Sain, H. G.  Digital image of Albert Sain in his WWII navy uniform, c. 1942.  0809-156 
Santoscoy, Louis  Digital images and photocopies of articles relating to the Santoscoy family.  0102-289 
Santoscoy, Roy  City council election campaign signs, mailers, buttons, and t-shirt, 2010. 0910-153 
 Sargent, Kathleen Magazine - Front Pages a compilation of newspapers front pages from Nov.22 thru 25, 1963. 1314-21
Scales, Gladys Trigg 

Utility receipt; agreement to pay for settling estate; bible cards; Christmas card; pocket bible with metal cover; cigarette lighter and case; sunbonnet; flat iron; dipper; rotary egg beater; frying pan; and a scrub board, 1900-1940s. Items in use at Bear Creek museum. 

Schepf, Gary 

Nimitz High School yearbooks, 1981-2001 also the first edition 1968-69; Irving Academy yearbooks, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07 also a CD of 2004-05; Nimitz High School senior class sponsor t-shirts, late 1980s-early 1990s; Nimitz High School senior shirt, 1973; Nimitz High School related t-shirts (3). 

  Nimitz High School band uniform overlay, 1970 (first Nimitz Band uniform); Irving Academy senior class t-shirts, 2005, 2006, 2007.  0708-178 
  Nimitz High School prom photos, 1973; items relating to the Irving Academy, 2004-2008.  0809-145 
Schelp, Elmer  Programs from the first year of the Irving Soccer Association, 1968-69.  MVF 5-11 
Schilling, Helen  Photocopy of a scrapbook dedicated to the life of Glenn Miller put together by a Miller family member; also digital images of the photos and articles from the scrapbook, 1910-1950s. The donor is a relative of Glenn Miller.  0405-96 
Schroeder, Mavis 

Photos - Texas Commerce Bank parking garage demolition, 1998. 

Photo Coll.

Irving Daily News Texan supplement "Wonderful World of Women," 1961. 


Irving Daily News section "Focus on Women," Oct. 27, 1983; and an IISD newsletter, 1984. 


Photo - T. J. Lee Elementary 5th grade class, 1960-61; article from Needle Arts about Irvingite Thelma Coleman. 

MVF 4-17 
  Thomas Haley Elementary School canvas bag and ruler. 9900-12 
  Irving High School yearbook, Lair, 1970.  0001-04 
  Five Year Report on Irving Public Schools, 1956-61. MVF 6-09 
  Recipe books from Red Carpet and Nita Miller Real Estate, c. 1970s; Southwest Bank and Irving State Bank promotional pens.   MVF 6-28 
  Lamar Jr. High School yearbook, 1977-78. 0203-136
  IISD report card holder given out by Irving Savings and Loan, c. 1960s. MVF 13-01 
Issue of the Irving News, March 15, 1996, containing an article about a group trying to prevent the demolition of the Texas Commerce Bank tower. 1011-36
Schulze, Charles and Catherine  Commemorative hand fan from the city of Irving's 75th jubilee, 1978.  MVF 1-08 

Charles and Catherine Schulze Papers, 1883-1998:  Charles P. Schulze was the nephew of Irving's co-founder J. O. Schulze. He and his wife Catherine were active in Irving's civic and social organizations from the 1940s-2000s: Schulze family documents and photos dating to the founding of Irving; documents accumulated by Charles during his tenure in city government, 1950s; maps; newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1903-1950s.   

Collection 31
  Irving Daily News Texan section regarding Irving's 50th anniversary of incorporation, April 12, 1964. 0102-115 
  Map of the Texas Centennial Celebration Fair grounds, 1936; WWII ration book, 1945. 0102-161 
  Photocopies of documents relating to Irving's incorporation, c. 1914.  0102-16 

Newspaper column, The Whistle Stop, concerning the activities of the Irving Heritage Society, 1979; Irving Chamber of Commerce certificate naming J. O. Schulze a lifetime member, 1959. 


Schulze family plaques; property records; family photos; and a 1908 Oliver typewriter used at Irving Lumber Company. 

