magazine on JFK assassination, Irving Lumber paint cap, Joe Pool campaign fan; photo of a Central Elementary school class, 1953-54. 

Harmon, Jody  Newspaper articles about early Irving.  MVF 5-01   
Harms, Ruth 

Paperweight medallion depicting Texas Stadium. 

Harper, Barbara Crawley  Copy of a newspaper advertisement for Irving Bank and Trust, c. 1967.   0001-178   
  Newspaper photo of Civitan Club officers, John Harper is one of them, June 17, 1971.  MVF 10-09   
  Award statuette to the Yellow Rose Ambucs, 1999.  0910-104   
Harrison, Charlene  City of Irving street map, 1969.  0607-92   
Hart, Jan  Photos - testing of first city emergency warning system.  84-10   
  Program from the re-dedication and open house for Lee Britain Elementary School, Sept. 28, 1987.  MVF 23-05   
  Invitation to the dedication of the Heritage House as a Texas Historical Landmark, 1987.  MVF 23-06   

Invitation to the Washington Irving birthday celebration, April, 16, 1988; and research material on Washington Irving.  

MVF 23-08   

Photos - Townsell Grocery Store, c. 1999. 

Photo Coll.

Photos - dedication of the DART South Irving Transit Station, 1997.

Photo Coll.

Playing cards advertising Jack Spurlock's real estate business.


Photos - the Howard house being remodeled. The Howard house is Irving's oldest existing home. It was built in 1905.  

Photo Coll.

Promotional calendar from Big State Drug; and an Irving High School football schedule, 1951. 

MVF 3-08    

Poster from Big State Drug's 50th Anniversary, and commemorative mug, 1998. 


List of grave markers in Irving area cemeteries, c. 1977. 


Audiotape and programs from First United Methodist Church's 90th anniversary celebration, 1998. 


LP records (4) - Irving High School A Cappella Choir, 1967-1970. 

  Thurgood Marshall stamp poster, 2003; black history month program, 2003.  0203-105   
  Irving Heritage Society meeting agenda and other publications.  9899-56   
  Photos - event showing the work in progress at the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Park, 1999.   Photo Coll.

Videotape - Pacific War Remembered a talk by Irvingite Danny Thomas about his experience on Iwo Jima during WWII.  

  Irving Public Library t-shirt.  9899-73   

First United Methodist Church membership directory, 2004.


Photos - downtown Irving, 1999. 

Photo Coll.

Commemorative plates: Plymouth Park Baptist Church 25th anniversary; First United Methodist Church 70th anniversary; and the American Bank Building; also an issue of the Irving High School newspaper the Tiger Rag, May 26, 1972. 

