Lady Lions Club Lady Lions Club records: scrapbooks, (5 vols.), 1949-1957; 1963-1979; 1979-1981; 1981-1986; 1956-1967; meeting minutes and attendance rolls, 1951-1973 and 1982-1990; a history of Lady Lions, 1945-1962; and 1991-1998; club yearbooks 1951-56; 1961; and 1987; correspondence; negatives from a 1967 meeting; photos from meetings, 1960s-1970s; financial statements and newspaper clippings, 1970s.  0304-78 
  Lady Lions Club records: meeting minutes and attendance rolls, 1974-1982. 0506-187 
Lady Lions Club treasurers records, 1953-2005; attendance records, 1998-2009; minutes, 1998-2010. 1112-103
LaFever, Ann  Copy of a Certificate of Promotion to Irving High School, 1924; and a photo of an Irving Elementary school class, c.1923.   MVF 27-05 
LaFont, Jim  MacArthur High School photos, articles, and memorabilia. 0506-39 
  Notable Women of Texas published on Main St. in Irving, Texas; and an Irving Girls Softball League ribbon.  0506-238 
  Dance cards from the Irving School, 1910 and 1911. Research shows that these cards are not from IISD schools. They appear to be from a school in New York state  MVF 25-15 
Newspaper articles and photos relating to Dallas actor and director Judy French Mahon, 1962-65. 1112-97
Commemorative pin 2006 World Series held in Irving. 1213-35 
Scrapbooks of newspaper articles and photographs relating to Judy French Mahon and her family, 1880s-1960s. 1213-48 
TV Facts magazine, May 17, - May 30, 1992.  MVF 31-03
Laird, Craig  Photo – Dr. Paul Laird in Korea, 1951.  Photo Coll.
Laird, Paul  Photocopies of articles, speeches, and correspondence relating to Dr. Laird and his term as mayor of Irving, 1957-1959. MVF 1-02 
Las Colinas Association  Digital image of Ben Carpenter.  0102-294 
  Motion picture film (35 mm, 4 reels) entitled Las Colinas Premier.  0405-05 
  Digital image of the Las Colinas public transportation train.  0405-42 

Las Colinas Women's

Las Colinas Women's Association scrapbooks, (6 vols.), 1982-1986; 1989-1991; 1991-1994; 1994-1995; 1996-1997; 1997-1998.   0203-272 
  Las Colinas Women’s Association scrapbooks, (4 vols.) 1999-2001; 2001-03; 2003-04; 2004-05.  0506-129 
  Minutes of meetings of the Las Colinas Women's Association, Sept. 1981-May 2007.  0809-125 
  Financial Records of the Las Colinas Women’s Assoc., 1982-2004: check stubs; balance register; bank statements; expense reports.   0809-159 
LCWA scrapbook, (1 vol., unfinished), 1986-1988. 1213-32
Las Colinas Women’s            Association Garden Club  Las Colinas Women's Association Garden Club scrapbooks, (4 vols.), 1983-1993; 1993-2003; 2000-2001; 2001-2002; memory book, 1998-2000; and handbook for flower shows, 1987.  0203-273 

Las Colinas Women's Association Garden Club scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 2003-04 and 2004-05.

Lawrence, Anita  Navy recruiting poster, c. 1915; Dallas Morning News supplement "One Giant Leap," Aug. 13, 1969; Fort Worth Star Telegram issue, "Victory in Europe," May 8, 1945; candle lantern slide projector and glass slides.   0809-32 
  An 1863 sketch of a gin and house by Sarah Jane Word.  0809-46 
  Alaska themed pillow cover from the donors husband’s family, c. 1890s.  0809-76 
  Handmade apron and child’s dress; U.S. Bicentennial jar, canister, and towel, 1976; Texas Centennial songbooks (2), 1936; WWII ration books; letter on USMC stationary, 1943; covers of Leatherneck and US Camera magazines with pictures of Iwo Jima flag raising; photo of D. D. Sawyer.  0809-85 
  Aircraft recognition book, 1955; Texas Sesquicentennial movie history booklet, 1986; emergency handbook, 1968; U.S. Navy ink blotter; moon landing newspaper magazine, 1969.  0809-115 
  Lightning rod guarantee, 1896; NASA poster, 1973; Dallas Morning News moon landing booklet, 1969.  0809-130 
Weekly Reader JFK remembered, 1964; cotton pickers talley books; S & H Green Stamps; three smooth round stones. 1011-96
Portraits of women about Civil War era (2); picture of little girl 1950s. 1112-74
League of Women Voters, Irving Chapter 

Irving League of Women Voters records: newsletters, city studies, meeting minutes, correspondence, c.1960, 1973-1974, 1976-1977, 1991. 