Scoggins, Jim 

Scrapbook pertaining to the construction of the civic center building, 1968-1976. Jim Scoggins was architect of the building. 

MVF 21-07 
Scott, Francis Trigg  Photos - Irving School class, 2nd grade, 1935-36; and 4th grade, 1937-38. 

Photo Coll.

Scribner, Michelle  Photocopies of the Farine family scrapbooks and digital images from the scrapbooks. The Farine family were pioneers in the area.    0910-70 
Seay, Edgar Jr. 

Copies from the National Archives of Rock Island Railway maps and company information regarding Rock Island depots around the country (including Irving), 1915; TP&L map of the Irving District, 1975. 

  Promotional item: block of balsa wood with MAL Hobby Shop printed on it. The Seay family established MAL Hobby Shop in Irving in the late 1940s.   0102-23  
  Digital images of Central Elementary School, second grade class, 1949-50; and third grade class, 1950-51; and images of students in class at Irving High School, 1958.  0506-172 
  Photo - Dycus Cleaners and Laundry, c. 1953.  Photo Coll.
  Irving Gazette, Sept. 3, 1969 (a classified ads paper).   MVF 18-11 
  Promotional items from Irving businesses: Yardbirds and Ameritex. 0607-146 
  Envelope with post mark from the last day of operation of the downtown post office, July 2, 2009.  MVF 26-09 
  Model train display and digital images of the Texas Zephyr and other train engines, cars, and cabooses, 1950s-1980s. 0809-158
Digital images of interior and exterior of MAL Hobby Shop, 1960s-1970s; two promotional calendars, 1960 and 1970. 1011-62
Personal income and expense book kept by Edgar Seay, Jr., 1967-1978.  1011-95
Lee Lo's Cafe calendar, 1968; balsa wood glider built by MAL Hobby Shop for Chamber of Commerce promotion, c. 1980s. MVF 30-03
Sebastian, Ray  Digital images of the St. Clair and Sebastian families, 1940s-60s; notes about the photos and the families.   0607-140 
Seeber, Martha  Digital images of aerials of downtown and southeast Irving, c. 1940.  0304-195 
  Martha Seeber’s reflections on the Irving of her childhood, 1930s-1940s.  MVF 17-04 
Seigel, Suzie  Book and DVD of Marcella Seigel’s poetry entitled Swift Season and a DVD of an ICTN interview with Ms. Seigel. Marcella Seigel was a longtime Irvingite and one-time president of the Poetry Society of Texas.  MVF 19-07 
Issues of  the Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, Nov. 1973- May 1977. 1112-92
Sego, Edythe  Texas Sesquicentennial newspapers relating to Texas history, 2 issues, Jan. 19, 1986 and July 24, 1986.  0506-69 
Shea, Gwyn  

The Gwyn Shea Papers:  Gwyn Shea served as a state representative from Irving, 1982-1992. Ms. Shea also served as Dallas County Constable in Precinct 2 and later as Secretary of State of the State of Texas: correspondence, newspaper clippings, greeting cards, photos; certificates, artifacts, speeches, and audio cassettes relating to Ms. Shea’s terms in Texas Legislature. 

Collection 11 
   GOPAC tapes, #1, 3, 4, and 5, 1987. 9900-76 
   GOPAC tapes, 1988-1998 (sporadic). 9900-90 
  Material from Gwyn Shea's later terms in the Texas House of Representatives, 1987-1992; and material from her terms as local Constable, early 1990s.  0102-79 

Robert E. Davis Papers: Robert E. Davis served as state representative from Irving from 1972-1982: material from Robert Davis's terms in the Texas House of Representatives, 1973-1982; speeches, correspondence, invitations, material on the 1974 state constitutional convention.   

Collection 12
Sherlock, Joanne 

Newspaper clipping regarding Otis and Netta Brown’s 50th Wedding anniversary, 1953.