  Washington Irving t-shirt.  9900-77   
  City of Irving Preservation and Redevelopment Department street festival t-shirt promoting the "Rockin’ '50s Concert," May 6, 2000.  9900-114   
  Books - Using Local History in the Classroom; An Autobiography; Tom Landry; and Staubach First Down and Lifetime to Go.  9900-115   
  Irving Heritage Festival t-shirts, 1999 and 2000; and Joe’s Coffee Shop 30th anniversary t-shirt.  9900-123   
  Book - John B. Connelly Portrait in Power.  9900-124   
  Big State Drug Store 50th anniversary t-shirt, 1998; and a t-shirt promoting Irving, Texas.  9900-132   
  Photos - Independence Day parade, July 4, 2000: groundbreaking for West Irving DART Station, 2000.  Photo Coll.
  Old Kit Cemetery t-shirt.  0001-109   
  Book - Time Enough to Win by Roger Staubach, 1979.  0001-138   
  Photos - Independence Day parade, July 4, 2001; and dedication of Oak View Baptist Church sanctuary, 2001.  Photo Coll.
  Boy Scout merit badge book, Mammals, 1983.  MVF 5-23   
  Newspapers - John Kennedy assassination coverage in papers from Marshall, Texas, Shreveport, Louisiana, and Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, 1963.   0001-184   
  Irving High School yearbook, the Lair, 1940. First Irving High School yearbook.  0102-02   
  Rock Island Railway ticket book and Rock Island Railway advertisement from The Cosmopolitan, c.1880s.  MVF 6-01   
  Newspaper issues relating to the attack on the World Trade Center, Sept. 11, 2001.  0102-09   
  Book - Dallas Cowboys, 1974.  0102-13   
  City of Irving publications: Introduction to Irving Local Area Network, July-August 1991; and the city employee phone directory, n.d.  0102-14   
  Promotional ball cap: AEG Westinghouse, Las Colinas, APT, 2001.  0102-26   
  Photos - shopping center at northeast corner of MacArthur Blvd. and Shady Grove Rd. before the South Campus of North Lake College was built there, 2001; Independence Day parade, July 4, 2001; and an Old Kit Cemetery board meeting, 2001.  0102-34   
  Telephone directory: Greater Irving-Las Colinas-Valley Ranch, 1999-2000.  0102-36   
  Postcard of Dallas County Courthouse, c. 1890s.  MVF 6-07   
  Postcards of Texas Stadium and the Las Colinas area, n.d.  MVF 6-12   
  Telephone directory: Las Colinas-Valley Ranch, 2001-2002.  0102-84   
  Commemorative plate from First Baptist Church, 1904-1984.   0102-117   
  Typescript of the Mayor's State of the City Address, 2002.   MVF 6-17   
  Map of Dallas, 1890.  0102-146   
  Dallas Cowboys pennant, 1992.  0102-152   
  Postcards of the Cotton Bowl Stadium, c. 1940; downtown Dallas buildings, c. 1910; State Fair of Texas Exhibition Building, 1936; and a Boy Scout headquarters patch.  MVF 6-07   
  Irving Fire Department sleeve patches.  MVF 5-19   
  Postcard of Texas Stadium, n.d. MVF 5-20   
  Rock Island Railway map, 1883.   0102-197   
  Map of the city of Dallas, 1893.   0102-203   
  Postcards of the entrance to the Texas State Fair, c.1890; an aerial view of the fairgrounds, 1936; and a view of Main Street, Dallas, 1907.  MVF 6-26   
  Ribbon from the re-dedication of the Las Colinas Mustang Museum, 2002.  0102-248   
  Telephone directory: Greater Irving, 1997-98; promotional sweatshirt for the Zisman law firm.  0102-253   
  Flags - United States, City of Irving, and a Texas Sesquicentennial sample banners.  0102-312   
  Irving Centennial Cookbook, 2002.  0102-319   
  Dallas County Library System letterhead, c. 1940s; Texas Federation of Women’s Club letterhead, 1942; Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train Publication, 1986; Prime Time a publication about historic buildings in Dallas, 1977.  0203-05   
  Plymouth Park Methodist Church cookbook, n.d.   MVF 7-12   
  Map of historic trails in the Irving area by Jim Dunkley, 2002. MVF 5-14   
  Minutes of the meeting of the Church Council of First United Methodist Church, June 2002.  MVF 7-15   
  Reprint of Horners’ Gold Region New Rail Road and Route Map, 1859; and an advertisement for the Rock Island Railway, 1899.  0203-89   
  Photos - groundbreaking for Veterans Memorial Park, 2002.  0203-90   
  Thurgood Marshall stamp poster, 2003; program from the African American history month program, 2003.  0203-105   
  Script from the Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea presentation, 2003.   MVF 8-01   
  Photo - Byron Nelson receiving a gift from Mayor Putnam, n.d., (c. 2000).  Photo Coll.
  Festival of the Century backstage pass and ticket stub; program; cancelled stamp; and plastic bag.  0203-160   
  Irving League of Women Voters "Get Out the Vote" promotional coffee mug.   0203-182   
  Program and commemorative umbrella from the City of Irving Board and Commissions appreciation dinner, 2003.  0203-189   
  Photos - Peggy Duvall art show at the Jaycee Center for the Arts and also of the Centennial mystery train event, May 2003.   Photo Coll.
  Postcard with an Irving Heritage Festival postal stamp, 2003.  MVF 8-16   
  An issue of CPM Magazine (Contingency, Planning, & Management), May/June, 2003.  MVF 8-17   
  Caps: Irving Fire Department, and Irving Rental Center.  0203-243   
  USGS map of Dallas County, 1898; blueprint of an Irving to Carrollton railroad line map, 1916.   0203-271   
  Promotional "Mile-O-Meter" card from Pete Farina service station, c. 1960s.  MVF 9-07   
  City of Irving Supplemental Benefit Plan summaries, 1997, 2001, and n.d.  MVF 9-08   
  Digital images of Irving Heritage Festival, 2003; library dedication of the library's Centennial historical marker, 2003; and the Centennial mystery train event, 2003.   Photo Coll.
  Yearbooks: Irving Junior High School, 1951, 1953, 1954; and a postcard of Harvey’s BBQ restaurant, c. 1970s.  0203-304   
  Poster from the Irving Heritage Society tribute to Vietnam vets, 2003.  0203-316   
  Speaker's script and order of events from Centennial Park dedication, 2003; postcard of First Presbyterian Church, c. 1950s; refrigerator magnets in the shape of Big State Drug Store; the downtown clock tower; and what was the old Irving Drug Store building when Perks was in it, c. 2003.  MVF 9-18   
  Poster, program, and an envelope with a postal cancellation from “The Fire Within” event at the Irving Arts Center.   0304-92   
  Program and commemorative pen and pencil set from the City of Irving Board and Commissions appreciation dinner, 2004.  0304-104   
  Boy Scout National Office patch. The Boy Scout's national office is located in Irving, Texas.  0304-114   
  Digital images of Mayor Joe Putnam at the Centennial finale concert, Dec. 2003.  0304-174   
  Denim bag advertising a local business "Above and Beyond."  0304-188   
  Postcard of Storybook Land which was a children's amusement park, c. late 1950s-early 1960s. MVF 10-28   
  Commemorative plate from Irving State Bank to Irving High School senior class members, 1955.   0304-228   
  Promotional ruler from a Marvin Randle mayoral campaign, c. 1981; and various Boy Scout related pamphlets, c. 1943.  0304-231   
  Ribbon, scissors, and program for the ribbon cutting for Calvary Temple, 2004.  MVF 11-04  
  Program from the symphony performance and firework show, July 4, 2004.  MVF 11-05   
  Photos - Centennial marker dedications at Irving Lumber Company site and the site of the J. O. Schulze house, June 26, 2004 and of the Independence Day Parade, July 3, 2004.  Photo Coll.
  Telephone directory: Greater Irving, 2003.  0304-259   
  Photos - Irving Heritage Festival, 2004; Centennial historical marker dedication at Old Kit cemetery, 2004. Photo Coll.
  Program from dedication of Townsell Elementary School, 2004 and a library card from the City of Irving/North Lake College Library, 2004.  MVF 12-12   
  Photos - Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea and the City of Irving Juneteenth celebration, 2004.  Photo Coll.
  Order of service and photos from Irving Public Library employee Barbara Perkins’ memorial service, 2004.  0405-20   
  T-shirt from a Martin Frost for U. S. Congress campaign, 2004.  0405-21   
  Pennant from the Texas Centennial Exposition, 1936.  MVF 12-15   
  Notes from a speech given by Mayor Putnam at the 40th anniversary of the Irving hospital, 2004.  0405-45   
  Pocket calendar from Matkin Real Estate, 2003.  0405-46   
  Photos - Independence Day parade, July 4, 2003; and concert at Williams Square, July 6, 2003.  