League of Women Voters records: newsletters; information on local; state; and national conferences, 1960s-1980s; files on environmental issues, 1987; local, state, and national newsletters, 1962-1993 (sporadic); voter registration and voter guides, 1970s; publications regarding water distribution; open space and the Trinity River basin; LWV policy files, 1990s; member lists, 1964-93; member interviews; handbooks; minutes and agenda from board meeting, 1986-92 (sporadic); by-laws and related material, 1956-1992; annual meeting minutes, 1962-1968; files on international issues, 1970s; files on US government issues, 1970s; city development plan, 1960; city parks material, 1960s; Informaday files, 1970s; League clippings and history, 1956-62; info on Texas constitutional convention, 1970s; files on state government, 1975; files on Delaware Creek and flood plane management, 1971; zoning ordinance, and subdivision ordinance, 1964; clippings not placed in scrapbooks, 1980s; local League annual reports, 1960s, and 1979-80; "Know Your City" survey material, 1958-59; scrapbooks, (8 vols.), 1962-63; 1964; 1965; 1966; 1968; 1969; 1970; 1974;  Irving Provisional League information, correspondence and related history, 1957-58; scrapbook with foreign policy issues clippings, 1959-60; local office log, 1985-94; envelope of newspaper clippings, 1970s; LWV publications, 1980s; League position papers, 1980s; file on local founding, 1957; news clippings file, 1970s; local League and Irving related news clippings, 1950s-1960s;  photos, 1950s, 1960s, and 1980s; certificates; plaques; League video, 1990; League publications, 1980s; Cooper Reservoir publications, 1985. 


League of Women Voters local chapter directories: 1982-83; 1983-84; 1984-85; 1990-91; 1991-92 1992-93; 1993-94; 1994-95; program perspective, 1991-92; and a Presidents' letters, 1991-94. 

  League of Women Voters publications: National Voter and Texas Voter, 1990s.  0001-171 
Scrapbook (5 vols.), 1956-58; 1959-82; 1961-63; 1971-74; 1974-76.  1112-72
Leibensberger, Dorothy  Book – In Search of the Sunset by Tom Hudson. The author writes about living in Irving from 1908-1915.  0809-154 
Lee Park Aerobics Class  Lee Park Aerobics Class scrapbook: 1977-1982.  Collection 23 
Lehr, Theron  Slides (35mm) of Korea, 1953; photos and documents relating to Theron Lehr's experiences in the military in Europe during WWII; and an Irving phone directory, 1956.   0102-151 
  Polk’s City of Irving Directory, 1978.  0304-199 
Lerma, Del 

Poster of photos from National Hispanic Heritage Week, c. 1992. 


Lexington Companies 

Brochure documenting Lexington Apartments and Motor Inns history, c. 1972; and a sketch of the Lexington Companies.  Lexington Companies was headquartered in Irving. 

MVF 3-05 
Licari, Charles  Burgoon family history: genealogy material on the descendants of Jacob Burgoon; information on the Burgoon family from Sandusky County, Ohio; photocopies of death notice for Henry Burgoon, May 1911; CD of Texas history and genealogy. The Burgoon family were pioneers that settled in the area in the 1850s in what today is northwest Irving. MVF 7-14 
  Photocopies of newspaper articles about the Estelle community and its residents, 1900-1960. The Estelle community was made up of a cluster of farms that grew up in what is today northwest Irving. The area was annexed by the city of Irving in 1969 and most of the area is now part of DFW Airport.   MVF 24-19 

Genealogical information on John Sanborn and his relation to the Burgoon family. 

MVF 27-04 
  Photocopyy of the Civil War records of Amos and George Burgoon who were mustered into the Gano Company in Tarrant County, Texas, 1861.   MVF 28-13 
Lindsey, E. M.  City of Irving water deposit receipt; water connection request; and water service application, 1949.  MVF 9-02 
Ling, Ruth Collett  Digital image of Glenn Collett in WWII.  0809-38 
Linthicum, Neva 

Videotape - The Irving Story.  

  ICVB plaque to J.P. Linthicum for serving on the ICVB Board of Directors, 1982-1988.  9899-06 
Looper family  The Looper Family Collection: Lorene Lucas, born in 1909, was the daughter of W. D. “Doug” Lucas and Alice Howard.  Both W. D. Lucas and the Howard family came to Irving shortly after it’s founding. The collection provides an excellent glimpse into the life of a young adult in Irving during the first third of the twentieth century.  Lorene Lucas Looper was an avid chronicler of her life experiences.  She began keeping scrapbooks during her teenage years and continued for the rest of her life.  As a result, she has produced not only a history of her own life, but a look at life in Irving during the 1920s through the 1950s: scrapbooks, (13 vols.), 1920s-1970s; newspaper clippings; photos; personal documents. This collection is comprised of material compiled by Lorene Lucas Looper.   Collection 46 
Looper, Margaret  Photo - interior of Lucas’ store, Doug Lucas behind the counter, c. 1915.  Photo Coll.
Lourdan, Karen 

Photos - Barton Elementary School class, 1970; Barton faculty, 1970.  