MVF 2-15
  Paperweight commemorating the first issue of the Irving Morning News, Nov. 2002. 0506-112 
  Ramon Gibson material: flight jacket from Korea, test pilot helmet, bible, "Silver Fox" shirt, Coast Guard cap.     0607-32 
Shores, Hazel  Mosher family material: correspondence; photocopies of land records, 1880s-1930. The Mosher family were pioneers to the area.   MVF 1-07 
Short, Suzanne  Book - Wisdom Daddy Taught Me by Suzanne Short and an information packet about the author.  MVF 9-10 
Shuler, Melvin  Amended transcript of a recording of Melvin Shuler talking about the development of Texas Stadium. Notes on the manuscript are by Melvin Shuler.  0203-30 
Siegel, Suzie Books of poetry by members of the Texas Poetry Society signed to organization president Marcella Siegel; poetry volume by Marcella Siegel Swift Season; mementos from Maureen (Suzie) Siegel's days at Lively Elementary and high school career at Irving High School, 1960s-1970s.  1213-28
Sifford, Bruce  Stone block used as a tee box marker during the Byron Nelson golf tournament.  0102-39 
Sissom, Jeanine  Irving Jaycee vest and state Jaycee vest, c. 1960s-70s; Irving Jaycee-ette blouse, c. 1960s-70s; a copy of the Jaycee Creed.   0910-210 
Slaughter, Pam  Digital images of a Sister City trip to Leon Mexico.  0405-129 
Small, Maude  Photo - Sowers School #2, 1945-46. The Sowers School #2 served the African American community of Bear Creek which today is part of west Irving.   Photo Coll.
Smallwood, Charles  Videotape of a Smallwood family vacations entitled “Irving and Dallas early 1950s and 1960s."  0203-321 
  Photocopies of photos of the Smallwood family, early 1950s, with State High 183 in the background; and of the Star Cafe on Field Circle in Dallas, c. early 1950s.  0304-37 
Smith, Becky  Digital images of 532 S. Wildwood and the Turner Tucker family.   0203-167 
Smith, Bob  Irving promotional bumper sticker “Irving of All Places” and an Irving Daily News article about the death of Robert Kennedy, June 8, 1968.  MVF 6-06 
  Irving city election campaign material: elect Marvin Randle toy hammer; and an elect Joe Bailey ink pen; and a photocopy of a photo of the Irving Rotary Club, c.1950s.  MVF 8-10 
Smith, Don Wendell  Photos - Lloyd Smith family descendents, Burt Smith and Don Smith, and one piece of family correspondence. The Smith family were pioneers to the area settling in what today is eastern Irving in the 1870s.    0506-56 
Smith, John and Rebecca   Two landscape paintings by Mark Lively, c. 1950s.    0506-76 
Smith, Ruth Irby  Irby family material: photocopy of a letter about the history of the Irby family and the naming of Irving.  MVF 2-02 
Smith, Shirley Program from JFK 50th memorial anniversary 2013. 1314-20
Smith, Trivella  Abstracts of title for 418 S. Jefferson Street, Irving, Texas, 1921 and 1923.  MVF 24-11 
Smith, W.A.   Photocopy of a Guy Deel sketch of W. A. Smith, 1949.   MVF 18-07 
Sons of the American Revolution-Blaine C. Willhoite Chapter  Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Blaine C. Willhoite Chapter Records, 1986-1996: Irving Chapter No. 39 of the Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution changed its name to the Blaine C. Willhoite, Sr., Chapter in honor of the chapter’s organizer and first president, Blaine C. Willhoite, Sr., on December 6, 1991: scrapbooks, (7 vols.), 1986 and 1991-1998; meeting minutes; correspondence; treasurers reports; and newsletter, 1986-1998.  Collection 8 
Soto, Tino  City council and school board campaign literature from Tino Soto's campaigns; Cinco de Mayo fliers; and digital images from an Irving Cinco de Mayo celebration, n.d.  0304-224 
South Dakota, University of   Copy of the Texas Governor’s Thanksgiving Day proclamation, 1884.  MVF 6-20 
Southard, Damon  Poster of Black Knights Army Skydiving Team.  96-07 
Southwest Museum Services  

Audiotapes of interviews taken by Southwest Museum Services while creating the Bear Creek museum. 

MVF 4-20 

Research material put together during the creation of the Bear Creek museum: USGS maps of Irving and Euless, Sowers Cemetery listing, Bear Creek history material. 