Photo Coll.

  Photos - appreciation luncheon at Twelve Oaks retirement community for city employees, 2004.   Photo Coll.
  Photos - groundbreaking for First United Methodist Church’s sanctuary, 2002.  Photo Coll. 
  Photos - from the Centennial kickoff event of the masters of ceremonies and special guests: Shelah Bell, Marvin Randle, Joe Putnam, Jan Hart, Guy Deel, Paul Tadlock, and Robert Power.   Photo Coll.
  Photos - Centennial fashion show at Lone Star Park, 2003.  Photo Coll.
  Photos - Hometown bank exhibit.  Photo Coll.
  Photos - Estelle community reunion, 2002.  Photo Coll.
  Photos - groundbreaking for First United Methodist Church's sanctuary, 2002.  Photo Coll.
  Photos - school classes, 1920s, exhibit; Estelle community
Photo Coll.
  Irving High School charm bracelet, 1960; postcard of Hinton Motor Lodge, c. 1960; postcard of the Commerce Street bridge during the Trinity River flood of 1908.  MVF 12-16   
  Auditorium Program for State Fair of Texas, 1934; medallion on a wrist band from the Texas State Fair, 1907; and GTE service pendants.  MVF 12-15   
  Dallas Cowboy themed toy bus commemorating the Cowboys 25th anniversary of Texas Stadium, 1996.  0405-75   
  Texas Highways magazine article about Irving, April 1992; City of Irving promotional pocket calendar, 1995; DVD of Irvingite Danny Thomas's talk on his experiences on Iwo Jima during WWII; Irving Heritage Festival t-shirt, 2004.  MVF 13-02   
  Photos - event celebrating the 40th anniversary of Irving Hospital, November 2004.  Photo  Coll.
  CD promoting a DFW Airport capital development program, 1990s; and a program from State of the City Address, 2005.   MVF 13-07   
  Booklet - Merchants, Tradesmen and Manufacturers Financial Condition for Dallas County, Texas, 1920.   MVF 14-07   
  Books by local authors - The Price Paid by Ron and Caryl McAdoo; The Way I Saw It by Ramon Gibson.  0405-155   
  Postcard of the Texas Zephyr train and an envelope commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Zephyr, 1950; and a postcard of Texas Stadium, c. 1980s.   MVF 14-12   
  Medallion advertising Industrial Motors at 1701 E. Irving Blvd, n.d.  MVF 15-10   
  Photos - Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea 2005; the Spencer Collection being accessioned and inventoried in the Archives' annex; the Chaney Miller exhibit; Victorian business cards exhibit; and the Irving High School newspaper the Tiger Rag exhibit.  Photo Coll.
  Unused Dallas Cowboy football ticket, 1996; pocket calendar from Bell Real Estate; lapel pin from Black Arts Council Black History month event.  0405-201   
  Photos - remodeling of the house at 521 South Jefferson St.; and one of the Centennial Cookbook signing, 2003.   Photo Coll.
  Irving Public Library refrigerator magnet, c. 1996.  MVF 16-15   
  Community Planning Retreat packet - Nov. 3-5, 2005; CD "Snapshot on the State of the City, August 2005."   MVF 16-16   
  Paper copies of photos of Mayor Joe Putnam at the University of Dallas on International Students Day and Asian Heritage Month, 2005.  0506-35   

Irving Nimitz High School yearbooks, 1977 and 1978.  