Photo Coll.
  Magazines - Past Times, (6 issues), pertaining to WWII, prehistoric America, and Georgia’s Cherokee heritage.  0506-159 
Love, Donna  F & J Automotive business records: receipts, bills paid; bank statements; daily balance forms; ledgers, 1940s-1970s.  0304-43 

Lowery, Pat
(and Forrestine Galbreath and Helen McCloskey)  

Clark family material: photo of A.J. and Fannie Clark, c. 1925; Clark family cemetery lot deed, 1908; George Clark obituary, 1949; letter appointing George Clark a rural letter carrier for the U. S. Post Office, 1911; Clark and Santerre family histories; photo of cornerstone from Irving's red brick school house showing the names of the school board members, 1913; article on A.J. Clark’s 87th birthday, 1934; warranty deed, 1922; release of mortgage, 1910; article on the growth of the city of Irving, 1960; a letter from the Clark family requesting that a school be named in George Clark's honor, 1973. The Clark and Santerre families were pioneers to the area.

MVF 2-13 
Lucas, Geraldine  

Digital images of the Lucas family and of the Irving High School football team, late-1920s and 1930s; Irving School class photos, 1920s-1930s; photocopy of Lucas family genealogy.  The Lucas family was a pioneer family to the area.  

  Irving High School letter sweater, 1934; U.S. Army Signal Corps uniform shirt, 1944; two U.S. Army garrison caps; newspaper clippings relating to the Lucas family; WWII and Lucas family photos; Lucas family Irving Centennial quilt square. The Lucas family was a pioneer family to the area.  0405-195 
Lucas, Mavis  State of Texas land grant to Hezikiah Lucas, 1859.  0910-113 
Lyon, Marshall  Digital image of Morgan Lyon as a young man, c. 1932.  0809-47 
MacArthur High School PTA  PTA treasurer's reports, 1965-2008; Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1998-2001; general meeting minutes, 2004-2008.   0910-112 
PTA scrapbooks,(2 vols.), 2008-09 and 2009-2010; procedure books, 2007-08; 2008-09; 2009-10; yearly binders, 2007-08; 2008-09; 2009-10; treasurer's ledger, 2004-07; deposit slips, 2007-09; transaction register, 1995-2009; check register, 2004-06; receipt book, 2005-07; treasurer's reports, 2006-08.  1011-94
Marcom, Rose  Newspapers - Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel covering WWII events.  0506-141 
Marine Corps University  USMC medals, patches and two swords.  0809-42 
Martin, Stacy Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, 17 issues, 1966-1968; fight ribbons, 1965-1968. 1213-103
Masters, Estela   Decor material from Estela’s Restaurant: Irving Centennial Cookbook; Irving High Spirited Citizen Award for the Coffee Shop Crew; Zodiac calendar platter; book Texas Sesquicentennial: Texas Is . . .”; ashtray; grinding bowl; business cards; newspaper review of Estela's restaurant, 1993; large copper tray; photos of Estela’s sons; menu from restaurant; large frame of documents on musician Doyle Bramhall. Estela Masters operated Estela's Restaurant in Irving from the early 1980s-the early 2000s.  0405-227 
  Textile wall hanging from Estela’s Restaurant that Estela Masters operated in Irving from the early 1980s-the early 2000s.   0506-19 
  Framed items from Estela’s Restaurant: Muddywood Cocina; Mark Benno related framed items; large yellow sombrero; and a newspaper article review of the restaurant. Estela Masters operated Estela's Restaurant in Irving from the early 1980s-the early 2000s.   0506-77 
Maykus, Joanne  Irving High School yearbook, Lair, 1951; and a Nimitz High School yearbook, Valhalla, 1971.  0405-11 
  Nimitz High School yearbooks, Valhalla, (6 vols.), 1972-1977; and MacArthur High School yearbooks, The Crest,  (4 vols.), 1972; 1974; 1975; 1976.  0708-150 
Maloney, Rena  Scrapbook containing clippings from the Irving Daily News Texan about the Irving Public Library, 1961-66.  86-15 
Martin, Stacey  Green Thumb Garden Club yearbooks, 1981-1998  0102-111 
Digital images of Green Thumb Garden Cllub 50th anniversary, June 2001 and of a flower show and newspaper articles about the flower show, 1957. 1213-69