Sparks, Gene  Photocopies of two scrapbook page relating to Irving Symphony performances; newspaper clippings about the Irving arts scene; a poster from the Laser Extravaganza, 1987; and from the dedication of Carpenter Hall, 1990.  0102-86 
  Aerial photo of the Sparks family farm in Irving.  Photo Coll.
  Photos - city council swearing in and group photo of council, c. 1980; newspapers clipping about city council activities, late 1970s-early 1980s. Gene Sparks served two terms on the Irving city council, 1977-1980.  0304-160 
Spencer, Harry See Podraza, Carol.  
Spicer, Nancy  Irving High cheerleader jacket, 1946; framed memorial to the donor’s grandparents.  0809-28 
Spurlock, Jack 

T-shirt from a Jack Spurlock city council campaign “Landslide Jack,” 1994. 

  Campaign buttons from Jack Spurlock city council campaigns, c. 1990s.  MVF 7-03 
  Photocopy of the Irving Fire Insurance Map, 1942.  0910-145 
Stanton, Norma  Newspaper articles relating to the opening of Lone Star Park horse race track; the groundbreaking for city hall, 1974; and a hot pants suit, 1969.   0304-226 
  Photo album of Gwyn Shea being sworn in as Texas Secretary of State, Jan. 7, 2002.   Photo Coll.
Stanton for mayor campaign information flier, 1985. MVF 30-18
Starkey, Jessica   Irving High School letter jacket - girls' tennis, c. 1960s. 0910-05 
Starkey, John and Stacey  Ribbon from the ribbon cutting for Plymouth Park Church of Christ expansion.  MVF 12-02 
  Shell casing from the 21-gun salute at the Veterans Memorial dedication, 2004.   MVF 10-27 
  Nimitz High School cheerleader uniform, c. 1991-92.  0607-76 

Fliers, publications, and handouts from various events covered by the Irving Rambler, 2000-07; also a commemorative reprint of the first issue of the Irving Index. 

  Brick from Handy House gotten during its demolition, 2008.   0708-108 
  Programs from various city and organization events covered by the Irving Rambler, 2007-2008; correspondence to the Irving Rambler.  0708-180 
  Irving High School Latin Club scrapbooks, (5 vols.), 1984-85, 1989-90, 1990-91, 200-01 and n.d.; Irving High School band uniform, c.1990; book, Leaves of Gold; ribbons from Irving High School Latin Club competitions, 1989-1991; wooden scrapbook box.  0809-07 
  Material on single member district activity in Irving, 1970s-2000s.   0809-35 
  Digital images of the dedication of Veterans Memorial Park, May 17, 2009.  0809-107 
  Brown and white autograph football.  0809-192 
  MacArthur High School band uniforms (2), c. 2002; programs and fliers from events attended by the Irving Rambler staff.  0910-30 
Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag (20 issues), Sept. 1966-May 1968; section of wallpaper from Chism-Smith Funeral Home.   1011-57
Stehman, Shirley  Look magazine issue - Apollo 11 on the moon, 1969.  0708-79 
Steinke, Ron U.S. Navy uniforms; blue jumper, 1951; work unifom and hat, 1970s; dress blue uniform, 1965-75; scanned photo of Carl Steinke in uniform and with family; photocopies of Steinke military career related documents.   1011-136
Stephens, Robert Photos - three photos of Irving Elementary classes, first grade 1936; second grade 1937; third grade 1938; Irving girls' basketball team, 1916.  1011-63
Stephenson, Lillian  Photos and publication covers taken by Lillian Stephensen; plaque to the Irving Chamber of Commerce for the second best cover for a Chamber publication.   0708-45 
Stephenson, Charles  Rev. Charles and Raleigh Stevenson wedding photo and 50th anniversary photo. Charles Stevenson was the longtime associate pastor at First Baptist Church of Irving, 1961-2000s.    Photo Coll.
  Newspaper article about Charles and Raleigh Stevenson’s 25th wedding anniversary; and other articles concerning Charles Stevenson's career with First Baptist Church and his involvement with the Irving Kiwanis Club.  0203-151 
Stevenson, Gregg  Digital images of ticket stubbs from baseball games involving Kerry Wood and of a ball and glove signed by Wood.   0910-107 
Steward, Marlene Irving High School stuff tiger mascot, 1968.  0809-185 
Stewart, Alma Ruth Sparks  Digital images of the Irving School's student body, 1928 and 1929; and newspaper photos and articles about Irving schools, 1920s.   0203-231 
Stipes, Marge  Front page of the Irving Daily News containing an article about municipal election results, April 8, 1973.  0102-30 
  Newspapers relating to municipal elections and Bob Haley's campaign for city council: Irving Daily News, March 15, 1967; and April 24 and 28, 1968; and a Haley campaign flier.   0203-80 
  Irving Daily News issues containing articles about local politics and local elections, 1979-1983 (sporadic).  0607-136 
Story, George and Regina  Photos - Story family. The Storys were a pioneer family to the area. Photo Coll.
  Digital images of the Story family. The Story family were early settlers in northwest Dallas County.  0102-314 