  Telephone directories - SBC yellow pages, May 2004; Irving, Las Colinas-Valley Ranch-Coppell, 2004 and 2005; and a Jack Spurlock Real Estate promotional calendar, 2005.  0506-53   
  Irving State Bank child's saving bank, c. 1950s.  0506-68   
  Photos - Estelle School site cleanup, 2005; and Irving Heritage Society Christmas luncheon meeting, 2005.   Photo Coll.
  Postcard of the Holiday Motel on State Highway 183, 1956.  MVF 17-03   
  Postcards - Texas Stadium, c. 1970s; and cowboys herding cattle on the side of a highway, n.d.; photo of first train used for Trinity Railway Express service, 1997.   MVF 17-08   
  Photos - Archives open house, 2006; and city employee Judy Hollis's retirement party, Feb. 2006.  Photo Coll.
  Black’s Funeral Home promotional ink blotter, n.d.  MVF 17-15   
  Commemorative plate from First Presbyterian Church, 1934-1957.  0506-145   
  Women’s cloche hats and a straw boater, 1920s.  0506-154   
  M. C. Lively’s compiled military service records from the Civil War. M. C. Lively was from a pioneer family that came to northwest Dallas county in the 1850s.   0506-166   
  Pieces of coal found at the Estelle School site, May 2006.  0506-216   
  Birthday card for Dr. Ben Thomas on his 80th birthday, 2006.  MVF 18-14   
  Model Irving police car, 1999. 0506-228   
  Postcard - Frisco train engine at Irving, photo on postcard by Irvingite Edgar Seay, Jr.    MVF 19-03   
  Photos - Stipes Elementary School dedication; and the Irving Heritage Society's general meeting, Nov. 9, 2006. 

Photo Coll.

  Photos - Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 2007.  Photo Coll.
  Book - The New E-Discovery Rules.  0607-86   
  Program and invitation from the Ms. Mature Irving pageant, 2007.  MVF 21-08   
  Table favor (stuffed bear) from a luncheon at Texas Stadium benefiting the Salvation Army.  0607-110   
  Photos - dedication of North Lake Ranch Park and historical marker, 2007; Lambshead Ranch cemetery, 2007; interior of the Irving Archives.  Photo Coll.
  One page biography of Ruth Caster Allen on her 90th birthday, 2007. The Caster family were pioneers to the area. MVF 24-03   
  Postcard of University of Dallas (cowgirl on a horse in front of the school), c. late 1960s; photo - Irving bus station at Nursery and Irving Blvd., 1997.  MVF 24-10   
  Kerry Wood baseball cards. Before becoming a pitcher in the major leagues, Kerry Wood attended MacArthur High School for three years before transferring to Grand Prairie High School for his senior year.   MVF 24-12   
  Program for the First United Methodist Church Lenten Lunch Series; a Capital Stewardship Plan, 2008; and an invitation to the Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 2008   MVF 24-14    
  Irving Police patches; and a record album by “The Shoppe.”  0708-86   
  Digital images from the opening of the Bear Creek Freedom Settlement Museum, Feb. 26, 2008.  0708-90   
  Digital images from Estelle Heritage Society meeting, Jan. 2008.  0708-91   
  Digital images of the Estelle School site, Nov. 15, 2007.  0708-92   
  Digital images of a Rip Van Winkle character at a City Council meeting promoting a Washington Irving related Heritage Society event, 2008  0708-93   
  Digital images of the Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 2008.  0708-94   
  Digital images of members of the Irving High School class of 1947-48 looking at the exhibit about the 1947 regional championship football team, Oct. 2007.  0708-95   
  Digital images of the Old Kit Cemetery board, 2008.  0708-96   
  Digital images of the reception at the Old Red Courthouse Museum for the Welcome to Irving Exhibit, March 20, 2008.   0708-98   
  Photos - Mayor Herbert Gears recognizing the Archives staff for the Old Red Courthouse exhibit, 2008.  Photo Coll.
  Estelle label buttons; script, program, and uniform patches from the Vintage Baseball Game, 2006.  0708-126   
  Invitation to the farewell party for Ross and Nancy Spicer and photo of the Spicers, 2008.  MVF 25-02    
  Postcard of Texas Stadium, c. 1980s. MVF 17-08   
  Commemorative plate from Plymouth Park Methodist Church,
c. 1959
  Digital images of Veterans event at Porter’s Army and Navy, 2008; Nancy Spicer’s going away party, 2008.   0809-20   
  IPL staff badges and fund raising buttons, 2000s.  0809-37   
  Digital images of Valentine Tea, 2009.  0809-45   
  Photocopy of an 1895 Texas map.  0809-61   
  Videotape and audiotape of Mayor Putnam’s State of the City Address, 2002.  0809-62   
  Two small desk flags: State of Texas and City of Irving.  MVF 25-17   
  Digital images of the Heritage Society meeting May 2009 – officer induction.  0809-83   
  Digital images of the Laird family at the Veterans Memorial Park dedication, May 17, 2009.  0809-102   
  Digital images of induction of officers for Heritage Society, May 2009.  0809-103   
  Digital images of Washington Irving Trivia contest, 2009.  0809-104   
  Digital images of April Goff’s 25th anniversary with the city party, April 2009.  0809-105   
  Photos of Vintage Baseball game in Farmers Branch, Oct. 2008 and April 2009. 

