Raddatz, Bonnie  Newspaper pages and scrapbook pages detailing the Irving High School homecoming ceremonies, 1965; Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, Nov. 1965 and April 1967; Irving High School commencement program, 1967; program from Miss Irving pageant, 1966; photos of Central Elementary classes, 1957-58, 1958-59, 1959-60; Irving High School spirit button and fight ribbons; certificate of appreciation from Irving parks department to John Breitler, 1972.   0102-120 
  Photos - Texas Stadium under construction, 1970; newspaper insert about Irving's high school graduating classes, 1983; poster from the opening of the Irving Arts Center; Irving telephone book, 1960.  0203-38 
  Book - Catholic Parishes in Texas with photos of Catholic Churches in Texas, c. 1906.  0405-57 
  Promotional brochure for Oak Grove Cemetery, c. 1932-33.   MVF 17-10 
Ramsey, Bessie  Photo - Bessie Ramsey and husband holding daughter Patty in front of the Estelle Store, c. 1940s.  Photo Coll.

Digital images of kids playing by the Estelle School, c. 1930; Estelle student body in front of Estelle school, c. 1930; Estelle school bus, c. 1930; photos of Main Street, Irving, showing Duke and Ayers in background, c. 1940s; Patty and Tom Ramsey at family store in the Sowers community, c. 1948.  

  Photocopy of the Ramsey family scrapbook and digital images of photos from the scrapbook  0304-176 
Ramsey, Patty  Photocopy of a scrapbook documenting Patty Ramsey’s basketball career at Irving High School and in college, late-1950s; photo of Sowers School class photos, c. mid-1940s.  0304-220 
  Photo - school class at the Estelle School, 1925. 

Photo Coll.

  Digital images of the Estelle School and students, 1926-1927. Photo Coll.
  Photos - Sowers School classes: 1st and 2nd grade, 1945; 2nd grade rhythm band, 1946; 3rd grade, 1947.  0708-69 
  Ramsey family material: street map 1960; receipts from Sowers Grocery; report cards from Estelle and Irving High schools; Tom Ramsey’s cotton marketing card; Southwest Bank cash bag; Irving High graduation invitations, 1935 and 1957; photos of the Klingbeil family, and school classes. The Ramseys were early residents of northwest Dallas County.  0809-137 
Randle, Marvin  Issue of the Irving News documenting the opening of Irving Lanes bowling alley, August 17, 1958.  0203-94 
  Digital images of the log cabin in Centennial Park, 2003.  0203-336 
  Brick and tile from the red brick schoolhouse built in 1913; black hat worn by Marvin Randle as master of ceremonies at many Irving Centennial events, 2003.  0304-241 
Range, C. J.  Digital images of the Range and Cox families, 1900-1970s; photocopies of family genealogical research. The Range and Cox families were residents of early Irving.  0102-06 
  Digital images of the Range and Palmer families, 1960s-70s; Masonic funeral apron; Masonic birthday card, handkerchief, pendant, and cross.   0203-253 
  Photo - Curly Reid in his Marine uniform, c. 1950.  Photo Coll.
Rannefeld, Paul  Issue of the Irving Daily News, Jimmy Carter elected president, Nov. 3, 1976.  0102-103 
Ratteree, Betty and Jim 

Jim Ratteree material: photos, city development Plan (Leipziger plan), 1960; newspapers concerning events in which Jim Ratteree was involved; building trade publications. Jim Ratteree was an Irving business man who was active in civic and social organizations from the 1960s-1990s. 

Ratteree, Betty 

Jim Ratteree material: newspaper articles; photos; and correspondence regarding Jim Ratteree, Ratteree Building Materials, and the Ratteree family; also articles relating to the Irving Symphony Association. 


Ratteree Building Material business records, primarily relating to the sale of the business to Boise Cascade, 1962-1970. 

  Ratteree Building Material business records; business cards; and nail apron.  9900-59 

Jim Ratteree material: newspaper articles about Jim Ratteree and events in which he was involved, 1960s-1970s;  photos from a Lumberman's Association events, 1960s; Irving Rotary newsletters, 1968-69; Irving's Golden Anniversary Resolution, 1964; home builders publications; Methodist Church publication; Lone Star Gas publication, 1949. Jim Ratteree worked for Lone Star Gas in the 1950s, before he moved to Irving. In Irving, he opened Ratteree Building Materials in the early 1960s. He was involved in many civic and social organizations in the city.    