Booklet - Irving Public School Rules and Regulations, 1921-1922; and an Irving Schools class photo, c. 1920s. 

MVF 4-08 
  Irving High School football manager’s letter jackets, 1947 and 1948; Irving Jaycees vest, c. 1950s; newspaper photo of a July 4, 1904 picnic in Irving; lyrics to a song entitled Beautiful Texas  by Ike Story, 1894.   0708-124 
  Copy of a U. S. Post Office Department certificate appointing Ike Story postmaster at Kit, 1894.  0708-154 
Story, Raymond  Photo - the Salvation Army camp that is today's Lively Park, and Merchants and Planters Bank receipts, 1907 and 1908. Merchants and Planters Bank was the forerunner to Irving State Bank (later Irving Bank & Trust).  MVF 4-25 
  Irving Daily News Texan issues dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Irving, April 15 and 16, 1964; and the Six Flags Gazette, Spring 1964.  0203-109 
  Photos - Story family, duplicates and originals; issue of the Irving Record, Oct. 1940.  0203-113 
  Photos - Story family; an Aermoter Windmill price list, 1935; poems (2) by Raymond Story; and a right-of-way document for Grauwyler Rd. given by the Story family to the city.  0203-226 
  “Ramblings and Rumblings from Out of the Past” reminiscences of Irving in the 1920s-1940s by Raymond Story.  0304-85 
  Photo - Irving and MacArthur High School bands and drill teams performing at the 1971 Cotton Bowl; and the cover from the Cotton Bowl Pageant program, 1971.   MVF 10-12 
  Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, (60 issues), 1937; 1939-40; 1941; 1942. 0809-176 
Strickland, Nick  Digital image of downtown Irving, 1942; and photocopy of a Sanborn fire map of Irving, 1942.  0203-02 
Strike, Laura  Irving High School graduation invitation, 1962.  MVF 28-12 
Susat, George  Republic of Texas flags (first, second, and third flags of the Republic of Texas); a mural of Texas scenes created for the Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986; photo from the end zone of Texas Stadium.  96-04 

Dr. George Susat's files from his terms as a city council member, 1990s: newspaper clippings; correspondence; publications. 

  Cancelled checks and bank statements from Irving State Bank, 1927-1930s; and a Nazi flag.  0203-82 
Susat, George Jr.  Digital images of Dr. George Susat, 1950s.  1112-13
Susat, Carol  Ben and Esther Hurwitz's bank statements from the National Bank of Commerce, 1920s-1930s. The Hurwitz were prominent Irving citizens, 1920s-1960s. She established Irving's first library in 1941. 0405-133 
Sutton, Al 

Railroad receipt book, 1902, and baggage book, 1911-1912, from a depot in Clinton, Texas, and 3 square nails. 