Masonic Lodge #1218  Photos - early lodge members, c. 1920s and 1940s; a copy of the lodge's petition to form an Irving Masonic Lodge, 1924; and a program from the lodge's 75th anniversary event.   MVF 5-03 
Matkin, Dan  Photocopy of an article regarding Irving Cub Scouts exploring local historic trails.    0304-167 
  Matkin family scrapbooks, (2 vols.), one about Dan Matkin and his terms as a councilman and mayor of Irving, 1963-1977; and one volume about the Irving Jaycettes, 1970s; also newspaper clippings; correspondence; and photos relating to the donor's terms as mayor.    0304-225 
  Photos - Irving Museum Board, 2007.    Photo Coll.
  Newspapers - Irving Herald, August 13, 1943 and December 12, 1943; also Irving News articles about Irving history, 1973.  0001-136 
  Digital images of Jerry Jones, Dan Matkin, and Robert Power at the last game at Texas Stadium, Dec. 20, 2008.  0809-33 
  Letter from Estelle Bates concerning the naming of Irving, 1975.  MVF 26-04 
Irving Jaycette blouse and Jaycee vest, 1970s. 1011-124
Iceland vice counsular file, 1986; publication relationg to Texasfest and SMU; Sister City files; invitations, programs, fliers, photos.  1011-140 
McCloskey, Clark   Digital image of Adolphus Clark, c. 1910. 0910-25 
McCloskey, John  Warrior Ching; and Inky and John, by John McCloskey. Mr. McCloskey is an Irving High School graduate, 1952.  0708-02 
McClung, Jill Roberts  Roberts Family Collection: Joe Roberts was from an Irving area pioneer family.  He became a doctor shortly before WWII and served as a medical officer in Europe during the war.  He returned to Irving after the war and was instrumental in establishing Irving's first hospital in 1964. He served as the hospitals first chief of staff: photos and documents relating to Dr. Joe Roberts and his family.     Collection 43 
McClure, Evelyn  Abstract of title for 35 acres in the Maria Romeraux survey, 1920; copy of a land grant from the governor of Texas to Nicholas Farine, 1859; copy of a land grant from the governor of Texas to D. W. Reedy, 1860; an issue of the Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, Dec. 18, 1942; and an issue of the Daily News Texas pertaining to the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Irving, 1964.  9798-67 
  History of the First Baptist Church of Irving compiled by the church’s history committee in 1989 and added to and updated by the church’s Long Range Planning Committee in 1991.  MVF 10-15 
  Book - First Irving: First Baptist Church of Irving Celebrating Our 100th Year, 1904-2004 0304-144 
Irving High School Pep Squad Souvenir book, 1938; program form the National Music Week Observance, May 1938. MVF 30-01
McCullough, Truman  Piece of steel roofing from the 1936 high school building; digital images of Truman McCullough in the Air Force and of the McCullough family.  0203-187 
  Irving High School yearbooks, (4 vols.), Lair, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948.  0506-62 
McGee, Don Publications relating to Las Colinas development: promotional packets; aerial photos; publications Las Colinas Now, 1986 and 991  1112-08
Mchone, Doris  Photos - occupied Germany, 1945-46; military newsletter, Seaweed Gazette, 1945.  0607-106 
McNeill, Carroll (Pete)
Photo - looking east on Irving Blvd. from Main Street, 1908, with the caption “Traffic Slow on East First St.;" framed WWII ration book, 1943.  9900-152 
  Irving High School cheerleader jacket and sweater worn by Deloris Blakely, 1947-48.  0001-134 
  Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, 10 issues, 1940-1942; football programs, 1940 and 1942; promotional matchbooks from Irving businesses; issue of the Irving News Record, Nov. 21, 1948.  0102-147 
McPhail, Michael  Information of museum exhibit design.  0910-188 
McVay, Mable 

Copy of  an 1888 land grant for 160 acres along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River in Dallas County to Emma Hoffman; and a picture of the Hackberry School. 