Rawlins, Katherine     

Photocopies of material relating to the donors activities and to the Irving Junior Rose Garden Club, 1950s-1960s.  0203-246 
  Digital images of the Rawlins family, 1950s-1980s; Barbara Thompson's death notice; information on Linda Gayle Thompson White (wife of Gov. Mark White. She was a neighbor of the donor in Irving).   0203-283 
Redmon, Ethyl 

Photos - Nettie Mills; Walter and Hattie Mills, 1959; Charlie Ostrand and wife Lizzie Harrington in buggy, c. 1900. The Mills and Harrington families were pioneers to the area. 

Photo Coll.
  Photos - Elm School student body, 1935, 1936, 1938, 1939.  Photo Coll.
Reed, Cyl  Digital images of Texas Stadium models and wind tunnel tests; and construction of the stadium focusing on the roof.  0809-41 
Reed, Tom  Digital images of Texas Stadium roof construction and wind tunnel test; promotional booklet for Chester R. Reed, Inc.(structural engineers), c. 1970s.  0809-90 
Reed, Helen Lucas  Digital images of the Lucas family, c. 1910; photocopies of pages from the book Grapevine Area History about Lucas family. The Lucas family were pioneers to the area.  MVF 5-15 
Reed, Patricia Reese  Newspaper clippings, advertisements, and photos relating to Reese’s Food Store, 1950s and 1960s; scrapbook relating to R. C. Reese’s time on the Irving school board - primarily the teacher walkout after the superintendent's firing, 1955. R. C. Reese owned a grocery store on Main St., 1950s-1970s.   0203-190 
Reedus, Judy  Correspondence relating to the Evans family, bulk 1950s-1970s  0910-162 
Reese, David  Irving Parks People scrapbooks, (2 vols.), documenting the building of the Victoria Park playground area, 1988.  9900-153 
  Resume of David Reese's coaching history in Irving. Mr. Reese coached various youth teams in the city for 50 years, 1950s-2000s.  MVF 6-21 
  Digital images and photocopies of pages a scrapbook documenting David Reese’s life, 1930s-1950s.  0304-275 
  Reunion booklet for the 20th, 25th, and 40th reunions of the Irving High School class of 1953; Bronco football news roundup, 1995; Irving Boys Baseball Association World Series souvenir program.  0405-71 
Reese, Pat Newspapers: JFK assassination; Johnson, Nixon, and other presidents' deaths; space exploration, 1961-1970; presidential elections, 1970s-2000s.  1213-27

Rendell, Kenneth 

Stock certificate from the Texas Association (Mercer Colony), 1858.   MVF 2-01 
Reno, Glen  Digital images of Irving School classes, 1930s; and of the Irving Elementary graduating class, 1941.  0304-116 
  Photocopies of Hezekiah Lucas land records from the S.P. Montgomery survey, 1850s; land grant certificate for 160 acres in Montgomery survey; photocopy of Lucas-Allee family tree; copy of a genealogical booklet from the Lucas-Allee family reunion, 1989. The Lucas family were pioneers to the area.  0304-118 
  Audiotape from the Allee-Lucas reunion, August 1, 1968; photocopy of Andrew Jackson Lucas's obituary; photocopy of Allee-Lucas family tree, 1978.  0304-123 
  Digital image of the Irving VFW Charter and Women’s Auxiliary Charter, 1951.  0304-159 

Digital images of the Lucas Family; original photo of a group of children in front of South Delaware Church of Christ, c. 1940s; photo of the signing of the Social Security Act, 1935. 

  The Peoples Home Journal, Sept. 1905.  0405-137 
Revier, Rogers and Barbara  Rogers and Barbara Revier Collection: The collection, consists primarily of Irving school-related material and reflects the life of a young person in Irving during the 1940s and 1950s.  This is a period of time when Irving was still a small farming town, but was beginning to transform into a rapidly growing suburb of Dallas. Materials related to the Irving High School class of 1951 and school in general; Irving State Bank; Irving High School cheerleader jacket, 1958-1959; street maps, early 1960s.  Collection 61 
Reyna, Fred and Mary  Photo - swimming pool at Salvation Army Camp, c. 1944.  Photo Coll.
  Digital image of Fred and Mary Reyna’s wedding, 1957.  0203-260 
  Digital images of the Reyna family, 1950s-1990s.  0203-313 
Rice, Joe  Scrapbook of the activities of the Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986.  87-02 

Cemetery map of Dallas County. 