MVF 1-06 
Swain, William  Future Homemakers of America publication, 1947-48; First Baptist Church of Irving Auditorium Inaugural services program, 1951.  MVF 8-15 
  Directory of the Forks, 1938; photos - Irving High School football, 1940s; First Methodist Church Trustees; Irving Rotary club, 1940s; bowling team, 1940s; Masonic Lodge, 1940s; and newspaper articles about Irving, c. 1930s-60s.  0304-30 
  Digital images of Irving school classes, 1930s; Irving School faculty, 1930s; program from 50th anniversary reunion of Irving High School class of 1935; Netta Brown's history of Irving, 1947; articles from Irving Daily News Texan issue celebrating Irving's 50th anniversary of incorporation, 1964; photo of Irving High School coach, C.C. Holden, c. 1950.   0304-42 
Sweat, Elmer  Photos - Sweat family and the MacArthur High School B Band with Elmer Sweat as the director, 1967. The Sweat family was a pioneer family in the Bear Creek community. Elmer Sweat was a long-time teacher at MacArthur High School.     MVF 7-20 
Taylor, Floy  Newspaper articles and pictures concerning Floy Amerson Taylor and her local modeling career, 1950s-1960s; Irving school certificates; Irving High School diploma, 1951; magazine page showing pictures of Irving police officers, c. early 1950s.   MVF 14-06 
Taylor, Lorraine Poster from groundbreaking of Heritage Park, 1986; architect rendering of Downtown Deleware Creek, 1997  1112-14
Taylor, Morris  Digital images of the Taylor and Wallis families, 1900-1970s; photocopies of newspaper articles relating to the Estelle community, Irving, and the Taylor and Wallis families; a hand drawn map of the Estelle community by Edgar Brown. The Wallis and Taylor families were residents of the Estelle community that today is part of western Irving.   0102-302 
Taylor, Ruth  Photocopy of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings relating to the  Taylor family, 1950s-1990s.  MVF 5-22 
  Echoes from the Past by Mabel Hill Scott (a booklet on Irving history).    0102-83 
  Scrapbook from the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1 vol.), 1981-1982.  0304-29 
Terrill, Barbara  Mini-video cassettes of Catherine Schulze giving a tour of Heritage House.  0405-189 
  Texas flag that flew over the state capitol building and an accompanying letter from Gov. Bill Clemens. The flag was given to Catherine Schultz by Dr. Paul Laird.   0708-170 
Terry, June 

Photo - Irving High School's first baseball team, 1914. 

Photo Coll.
Thomas, Ben and Bobbie 

Publications - Irving Pageant of Homes, 1953; Report on Irving, Texas, 1946. The Irving Pageant of Homes was part of the golden anniversary celebration of Irving founding. The Report on Irving is a Chamber of Commerce publication giving a statistical snap shot of Irving in 1946; a photo of the Dorety Brothers gas station on E. 1st Street, c. 1934; photo of the Irving Rotary Club, 1938; photocopies of early Irving Rotary Club correspondence, 1937; and a Rotary roster, 1952.  

MVF 2-04 

Wooden bookshelf from the library that was located at Main and Third streets, 1951. 


Texas State Library and Archives brochures. 