MVF 3-06 
McWilliams, Wanda  Photocopy of the book Irving, Texas: Past and Present 1902-1967 by Mabel Hill Scott.  MVF 1-04 
Meler, Virginia  Photo album documenting the construction of Valley Ranch Library, 2006-2007.  0708-156 
  DVD of images of the Valley Ranch Library groundbreaking, June 2006; and a commemorative souvenir magazine from the opening of DFW Airport, Sept. 1973.   0809-86 
  Commemorative medallion from the dedication of the Civic Center, 1976.  MVF 26-13 
  Material on the development and construction of Valley Ranch Branch Library, 2005-06.  MVF 27-02
File of material relating to the development of West Library and photos of construction. 1011-105
Meyers, Mae Estelle  City of Irving road map, 1966.  9900-101 
  Book - The Life of George Washington, Volume III, by Washington Irving, 1859.  0001-100 
  Book - The Sacred Grove by Mae Estelle Meyers, 2001. Mae Estelle Meyers was a longtime Irving resident.  0001-140 
Mignone, Gloria Story  Microfilm and photocopies of Story family material, 1890s-1950s. The Story family were pioneers to the Irving area.    0203-68 
  Photocopies of Ike Story’s ledger book from the Kit Store, 1895-1904; photocopies of Story family land deeds; microfilmed newspaper articles relating to the Story family. The Story family were pioneer to the area.  0203-81 
  Floppy disk containing Old Kit Cemetery burial records as of 2001.  0405-102 
  Photos - state historical marker dedication at Bear Creek and Sowers communities, 2004.  Photo Coll.
  Story family genealogy information.  0506-64 
  Genealogical research on the T. C. Haley family, the Noah Russell Story family, and the Ewalt family.  0506-123 
  Photos - Gilbert family markers in Sowers cemetery, 2005.  Photo Coll.
  Pin and ribbon from a bankers conference, 1923; copy of an advertisement for Fred Hooser druggist in Lancaster, c. 1920s.    0506-231 
  Digital images of the brick Estelle School building and students, 1925-1927; and digital images and documents relating to the Story family, 1920s-1940s.    0506-236 
  Story/Hooser family records: photo albums, Hooser Pharmacy records, school materials, 1920s.   0607-84 
  Digital image of Noah Russell Story in WWI uniform; and of Ike Story, c. 1910.  0708-65 

Photos - "Pioneer Journals" display case at Old Red Courthouse Museum Exhibit, Mar. 20, 2008.  

Photo Coll.
Military Order of the World Wars - Pinson Memorial Chapter

Minutes; newsletters; Chapter awards; Chapter history, 1997-2011. 

Miller, Alan and Betty 

Community newspaper (10 issues) - Twin Wells Banner, 1939.  

  Sam Street Map of Dallas County, 1900. 85-07A 

History of the Irving Symphony, 1961-1984; order of service for the requiem mass for Father George Ferenczy of the University of Dallas, 1999; photocopies of the application and petition for incorporation of town or village of Irving, Texas, 1914; document canvassing the Irving election of incorporation, 1914; notice of election to incorporate, March 30, 1914; and a request for a judge to call an incorporation election, Feb. 10, 1914; application and petition for the incorporation of the town of Irving, 1914.

MVF 4-03 
  Booklets - Our African Adventure by Irene Stayer, MD, 1963; and The Irving Advantage Premier Issue, 1984, a Chamber of Commerce publication.   MVF 17-06 
  35mm negative of the Britain family house, c. 1905.  0910-203 
35mm slide projector and slides from Irving history program, c. 1980. 1314-22
Miller, Gary 

Two aerial photographs of the downtown Irving area, c. 1950s;  roadmap of Irving, 1976; copy of a letter from Sam Houston regarding a meeting with the native American tribes at Bird’s Fort, 1843; Old Kit Cemetery newsletter, April 1997; Old Kit Cemetery history; brief biography of Isaac Story; copy of song written by Isaac Story, 1895; copy of map of Kit area; copy of advertisement for the KIT store, 1907; list of attendees at first Kit Cemetery Association meeting, 1947; Irving Daily News issue commemorating  Irving’s 90th birthday, 1993.