Photo Coll.

  Program, souvenir medal and flag from dedication of Veterans Park, May 17, 2009.  MVF 26-06   
  Photos – Veterans Memorial Park Dedication, May 117, 2009.  Photo Coll.
  Photos of installation of Heritage Society officers, 2009-10.  Photo Coll.
  Postcard – Mandalay Four Seasons Hotel, 1994.  MVF 26-11   
  Digital images of the city's records department's 35th anniversary open house, 2009. 0809-188   
  Digital images of the Irving Lumber building before demolition, 2009.   0910-37   
  Digital images of Dan and Earline Matkin receiving the High Spirited Citizen Award 2010. 0910-46   
  Digital images of the Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 2010. 0910-65   
  Digital images of the vintage baseball game at Buffalo Gap, 2007.   0910-76   
  Digital images of City Secretary Janice Carroll's retirement, Jan. 29, 2010. 0910-78   
  Digital images of the installation of officers for the Irving Heritage Society, 2010.  0910-149   
  Envelope with a Breckenridge, Dallas Co. post mark, 1859; and research on Breckenridge, Dallas Co., Texas.  MVF 28-09   
  Digital images of the tours of the depot in Heritage Park during the July 4, 2010, parade.   1910-200   
  Postcards - Texas Stadium, n.d. and Mandalay Hotel, c. 1990s.  MVF 26-11   
  Promotional City of Irving flag decals, c. 2000s.  MVF 28-15   
  Digital images of Irving Heritage Society's Washington Irving Trivia Contest, 2008.    0910-214   
  Digital images of Irving Library employee Jennifer Sanchez's farewell party, 2008. 0910-216   
Postcard - Texas Stadium with inset image, n.d. 1011-06
Irving High School yearbook, 1940; a newspaper phpoto of an elementary grade class, May 22, 1936. 1011-10
Irving Police Department sleeve patches (2), n.d.  MVF 28-20
Small souvenir teapot and saucer from Storybook Land, c. 1960 1011-25
Map of Texas from an atlas, 1895. MVF 28-22
Postcard of Texas Stadium, 1981; and Kerry Wood baseball cards (18). MVF 29-01
CD containing the book Early History of Dallas County, c. 1985. MVF 29-02
Book - Maternity Ward about a B-24 bomber crew in WWII. 1011-42
Photos of the dedication of Veterans Park, 2009; and one of the installation of the marker at Kit Cemetery. 1011-43
DVD from ICTN of the West Irving Improvement Association Founders' Day and Juneteenth events, 2010.   1011-44
Videotapes; pens; pencils; photos; stuffed bears from the Salvation Army Lunch. 1011-45
Photos of road projects - Grauwyler Rd. grade separation; Rochelle and Carl Road improvement; and a Van Duyne for amyor yard sign. 1011-116
First Methodist centennial throw rug; TexasFest totebag, 2005; letterhead for council members Jackie Townsell and Fran Bonilla; tablet for from desk of Mayor Bob Pierce; Heritage Festival postmarked envelope, 1993. 1011-128
Stuffed tiger and tote bag from Tate Museum of Transportation. 1011-134
Irving themed cap and visor; KIB recycle water bottle; copy of speech given by Ben Carpenter, 1968.    1112-03
Joe's Coffee Shop 30th anniversary t-shits; Mayor Roy Brown letterhead; Shelah Bell Andrew's goodbye letter; book - Time Enough to Win by Roger Staubach. 1112-16
Heritage House 100th anniversary commemorative Christmas ornament, 2012. MVF 30-07
Synopsis of Irving's Record Program, 1981; promotional pens from various Irving businesses; First Methodist Church of Irving newspaper, April 1988. 1112-43
Pens and business cards from Irving businesses; North Lake Library tote bag; Mayor Joe Putnam stationary; 16mm film of Irving Hospital opening, 1964. 1112-57
Book - Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Boy Scouts by Richard Bennett. 1112-88
Various Irving business cards and a DART Performance Report, 2011. 1112-108
Thank you card with personal note and signature from Jackie Townsell. MVF 30-23
Books relating to archives management; corporate history of JC Penney; Hunt Oil; Boeing. 1213-50
Texas Almanacs, 1956-57 and 1968-69. 1213-55
Commemorative T-shirts - Big Read; Irving Centennial; Heritage Festival; GTE Byron Nelson Golf Tournament; Frost for Congress. 1213-64
Southwest Bank Annual Reports, 1979-1981; commemorative towel from Parks People Classic Golf Tournament, 1988; ICVB key chain; slide rule; compus; protractor.  1213-91
Photos of the unveiling of the Kit Cemetary State Historical Marker; Jackie Townsell city council letter head; book about The Mustangs of Las Colinas. 1213-115
Commemorative mug from St. Marks Episcopal Church's blessing of the animals, 2013and a special edition of the Fort Worth Star Telegram remembering the 50th anniversary of JFK assassination.  1314-13
Haskins, Delbert  The Welcome Newcomers section from the Irving Daily News, July 30, 1972.  0910-80   
Hatch, Don  Photocopy of the directory for the Church of Christ, Belt Line Road in Sowers, 1956.  MVF 16-02   
Hawkins, Kathy Shurley  Photocopies and digital images of Kathy Shurley Hawkins family scrapbook, 1960s-2000s.  0304-84   
  Newspaper articles and sections regarding: Irving's 75th Anniversary, 1978; the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, Sept. 9-11, 2001; Sowers Church of Christ advertisement, 1956. 0506-161   
  LP recording: Irving MacArthur High School A Cappella Choir, 1966.  0607-34   
Hayes, Ann   Irving Women's Bowling Association 10th Anniversary yearbook, 1960-1970.  MVF 12-18   
Haynes, Robert  Book - Freedom Colonies: Independent Black Texans in the Time of Jim Crow.  0607-04   
Henderson, Louise  Photo - Revier's service station at Kit, c. 1930s; copy of an Irving street map, 1953; calendar from Revier Grocery and service station; newspaper page listing Irving businesses, 1953; and newspaper section giving the history of the Irving Police Department, 1991; digital images of Louise and R.W. Henderson, 1950s.   0102-105   