MVF 3-04 
  U.S. Bicentennial state pins and accompanying correspondence. The donor traded pins with people in other states during the U. S. Bicentennial celebration.  9900-134 
  Promotional brochure for Nichols Park residential development, c. 1950s. MVF 6-15
  Medallion, program, and invitation from the dedication of DFW Airport, September 21, 1973; program from the dedication of DFW Airport control tower, Jan. 10, 1974.  MVF 13-13 
  Irving Municipal Museum records and material: U.S. Bicentennial newsletters; Irving trails map; Bicentennial bumper sticker; citizenship certificate; photocopy of J. O. Schulze's mini-history of Irving, 1957; deeds of gift for donations to the museum, 1976-1977; newspaper ad for the museum; Heritage Tour map, 1975-1976; U.S. flag; scissors from the museum ribbon cutting; and the guest book from the museum. During the U.S. Bicentennial the local Bicentennial committee and the city of Irving opened a municipal history museum, which remained open for a couple of years.      0102-272 
  Photocopies of the Thomas's dinner club scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1990s.  0102-322 
  Canalfest poster, Sept 11, 1982.  0203-303 
  Programs from various Irving Centennial events; a style show program with Catherine Schulze’s signature on it; an article about Ben Thomas; and negatives of Centennial Park dedication, Oct. 2003.   0304-21 
  U.S. Bicentennial rug depicting a U.S. flag, a bald eagle, and the liberty bell.   0304-105 
  Rotarian: 100 Years of Rotary anniversary publication; photos of Ben Thomas making a presentation on the history of Irving Rotary, a script of the presentation, and a city of Irving proclamation for Rotary Day, 2005.   MVF 13-12 
  Booklet - Goals for Irving, Waco Conference, 1968.  MVF 14-09 
  Medallion from the dedication of the central library building, Aug. 2, 1986; 2 commemorative library cards from the dedication; and a block of wood with "IPLS" stamped on it.  0405-210 
  Items from the dedication of the Trinity Railway Express: invitation; poster of the Irving area trail map; and other handouts and leaflets from the event, 1996.  MVF 16-04 
  City of Irving street map, 1974.  0506-133 
  File of material pertaining to the groundbreaking and grand opening of Central library, 1984 and 1986; book - Roots autographed by Alex Haley. Alex Haley was the keynote speaker at the library dedication.   0607-99 
  A wood trim sample used in the Central Library building, 1986.  0607-107 
  Programs, invitations, promotional material, and photos from TexasFest events, 1980-2006; program from 54th annual meeting of the Irving Chamber of Commerce; program from the opening of the Irving Arts Center; IPL Central Exterior Signage Plan; program from Irving Symphony League, Spring 1983.  0607-132 
  Texas Sesquicentennial patch, 1986; invitation to North Lake College's 30th anniversary ceremonies, and a commemorative coin, pen, and program from the event.  MVF 22-05 
  Invitation, program, and booklet from the dedication of the Ben Carpenter statue, Nov. 9, 2007.   MVF 22-12 
  Straw boater worn by the donor's father, 1929; and two family photos, 1929 and 1933.  0708-23 
  Miniature reproduction of the Acroterion on the Dallas County Courthouse.  0708-34 
  Invitation, letter, and pen from the groundbreaking for the North Lake College South Campus, 2008.  MVF 24-07 
  Irving Transportation Task Force material on the DART election of 1983. Also task force meeting agenda and Dart promotional items.   0809-183 
  Photos of construction of the interior of Central Library, January 1986. 

Photo Coll. 100-237P 

  Proof-copy print of a painting signed by the artist Ronald Thompson entitled "The Doctors House;" photo of Texas Stadium; bound Texas Sesquicentennial calendar, 1986.   0910-136 
  Commemorative paperweight from dedication of North Lake Natitorium, 1984; commemorative mason jar from dedication of Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center, 1995; Irving Municipal Museum sign, 1976; button from dedication of Central Library, 1986; calendar from the Clark Findley Equipment Co., 1979.    0910-150 
  North Lake library card, c. 2002 and dedication program; Irving Chamber of Commerce first 50 years booklet; Bobbie Thomas's correspondence from when she was president of the library board, 1982-83; information pamphlet about the new Central Library, 1984.   0910-196 
Thomas, Danny  Book - On the Way to the Banquet by Cathy Thomas with Danny Thomas, 2005. 0506-202 
Thomas, R. L.  Irving senior softball tournament program, invitation, and commemorative pin, 1994.  MVF 1-17 
Thompson, Joe  City of Irving Street Lighting Map, 1924.  90-04 
Thompson, Sam  Program/Catalogue Paintings by Mary M. Thompson: A Memorial Exhibit of The Irving Art Association, October 28-November 29, 2001. MVF 6-25 
Threadgill, Sue    Photos - Irving School faculty, c. 1929; and Irving High School pep squad, 1929.  Photo Coll.
Tipton, Opal Photo and articles about First United Methodist Church's fellowship class, 1989; class yearbook, 1964-65; 1972-73; 1986-87; 1990-91; roll book 1964-66; meeting notes, 1987. 0304-28
Todd, Hal Aerial photo of DFW area and blue-line map of the lake locations in Dallas and Tarrant counties, 1980s.  1112-109
Toler, Leroy  Digital images and photocopied material relating to the Toler family; and a hand drawn map showing the location of the Toler family farm land around what today is the area of MacArthur High School. The Toler family were pioneers to the area MVF 9-20 
  Photocopies of poll tax receipts and property tax receipts, c. 1900-1940s; photocopy of pictures of the Lindenblatt store, c. 1940s, the Elm School, 1914, and the interior of Ostrand’s store, c. 1910s.  MVF 10-19 
  Photos - men in front of Irving State Bank, c.1912; Elm Store, c. 1940s; Elm School student body, 1914, 1937 and 1939; hand drawn map of the route from the Elm community to Irving, c. 1930s.  MVF 15-11 
Tolliver, Pam  Photo - Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 2004; digital images of Heritage Park, Centennial Park, and Las Colinas in the snow, 2004.  Photo Coll.
  Digital images of the Irving Centennial Finale concert and of "Puffy" the locomotive at the Centennial Finale.   Photo Coll.
  Shell casing from the 21-gun salute at the dedication of Veterans Memorial Park, 2004  MVF 10-25 
Torbet, Lee  Digital images of Lee Torbett in Vietnam, 1968-69 and 1972.  0809-100 
Townsell, Jackie 