MVF 4-06 
  Photocopies of material relating to Irving and Texas history.  MVF 28-02 
Mills, Geraldine  Photos - Walter Finley Mills in a wagon, c. 1910; W. F. Mills and Hugh Enlow, c.1910; and a digital image of the Coulter Family, c. 1940s.  Photo Coll.
Mitchell, Billy  Correspondence; photos; land records and other documents relating to the Mitchell, Sowers, and Lively families, 1850s-1930s.  0910-131 
Mitchell, John  Photo - 1907 Cadillac driven on an antique auto road trip by the Mitchell family.   0203-66 
   Digital images (3): Irving High School Senior Class, 1944; and teenagers gathered around a car, c. 1944; Irving High School Hi-Y Club 1944. 0910-17 
Moffat, Bob  Photos - 1930s airplanes - Piper Cub and Aeronca.  0203-52 
  Letter relating the history of Irving's first house and a photo of house, c. 1906.   MVF 26-02 
Moise, Helen  Book - The Mustangs of Las Colinas, 1988.  0001-183 
Moore Roofing Company  Photocopy of Easement Deed from Otis Brown to T. P. & L. 1948.   MVF 25-05 
Moore, Katherine Brown Research paper by Kathleen Hamlet A City Divided: 1955 Irving School Strike; letters from Netta Barcus to Otis Brown, 1903; photocopy of an Otis Brown ledger; newspaper articles about Lynn Brown as mayor; Chamber of Commerce publication The First 50 Years; certificates to Lynn Brown while he was mayor; Irving Symphony silver anniversary program, 1986; photos of the Brown house in the snow, c. 1908; and of the Browns and Blands at the fence in front of the Brown house, c. 1908. 0405-224
Moore, Mary  Photos - Irving Fire Department members, 1950s-1970s; and Irving girls softball teams, 1970s.  Photo Coll.
  Lace-up dress boots, 1920s; white 1920s-era dress; sheer black dress, 1920s; cream colored child’s dress, c. 1900; cream colored lace top, c. 1900; and a baby's dress, c. 1900.  0506-37 
Moore, Violet  Photocopy of Netta Brown’s History of Early Irving.  MVF 1-11 
Moreland, Barbara Cannon  James and Barbara Moreland Collection: Barbara Cannon Moreland was a descendent of the Borah family who were pioneers to northwest Dallas County. James Moreland was on the IISD school board in the 1960s: Irving High School girl's basketball letter jacket, 1950; a scrapbook about James Moreland’s terms on the IISD school board, mid-1960-early-1970s; digital images of the Cannon/Borah house and the Borah log cabin in Estelle, c. 1890.   Collection 33 
  Photocopies of pages from the Irving High School yearbook, the Lair, 1950.  MVF 16-03 
  City of Irving street map, 1967.  0506-57 
Morgan, Catie  Irving Grandmother's Club Records: meeting minutes, 1964-1983; yearbooks, 1977-1987; membership applications, 1964-1989; correspondence, 1983-1987.  Collection 58 
  Earlie Mae Wheeler Collection: Earlie Mae Wheeler was a teacher at the Trinity Farms school, Sowers School in the Dallas County Common School District, J. O. Davis School, and in the IISD, 1930s-1970s. She also was a community leader and mentor in the African-American community of Bear Creek during the 1940s-1960s: school related documents, 1949-1980; photographs from Sowers School #2 and J. O. Davis School, 1950s-1970s; oral history tapes, 1982 and 1986.    Collection 54 
  Cookbook from 1964 Golden Anniversary of the incorporation of Irving.  MVF 6-29 
  Bona Fide Club yearbooks, 2005-2009; Irving Book Review Club yearbooks, 1995-96; 1999-2009; Irving Retired Teachers Association yearbooks, 2004-2009.   0910-36 
Morris, Gary  Newspaper clippings and a scrapbook pertaining to John Morris and the Irving Chamber of Commerce, 1950s-1970s.  0001-128 
  Books - textbooks, 1920s; and two Irving telephone directories, 1948 and 1955.  0001-175 
Morris, John 

Newspaper clippings and campaign fliers related to the 1955 teacher walkout; also an Irving phone directory, 1951. 

Morton, Mary 

City of Irving water department permit for water service, 1962; water department permit for connection to sanitary sewer, 1971;  TP&L receipt for deposit, 1948; TP&L receipt for deposit, 1958; Southwestern States Telephone Co. Subscriber’s deposit receipt, 1958; Water Works water guaranty, 1962. 

  Photos - Morton family and other Bear Creek residents, 1940s-1960s.    Photo Coll.
Mosher, Marguerite  Photo - Lily, Texas, c.1908.  0102-286 
Muense, Lenora  Abstract of Part of the JC Reed Survey, 1851-1899.  MVF 8-11 
  Photocopies of Story family material and digital images of Story family members, 1910s-1950s. The Story's were a pioneer family in the Irving area.  0304-06 
Mullen, Yvonne  Digital images of the Mullen/Spann/Taylor family, 1890s-1990s. Members of the family were residents of early Irving.  0809-108 
Muller, Walter 

Scenario on Naming of Irving as it Relates to Washington Irving, and Ordinance 7345 stating the city is named after Washington Irving.

MVF 4-04 
Muphrey, Nancy  MacArthur High School yearbooks, Crest, 1965 and 1966.  0506-153 
  Newspaper picture of the Irving High School class of 1937 from a 1987 newspaper.  MVF 19-02 
Murray, Carol  Cunningham family material: photos; WWII correspondence; Irving High School letter sweater, c.1935; business papers, 1930s-1970s. 0001-83 
Myers, Billie 

LP record Hymns of the Baptist Faith by the First Baptist Church of Irving Chancel Choir, c. 1964. 

Nance, Lavera  Photos - Estelle Heritage Society board members at Estelle school site, Dec. 2007.  Photo Coll.
  Photos - Estelle Heritage Society booth at Irving Heritage Festival, 2003.  Photo Coll.
  Genealogical information on the Harrington family. The Harrington family were early settlers in the Estelle community in what today is northwest Irving.   MVF 25-09 

Navarro Jr. College Pearce Civil War Collection 

Souvenir program from the Texas Centennial Exposition's Cavalcade of Texas, 1936.  MVF 6-13 
Neely, John  Issues of local newspapers relating to the first moon landing; Challenger space shuttle disaster; John Kennedy assassination; and the release of the Iran hostages.  0001-108 
Neilson, John Digital images of home at 4018 O'Connor Rd. and surrounding area, 1962. 1213-04
Nelson, Leeonto 

Digital images of Le-Los Cafe and the Nelson family, c. 1950s. Leeonto Nelson founded the cafe with her sister in the late 1940s.   