Newspapers articles regarding various local events, 2000-2003 and the attack on the World Trade Center, 2001: and an Irving High School football program, Sept. 12, 2003.  

  Digital images of the Hendricks family in New Mexico, 1933.  0203-310   

Heritage Park Development Project 

Square nail from the original Irving Depot built in 1903. MVF 23-01   
Hickman, Shirley 

First Presbyterian Church of Irving women's group scrapbooks, (9 vols.): 1934-43; 1944-1957; 1958-1969; 1970-1973; 1973-1976; 1976-1980; 1980-1984; 1984-1985; 1930s-1980s.  

  First Presbyterian Church of Irving women's group scrapbooks, (7 vols.):1986-1990; 1991-1994; 1995-1996; 1997-1998; 1990- 2000; 2001-2004; 2005-2006; plaques; flags; photos; meeting minutes, 1935-1961 (see inventory). 0910-11  
  First Presbyterian Church of Irving women's group scrapbook, (1 vol.), 2007-2009; and a COI Diamond Jubilee hand fan, 1978.  0910-51   
Hickman, Traphene  Newspaper – Irving News Record, Jan. 31, 1957 (contains an article about the original library).  0809-155   
Hicks, Sandee Blueprints for original residence now at 1516 Canyon Oaks, 1949. 1011-75
Higbie, Mary  Program and notes from the Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea honoring Catherine Schulze, 2003.  MVF 10-21   
  File of Planning and Zoning material from when John Higbie was on the board, c. early 1990s; Park and Recreation fliers and invitations, c. early 1990s; information on DFW Airport noise, c. early 1990s.   0607-75   
  Program autographed by sculptor Robert Glen at the dedication of the Ben Carpenter statue, 2008.  MVF 22-13   
  Biographical information on Jody Harmon who was an Irving arts activist, 1970s-2000s; digital images of Jody Harmon; a DVD of the tribute ceremony to Jody Harmon, 2008. Also included is: an advertisement  for “Ring-Around-the-Collar” a comedy tour by Judy Truesdale and Cathy Whiteman; and a photo of an unknown North Lake College group.  MVF 24-18   
  Digital images of various Irving Heritage Society events: Fish Fry; Valentine Tea; Trivia Contest; Washington Irving’s Exhibits; open house at Heritage House; Rip Van Winkle, 2008; and digital images from around the city: city hall; Central Library; Centennial Park; Las Colinas; Mustangs of Las Colinas; Heritage Park; Clock Tower; Freedom Museum dedication, 2008.    0708-134   
  Digital images of the Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 2009  0809-44   
  Digital images of the dedication of Veterans Memorial Park, May 17, 2009.  0809-101   
  CD of images of Heritage Society events, 2009: Fish Fry; Trivia contest; Heritage House tour; Washington Irving month; installation of officers for 2009-10; also dedication of Veterans Memorial Park; awards dinner for Dan and Earlene Matkin.   0809-126   
  Book - Oil Field Child by Estha Stowe (an Irving author).  0910-56   
  Digital images of the Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 2010.  0910-64   
  Digital images of Heritage Society fish fry and also of the Washington Irving trivia contest, 2010.  0910-126   
  Digital images of presentation of the John Hill award winners (including the Irving Heritage Society).  0910-140   
  Digital images of the installation of officers of the Irving Heritage Society, 2010.  0910-148   
  Heritage Society Valentine Tea photos, 2008.  Photo  Coll. 100-238P   
Digital images - Irivng Heritage Society trivia contest finals, May 1, 2011. 1011-90
Digital image of 13 Irving Heritage Society past presidents, 2012.   1213-18
Digital images of reception for artist Pete Fernandez, June 2013. 1213-92
Digital images of July 4th, 2013 parade and event. 1213-95
Digital images of Irving Heritage Society general meeting (topic Bush Library), Sept. 2013. 1314-05
Digital images of Heritage Society New Member reception, Nov. 2013. 1314-11
Hillier, Steve  Newspaper article from the Irving News Texan regarding a new building for the Central Church of Christ, Feb. 6, 1966.   MVF 5-13   
  Records from Steve Hillier’s service on the Irving Park Board: news clippings, North Lake Park material; Park People of Irving material; park maps, 1993-1994.  0001-185   
  Photos - Twin Wells Golf Course flooding, 1986; and Parks Award Presentation, c. 1982.  0102-184   
  Issues of The Irving News, February and March 1999; Irving Rotary Club handbook and membership book, late 1980s; program from "The Interstate Batteries Great American Race," 1989; South MacArthur Church of Christ directories, 1973 and 1976.   0203-166   
  Photos - proof sheet of photos from opening of Twin Wells Golf Course; letter to Park People of Irving from the Irving Heritage Society; receipt from CAC Park Fund to Park People of Irving.   0203-282   
  DART map, 2003; TexasFest commemorative deck of cards, 1984; CDs of music by the band The Shoppe; Central Church of Christ info packet, 1950s; Irving Rotary 50th anniversary booklet; Texas Sesquicentennial bumper sticker; Irving Chamber of Commerce publication, 1984; COI street map 1964.  0809-160   
Hinton, Harwood P.  Books - Afoot and Alone and Thurber Texas by Professor Harwood Hinton. Harwood P. Hinton was a graduate of Irving High School. He became a professor of Southwest American history at the University of Arizona.  0001-30   
  Photo - Hinton’s Twin Wells Store, April 1932.  Photo Coll.