  Irving Magazine containing an interview with Mayor Bob Pierce conducted by Joe Rice, 1990.  MVF 7-10 
  Texas Sesquicentennial flag and caps; laminated copy of Sam Street map of Dallas County, 1900; Irving trails map posters; Texas Fest banner. The donor was head of the local Texas Sesquicentennial Committee, 1986.   0203-149 
  Irving Chamber of Commerce 50th anniversary booklet; information on the Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train, 1986; Sesquicentennial bumper stickers; research material from writing Irving a Texas Odyssey: newspaper supplement about Irving's golden anniversary of incorporation, 1964; USGS map of the Irving area, revised 1981;  photos of Indian marker trees; Irving Blvd. bridge; card file for book research; notes on maps; wagon train patches; Arts Center Calendars (four monthly sheets);  The donor was head of the local Texas Sesquicentennial Committee, and also authored a book on Irving history entitled Irving A Texas Odyssey, 1989.  0304-34 
  Audiotapes of interviews made by Joe Rice while researching the book Irving a Texas Odyssey; photo of the cornerstone of the Bear Creek Masonic lodge; certificate from the Texas Historical Commission to Joe Rice, 1990; Irving Chamber magazine with an article by Joe Rice about the Bear Creek community. The donor was head of the local Texas Sesquicentennial Committee, and also authored a book on Irving history entitled Irving A Texas Odyssey, 1989.  0405-218 
  Material from the Fulton estate: WWII ration book; poem by Frank Ford; photos of  the Northwest Dallas County Civic Association, 1938; the Fulton house, and R. E. Fulton; R. E. Fulton funeral attendance book; newspaper articles about Bear Creek; and an issue of the Fort Worth Press, Nov. 23, 1963, about the JFK assassination.   0405-226 
  Deeds and abstracts, correspondence, land grants, 1850s-1920s, relating to D. W. Gilbert. Dr. D. W. Gilbert was a pioneer to the area and the area's first doctor.   0506-239 
  Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train patches; invitation to Heritage Park groundbreaking; and Sesquicentennial bumper stickers, 1986.  0607-88 
Rice, Susan  Copy of “Grave Markers in Cemeteries in and Near Irving, Texas, 1974;” and a copy of Stanley Brown’s history of Irving  0809-168 
  Posters - Mustangs of Las Colinas; Texas Sesquicentennial  Commemorative map of Texas, 1836; Schools of Irving; Irving Tomorrows Texas Today.  0910-13 
Rich, Nolen  Smith Family material; clippings; correspondence; artifacts. The Smith family were pioneers to the area. 85-05 
Ricker, Roy 

Roy Ricker Collection: Attended Irving High School in the late 1920s. After WWII, he worked as a home builder in Irving. In 1966, he returned to the school as the building trades instructor. Photos of Irving High School teachers, athletic teams, and pep squad, 1925-1930; letterman’s sweaters, 1928 and 1929; plaque with pictures of the first house built by the Irving High School Building Trades Class, 1966; Directory of the Forks, 1938.

Collection 62 
Riddle, Jim  Blueprints of Fire Station #2, remodeling and addition, 1998. 0405-117 
Riggs, Jackie Digital images of Southern Ice House at Irving Blvd. and Jefferson St., early-1950s; Irving State Bank check, 1953; speeding ticket receipt, 1953; city of Irving street map, 1979.  MVF 28-06
Riley, Carolyn Smith  Digital images of the Grider family and an issue of the Irving News Record, Aug. 7, 1953. The Grider family were residents of early Irving. 0102-303 
  Newspaper issues - Syracuse Herald American, NATO article and comics, July 25, 1954; Dallas Morning News, Dallas Times Herald, and Irving Daily News Texas, relating to General Douglas MacArthur's death, April 6, 1964; Dallas Times Herald's centennial edition, May 6, 1979; Dallas Morning News (sec. A) with headline  about Braniff Airlines closing, May 13, 1982;  Irving Daily News Texan issue celebrating Irving's 50th year of incorporation, April 16, 1964; Life magazine issues relating to the first manned moon landing, 1969; Life magazine issues relating to General Douglas MacArthur's death; Marilyn Monroe's death, 1964; and the coup against Diem in South Vietnam, 1963.  0203-83
  Irving High School newspaper Tiger Rag, (11 issues), Sept.-Dec. 1958 and Spring and Fall, 1959.  0405-150 
Riley, Dave  Republic of Texas banknote, 1840.  MVF 8-07 
Ripps, May Tom  Book - McGuffey's Sixth Eclectic Reader, 1879.  86-10 
Roberts, Bill  W. H. "Boots" Roberts material: city council campaign card, c. early 1950s; and a photo of Roberts Lumber Company, c. 1952.   0102-162 
Robertson, Holli McLaughlin Pat Parks family material: state licenses and other documents relating to Parks' Garage, 1950s-1960s; Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, April 30, 1942; city of Irving street map, 1956; Irving Savings and Loan passbooks and cash bags, 1950s; Directory of the Forks, 1938; Irving phone directory, 1955; certificate of graduation from Irving Elementary School, 1939; nursing certificates; Masonic certificates, 1940s.     0607-143 

Parks/McLaughlin family material: digital images and photocopied material relating primarily to the James and Mavis McLaughlin family and to James McLaughlin’s work at Channel 8, 1940s-1970s.  