Jackie Townsell material: newspaper clippings, photos, correspondence, menus, political literature, records of boards, trophies, and plaques. Jackie Townsell was the first woman and African-American city council member in Irving. She and her husband owned a store/cafe in the Bear Creek community. 


Jackie Townsell material: photos, certificates, newspaper clippings, and correspondence from her days on the city council. Jackie Townsell was the first woman and African-American city council member in Irving. She and her husband owned a store/cafe in the Bear Creek community.   


Jackie Townsell material: Grand Jury summons, 1971; poll tax receipt 1959, class role from J.O. Davis school, c. 1950s. 


Photos - Townsell family photos, c. 1940s.


Photos - Jackie Howard Townsell family photos, 1945 and 1960s.

Tracy, Nancy Caldwell  Caldwell Family Collection: C. P. Caldwell moved to Irving in 1920. He owned an insurance company on Main Street that he and his wife operated for decades. He served as the town's mayor in the late 1930s and early 1940s: photos of the Caldwell family, 1930s-1940s; photocopies of newspaper articles and documents relating to the Caldwell family. Collection 42 
  Caldwell family certificates: Nancy Caldwell's birth certificate; Pauline Arnold Caldwell's high school diploma, 1916, and college diploma, 1920.  0506-122 
Trate, Martha  Clyatt-Trate Scrapbook: Irving High School material mainly the school newspaper Tiger Rag, 1938-1940.  Collection 34 
Trigg, Martha Ruth  Photos - faculty at Plymouth Park Elementary, 1959-1963; Elm School student body, 1940; also a photocopy of a newspaper article about Mabel Trigg; a booklet about South MacArthur Church of Christ; and an Irving public school five year report, 1956-1961.  MVF 9-05 
Trinkle, Beverly  Newspaper issues of the Dallas Daily Times Herald, 1938-1945; and a WWII army helmet.  0304-185 
Tucker, Ellen  Copies of photos of the Dorman family and their houses, 1950s-1960s; and a brief bio on Clyde Dorman a Irving reserve police officer during the 1950s and 1960s.  0809-138 
Turbiville, Tom Articles written by Tom Turbiville while he was sports editor of the Irving Daily News, 1973-1975.  1112-93
Turrentine, Daniel 

Photo - Grauwyler Road iron bridge, c.1992. 

Photo Coll.
Turf Turners Garden Club Turf Turner Garden Club scrapbooks, (18 vols.), 1954-1997.  0102-88 
  Turf Turner Garden Club scrapbooks, (7 vols.), 2001-2008.  0809-187 
Tusch, R. L.  History of Standard Oil and Exxon Growth in a Changing Environment, 1950-1975. Exxon is headquartered in Irving, Texas.  0405-139 
  History of Standard Oil and Exxon Pioneering in Big Business, 1882-1911 and The Urgent Years, 1911-1927.  0405-157 
  Commemorative book 125 years of History Exxon – Mobil, 2007.  0708-35 
Twentieth Century Book Club   Twentieth Century Book Club scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1964-73; 1974-88; 1988-1996.  0102-172 

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