  Hinton Family Collection: The Hinton family moved to the Irving area in 1910. They operated a store in Irving and later in the Twin Wells community (now a part of Irving) along the road to Dallas. Irving schools related material, 1930s-1940s: the Hinton store ledger books and receipt books, 1918-1929; photos of Hinton's store, school classes, family members, Hinton lumberyard, 1910s-1980s; Irving telephone directories, 1939 and 1946; land records.     Collection 45   
  Photos (2) of a 1930s-era passenger plane at Love Field in Dallas, Texas, c. 1930.  0910-90   
Hodge, Karen Peters  Photocopies of pages from the Peters/Walker family genealogy notebooks and digital images of the Peters family. 0405-143   
Hogan, Danny  Photocopy of a newspaper article about a fire at the Humble Oil Refinery on State Highway 183 in 1970; an Exxon newsletter, 1978; and a photo of a Model-A Ford, 1932. MVF 22-02  
Hoggard, Anne  Material relating to Irving City Manager Morris Howard, 1960-1973: newspaper articles; photographs; invitations.  0809-72   
Holland, Diana  Bowie Middle School cheerleader uniform, 1982-83; Nimitz High School cheerleader uniform, 1985; and a Bowie Middle School pennant. 9900-73  
Holloway, David Newspaper issues relating to events in U. S. history, 1960s-90s (Kennedy assassination, Nixon resigns, Desert Storm, Pearl Harbor 50th anniversary). 1112-52
Holloway, Joyce  History of Bear Creek Missionary Church (now First Baptist Church of Las Colinas).  MVF 6-18    
Holmes, Richard  Book - Irving Fire Department Commemorative Edition.   0304-10   
  CD entitled Spirit of America about the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001.  MVF 10-04   
Book - Fire and Rain: A Tragedy in American Aviation by Jerome Greer Chandler, 1986. 1213-30
Holmes, Vivian  Photos - Okinawa and the Pacific Theatre during WWII; and Japanese occupation money, c. 1944.  0203-61   
Holt, Mary Ellen Book - Mary Ellen's America made up of photocopies of photographs depicting assorted subjects. The photos are from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.    1011-28
Holub, Clarence and Barbara  T. J. Lee Elementary PTA yearbooks, 1966-1978; M.C. Lively Elementary PTA yearbook, 1972-73; MacArthur High School PTA yearbooks, early 1970s; booklet from 50th reunion of Irving High School class of 1936; PTA presidents calendar, 1972-73; City Council of PTAs yearbooks, 1971-72; 1973-74; 1994-95 and 1998-99; PTA Life Membership program, 1997; manuals and handbooks produced by the PTA, 1960s-1970s.   0405-220   
  Irving School PTA yearbooks, 1934-35, 1935-36, 1936-37, 1937-38; Irving Elementary PTA yearbooks, 1945-50; Central Elementary PTA yearbook, 1951-52; Irving High School PTA yearbooks, 1952-1955; Central Elementary PTA yearbooks, 1958-59 and 1959-60; Irving Classroom Teachers Association yearbooks, 1951-1957.  0607-148   
Holy Family School  Centennial display created by Holy Family Elementary School students - a train with each car featuring a different aspect of Irving’s history.   0405-161   
Horn, Russell   Copies of city of Irving emergency and civil defense plans, 1959; a proposal to bring harmony to the school system after the firing of the superintendant, 1955; digital images.   0001-150   
Horn, Shawn   Townley Elementary PTA scrapbooks, (10 vol.): 1984-1986; 1986-87; 1987-88; 1988-89; 1989-90; 1981-82; 1982-83; 1983-84; AIR project scrapbook, 1978-79; "Win Jean Fritz" contest scrapbook, 1983.  0405-159   
Hoskins, Barbara  Memory book from the 50th reunion of Irving High School class of 1953.  MVF 10-17   
Howard, Clinton  Scrapbook about the founding of Irving Community Hospital (photocopy), c. late 1950s-early 1960s.  0102-309   
Howard, Marian  Photo - Irving Bank & Trust employees in costume posed around a 1920s era car for "Pioneer Days," 1964.   Photo Coll.
Howard, Mike E.  Mike E. Howard Collection: Mike Howard was employed by the Dallas County Community College District for most of his career. He was active in local politics and wrote a newsletter and newspaper column addressing local issues. He served two terms on the Irving city council, 1981-1985. He also wrote a column in the Irving Rotary newsletter for many years. In 1986, he published a limited edition book in conjunction with the Texas Sesquicentennial entitled Texas is. . . .: campaign fliers and mailers from various city, county, and state elections, 1980s-1990s; invitations to a wide range of events received by the donor during his two terms as a member of the Irving city council, 1980s, and from his job with the Dallas County Community College District; city council related correspondence; Rotary Club newsletters; personal newsletter The Controversial Committee Report; newspaper columns written by the donor, 1980s-1990s; a copy of the donor's book Texas is . . . .            Collection 49   
Publications - Blogspasm, Dec. 31, 2010-May 19, 2011; Controversial Committee Report, n.d.;  
Howell, Dorothy  Dresses - peach colored chiffon and lace flapper style dress, 1920s; and a homemade dress, black with silver and pearl embellishment, 1950s.   0506-72   
  Portrait of Lillian Byas Lawther, the donor's aunt, c. 1930s. 0506-81   
  Poster of the Mustangs of Las Colinas signed by the sculptor Robert Glen, 2004.  0506-139   
Huffman, John and Sue 