  Letters from students thanking a parent for driving them on a field trip, 1937.  0910-47 
  Newspaper page from The Daily Spy, Wocester, August 31, 1861.  0910-154 
Irving State Bank letter openers and key chain; token from Irving's 50th anniversary of incorporation, 1964; Big State Drug pill box; Texas Commerce Bank bag.  1011-08
Robinson, Reginald   Plat map of Jap Lee airport, 1960; and Northgate Homes a promotional publication for homes along Northgate Drive, 1962. MVF 6-24 
Rogers, Elizabeth  City of Irving street map, 1966.  9697-13 
Rogers, Imogene  Photos - Rogers family; and historical research on the Bear Creek community.  

MVF 17-11 
Photo Coll.

Romano, Bob  Plaque listing names of people who served in WWII from First Baptist Church of Irving.  0102-123 
  Correspondence regarding Bob Romano’s resignation from the Veterans Memorial Committee, 2005.  MVF 13-05 
  Photocopy of Veterans Park Committee meeting minutes and park design booklet, 1997.  MVF 25-22 
Rome, Rebecca 

Rebecca Rome Collection: Research material developed by the donor for the book Irving A Texas Odyssey, 1989. Rebecca Rome worked as a research assistant with the author Joe Rice.  

Collection 26 
Romero, Yolanda  Booklet - Weavers of the Tapestry: A History of Texas Garden Clubs, 1928-1997.  MVF 8-03 
  Audiotapes and questionnaires from interviews conducted by students at North Lake College of their grandparents, 1999-2001. 0405-13 
  Book - The Vocation of Business-Social Justice in the Market Place by John Medaillé.  0809-181 
Rose, Sue  Checkbook cover from Irving Bank & Trust, c. 1960s  0203-305 
Rotary Club
(Irving Rotary Club) 
Irving Rotary Club records:  correspondence concerning the founding of the  Irving Rotary Club, 1937; photos and brochures from the 1930s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s; newspaper article about the club 1938; correspondence, membership rolls, board meeting minute book, 1963-64.  0304-108 

Rotary Club (Irving/Las Colinas Rotary)

Resolutions from the city of Irving; state of Texas; and Rotary International recognizing the club's 75th anniversary; also a program from the event and the president's speaking notes from the event, Feb. 16, 2012. 1112-51
Rotary - Women of Rotary (Rotary Anns)  Rotary Anns Club records: meeting minutes and membership books, 1994-2000; loose photos; scholarship applications; officers and chairmanships, 1992-94; invitations; membership booklets; newsletters, 1992-93; constitution and by-laws; newsletters, 1994-96.  0203-199 
Rotary - Women of Rotary (Rotary Anns)  Women of Rotary records: scrapbooks, (5 vols.), 1988-1990; 1990-1992; 1992-1994; 2002-2004; 2006-2008; yearbooks, 2002-04; 2004-05; 2005-06; 2006-07; 2007-08; by-laws and budget, 2006-07; photos, 1990s.    0708-127a 
Meeting minutes and treasurers reports, 1996-2002. 1112-98
Scrapbook, (1 vol.), 2004-2006. 1213-89A
Rubeck, Art and Nancy The North Lake News, Vol. 1, No. 22. North Lake College newspaper covering the first graduating class, May 3, 1978. 9798-33 

LP record of the Travis Jr. High School Bands, 1974. 


Irving Public Library brochures and bookmarks; also a city of Irving  performance report, 1995;  and a booklet entitled Know Your City: Irving, Texas, 1959. 

MVF 3-03 
  License plates: 18 Texas automobile; 3 Texas trailer; 2 Arkansas automobile, 1958-1974.  9899-03 

Book - United States Geological Survey Using Maps for Genealogical Purposes. 