Nelson, Robert M., Sr. 

Photocopies of documents and newspaper clippings relating to the development of Las Colinas Country Club, c. early 1960s. 


Aerial map of the Irving area, 1942. 


Restricted material: photocopies of newspaper clippings, photos, correspondence, regarding Sowers cemetery and the Bear Creek community. Used only with written permission of donor.

  Korea Edition of July 28, 1953, Pacific-Stars and Stripes-Korean War truce signed.  9899-28 

United Community Candidates Collection, 1957: The United Community Candidates was a slate of candidates selected by a group of Irving businessmen to run for the mayor’s office and all positions on the city commission (council) in the 1957 city elections: newspaper clippings regarding the city election of 1957 and the United Community Candidates; campaign cards and advertisements; United Community Candidates meeting minutes, 1957.  

Collection 57 
  Photocopy of a Dallas Times Herald article about a fund raising effort for construction of the Irving Community Hospital being led by Robert Nelson, c. 1957.   9900-16 

Sowers cemetery map-Otis Brown Addition; article on Harry Spencer's B-17 crash during WWII; a script of the radio play about the crash; and a piece of correspondence regarding the Sowers Cemetery Association.

  First Federal Savings and Loan Association gift promotion material, Dec. 1963-Jan. 1964; and an article about Bob Nelson and a hospital fund drive, c. early 1960s. The donor was president of First Federal Savings and Loan during the 1960s. 9900-70
  Architectural rendering of First National Bank of Irving
(4′ x 6′). 
  Cash bag from Irving Bank & Trust Co.  9900-128 
  Political campaign signs from various candidates in various city races, 1990s.  9900-143 
  Drawings of the path of the Bank of the West Christmas Classic run, Dec. 1997.  9900-159 
  Photos - Europe during WWII taken by Dr. Joe Roberts during his WWII service, 1943-1945. 0001-13 

Political campaign yard signs from various local elections,
c. 1990s.

  Photos - aerials of downtown Dallas and Fort Worth and other unidentified areas.   0001-40 
  Irving High School class of 1960 reunion booklet, 2000. 0001-74 
  Real Estate Asset Inventory; Commercial, Land, and Residential, 1989.   0001-77 
  Notary seal; and information sent to the Texas Historical Commission when applying for a state historical marker for Bear Creek Cemetery, 2000. 0001-80 
  Rand McNally Road Atlas, 1975; photocopies of newspaper articles about the American Bank building construction and opening, 1976.  0001-97 
  Information on the establishment of a Fire and Police Museum Foundation, 1996; information on the Texas Commerce Bank razing, 2000.  0001-126 
   Photo - C. C. Anderson, c. 1970s. C. C. Anderson was the city's first fulltime employee. He was hired in 1939.

Photo Coll.