Hand-drawn map of the Sowers community and the location of houses and their occupants in the community, c. 1935.

MVF 25-06   
  Digital images of pages from John Huffman's scrapbook documenting his childhood in the Sowers community, in the Navy, early family life, career at LTV, and repairing vintage planes as a LTV retiree, 1920s-2000s.  0708-147   
  The Haley/Miller Family Collection: The Haley family were pioneers to northwest Dallas County arriving in the 1850s. They played a large role in the development of early Irving.  The Miller family came to Irving shortly after its founding and also played a large role in Irving early development. The Miller and Haley families were related by marriage: land records; tax receipts; newspaper clippings; Miller and Haley family photos; photo of early Irving building; various publications and pieces of ephemra relating to early Irving and the Haley and Miller families, 1890s-1980s.   Collection 50   
  Ernest Curly Reid memorial program and newspaper article. Curly Reid was a Marine Corps general who graduated from Irving High School. MVF 18-10   
  Irving schools yearbooks: Crockett Middle School, 1972-73 and 1973-74; and Irving High School, 1975, 1976, 1977.  0607-69   
  Irving High School cheerleaders jackets, 1975-76 and 1977-78; marriage license for Tom Frank Haley and Martha Youngblood, 1945; diploma from Bryant and Stratton College of Stenography in Chicago from Mary Youngblood, 1944; Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, Sept. 23, 1938; charter of the City of Irving, 1952; Irving PTA yearbook, 1937-38; photocopies of John Haley's medical certificate 1897; land deeds for Haley downtown property; abstract for Otis Brown's third addition, 1912.   0708-38   
Irving High School senior class play programs, 1925 and 192?; Irving High School commmencement programs, 1920, 1921, 1925; class and faculty photos, 1930s; newspaper articles 1920s-1930s.  1112-138
Huggins, Sam 

Drawing of Irving, Lowell, Bryant, Longfellow, and Whittier. 

Hughes, Helen  Webster’s New International Dictionary Second Edition, 1958. 0607-154   
Humphries, Kimberly New York Times; Wall St. Journal; Los Angles Times regarding Richard Nixon resignation, Aug. 9, 1974; Stars and Stripes, regarding first POW return from Vietnam, Feb. 14, 1973; Japan Times regarding first POW return from Vietnam, Feb. 13, 1973; Free Press, Mar. 29, 1969, and Denver Post,  Mar. 30, 1969, Eisenhower dies; Life magazine, Dec. 15, 1972.  0506-234   
Humphries, Melanie Digital image of Morgan Lyon in his military uniform, c. 1943.  0809-48   
Hurst, Barclay  Research paper - History of Irving 76-03   
Hurwitz, Esther 

Map showing an annexation strip and the city limits, 1966. 

Husa, Gary  Fort Worth Press, Mar. 19, 1955.  0102-43   
  Videotape - groundbreaking for the new First United Methodist sanctuary, 2001.  0102-160   
  Digital images of the dedication of the Centennial historical marker at First United Methodist Church, August 27, 2006.  MVF 24-13   
Husa, Mary Maps of DFW Airport - First stage development, 1969; airport layout plan, 1969; Supplemental Geometric Layour of Highway 183, 1984; Irving City Plan map, 1953. 1112-40

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