  Magazines (Life and Post) relating to the John Kennedy assassination, 1963, and the first moon landing, 1969.  0102-08 
  Commemorative Montgomery Ward catalogue, 1894-95, printed 1970.  0102-24 
  Digital images of the Irving Centennial event "Murder on the Irving Express," 2003.  Photo Coll.
  Road maps - Texas, 1978; Texas, c. 1987-91; Dallas, 1956; Dallas/Ft. Worth, 1972; Oklahoma, 1962; Okla./Kansas, 1971; Ark/La/Miss, 1975-76.  0203-276 
  Invitation and program from Valley Ranch Library opening, Oct. 2007.  MVF 22-10 
Wedding dress worn by Nancy Rubeck, 1955.  0001-87 
  Irving Hospital junior volunteer newsletter, Pink Link; and Junior Book Review Club yearbooks, 1988-96.  0102-176 
  Irving Healthcare Auxiliary yearbook, 2001-2002.  MVF 7-05 
  Irving Healthcare Auxiliary membership booklet, 2002-03; Irving fact book newspaper supplement, 1991.  MVF 9-13 
  City of Irving calendar, 2002.  MVF 10-14 
  Las Colinas/Valley Ranch phonebook, 2003; Irving’s Everyday Yellow Pages, 2003-04.   0304-168 
  Photocopy of an article about Kirkwood Methodist Church celebrating its 50th anniversary, 2003.  0304-194 
  The Dallas Journal publication of the Dallas Genealogical Society containing an article about Perch Hill and the Gifford Hill Company.  MVF 11-02 
  Promotional material for the Northgate II housing addition, c. 1960s.  MVF 11-07 
  Irving Healthcare Auxiliary yearbook, 2003-04.  MVF 12-10 
  Program from 20th anniversary of the Las Colinas Mustangs ceremony and pamphlets from the art show held at the Irving Art Center for Mustang sculptor Robert Glenn, 2004.  MVF 12-13 
  Dallas Morning News U.S. Bicentennial edition, July 4, 1976.   0506-01 
  Irving Healthcare Auxiliary yearbook, 2004-05.   MVF 16-11 
  Promotional material from National Museum of Communications. 1991.  MVF 16-17 
  Digital images of Plymouth Park Methodist Church, 1950s-2000s.  Photo Coll.

Irving Healthcare Auxiliary yearbook, 2005-2006. 

MVF 19-04 
  One blue WWII ration token.  MVF 20-01 
  Irving Heritage Society newsletters, copies of meeting minutes, and invitations to various events.  0607-45 
  Floppy disk containing the records of meetings of the Irving Museum Exploratory Committee, Mar. 31-July 11, 2000.  MVF 20-05 
  Digital images of the Weber farm house before the house was torn down and the area after it was torn down, 2005-06.  Photo Coll.
  Digital images of the Old Red Courthouse Museum reception for the Welcome to Irving exhibit, March 20, 2008.  Photo Coll.
  Digital images of the tour behind the scenes of the Old Red Courthouse renovation, May 2007. 0708-89b 
  Digital images of the Reception for the Welcome to Irving Exhibit at Old Red Courthouse Museum, March 20, 2008.  0708-97 
  Photos - reception for the Welcome to Irving Exhibit at the Old Red
Courthouse Museum, March 20, 2008. 
Photo Coll.
  Photos - setting up the Welcome to Irving Exhibit at Old Red Courthouse Museum, Feb. 29 and March 3, 2008.  Photo Coll.
  Matchbooks from O’Connor’s Restaurant and Colonel Mustard’s Restaurant, c. 1980s.     MVF 24-15 
  Aerial map of DFW Metroplex, July 30, 1984.  0708-121 
  Photos - dismantling of the Welcome to Irving Exhibit at Old Red Courthouse, June 5, 2008. 

Photo Coll.

  Irving Heritage Society yearbooks, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2007-08.  0809-03 
  Program from Texasfest, 2009. MVF 26-05
  Invitation; ribbon; and label pin from the dedication of Veterans Memorial Park, May 17, 2009.   MVF 26-07 
  Irving Healthcare Auxiliary yearbook, 2006-07.  MVF 27-09 
Junior Book Review Club yearbook, 2009-10. 1011-65
Russell, Ellamae History of First Church of Christ Scientist in Irving.  MVF 8-02 
Russell, Lloyd Photocopies of Judge Lloyd Russell's scrapbooks containing information on his career as Irving's Justice of the Peace and his work in the Irving Community Theater, 1950s-2000s.   0203-170 
Rutledge, Kay and Sandra Parsons  Land records; Irving phone book, 1951; Irving High graduation plates, 1951-1955; Irving High yearbooks, 1946-1949; photos of Jack Johnson; school class and faculty photos, 1970s. Jack Johnson was mayor of Irving during the 1940s.   0809-29 

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