  ICTN videotapes of a program on Camp Cooper; interview with Harry Spencer; and interview with Charles and Catherine Schulze and Charles Brown, c. 1990s.  0001-139
  Newspaper article regarding the opening of the Irving Heritage Bicentennial Museum, June 11, 1975.  0001-146 
  Photocopies of John Kennedy's death certificate; Lee Harvey Oswald's death certificate; and Oswald's arrest report, autopsy report, and fingerprints, 1963.  MVF 5-21 
  Las Colinas section from the Dallas Business Journal, 2001.  0102-31 
  Videotapes of the ICTN program Profiles regarding: Harry Spencer; Charles and Catherine Schulze and Charles Brown; Camp Cooper; Reinier Beer; and Joe Pat.  0102-32 
  Photocopies of Stars and Stripes' "The War in Korea," 1950-1953; newspaper articles relating to the Korean War; and a photocopy of a publication entitled Inchon.  0102-110 
  Photos - aerials of Plymouth Park shopping center and surrounding neighborhood, c. 1962; and the opening of the First Federal Savings and Loan building on Highway 183, 1964.  0102-131 
  Two table tops from the downtown Irving MacDonald's with early Irving newspaper articles lacquered on the top.  0102-139 
  A newspaper map showing the area of possible improvements if the city's first public works bond were to pass, 1955; and a political ad run by the United Community Candidates slate of office seekers, 1957.   0102-219 
  Photocopies of a tri-fold concerning Southwestern States Telephone Company in Irving, 1959, written by the division manager and Irvingite William Esslinger; and a copy of William Esslinger's resume.  0102-307 
  Typewriter cover from Peck’s Office Supply, a local office supply store.  0102-321 
  Hand-drawn plat of Jap Lee Airport, 1954. Jap Lee Airport was a private local airport located along what today is MacArthur Blvd near Northgate Dr.  0203-43 
  Photocopies of newspaper articles and other information relating to Jackie Townsell, 1970s-1990s.  0203-57 
  Plat map of the Heritage House lot, 1983. 0203-76 
  Photo - Irving Community Hospital groundbreaking
(oversize 2.5′ x 5.5′). 
  Flood Control District #1 election campaign sign for Bob Nelson, 1986.  0203-140 
  Photocopies of U.S. Army declaration of reward for stragglers issued for Bob Nelson; Irving Tiger Class of 1960 40th anniversary booklet; publications Gun Illustrated, 1971; Texas Government and Business Almanac, 1965.  0203-145 
  City of Irving street maps, 1978 and 1979.  0203-177 
  Ticket packet for the "Murder on the Irving Express" Centennial event; and luggage stickers from Legend Airlines.  0203-179 
  News articles relating to the Korean War.  0203-224 
  Pill box advertising Big State Drug, 1961.  0203-229 
  Photo - U.S. Navy ship Bob Nelson served on during WWII.  0203-306 
  Irving Rotary Club material: yearbooks, 1988-89; 1999-2000; 2002-03; and 50th anniversary booklet, 1987.  0304-70 
  Photos - cornerstone of Gilbert Grove Masonic Lodge (in Bear Creek); marker for First Federal Savings and Loan time capsule, 1967 and a photo and scanned images of the material in the time capsule and a letter explaining the event.   0304-110 
  File of information regarding the Bear Creek Masonic Lodge building; information on back taxes on the lodge and land transactions involving the lodge; correspondence about early Bear Creek area families.  MVF 10-23 

Lone Star Rotary Club Presidents Resource Manual, 1994. 

  Scrapbook of newspaper clippings and photos relating to First Federal Savings and Loan, 1960s.  0506-218 
  Irving High School class of 1960 40th reunion booklet.  MVF 19-12 
  Irving Rotary Club newsletter, The Blade, 1991-2007 (sporadic); Rotary membership book, n.d.; Dallas Baptist College yearbook, Summit, 1973.  0607-127 
  Ink pen from Irving State Bank, c. 1950s.  0607-138 
  Photocopies of material on the Korean War. The donor served in Korea during the Korean War 1951-52.  0809-55 
  Digital images of sketches of Bob Nelson in the Navy during WWII and in the Army during the Korean War; and of Bob Nelson’s father in WWI.  0809-106 
  Photocopies of Heritage Society related material, 1970s-1990s; Irving Rotary Club Assembly (publication) 1993-94 and 1994-95.  MVF 26-15 
Newman, Bennie  City of Irving police manuals; police studies and reports; police related publications; certificates; plaques; photos, 1970s-1990s. Bennie Newman served as Irving's Chief of Police.  0102-228 
Newton, Bo and Mary  Land Abstracts: Part of the Reed and Gray Surveys, 1871-1936; and the Reed and Gray Survey, 1929-1937; survey map of part of Reed and Gray Surveys; copy of drainage easement in volume 305, p 529, Dallas County Flood Control District No.1; mechanics lien, 1955; contract of sale Clemmie Green to O. H. Newton, n.d.; land deed from Eugene Locke to O. H. Newton, 1936.   0203-122 
  Land records regarding land sold to O. H. Newton by Eugene Locke, 1936.  0203-256 
Nimitz High School Yearbooks: 1981; 1982; 1983; 1985; 19889; 1990; 1994; 1995; 1997; 1998; 1999; 2000; 2002;2003; 2005; 2 oversize scrapbooks from Nimitz first senior class, 1971-1972.  1314-18
Norman, Pat ISD Council of PTA yearbooks, 1977-1985; IISD reports, 1961-1978; history of  Brandenburg; Tom Haley; John Haley; Paul Keyes; Farine; Lively; Johnston; Schulze; Elliott; Brown; and Britain Elementary; Travis; Houston; Lamar Middle School; MacArthur and Nimitz High School.   1213-44
Norris, Frances  Photos - Josie Smith; Lillie Mae Shelton Chivers; John Morton. Frances Norris's family were pioneers to the Bear Creek community.   Photo Coll.
North Lake College  Photo - North Lake College campus scene, c. 1990s.  Photo Coll.
North Lake College
South Irving Campus 
Reminiscences of Doris Cleere about her childhood in the Sowers community, c. 1930s.  MVF 8-09 
Novinsky, Sybil  Program from Lyle Novinski’s art show A Life's Work at the University of Dallas, March 2004.  MVF 10-11 

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