Images from the O. D. and Estelle Bates Collection

O. D. and Estelle Bates came to Irving during the late 1960s. Motivated by their own interest in local history, they began collecting photos and conducting recorded interviews documenting the history of the Irving area. In 1976, as a Bicentennial project, they headed a group of volunteers who surveyed the local cemeteries. The couple was later instrumental in helping form the Irving Heritage Society.

The photos in this collection were gathered by the Bates from ancestors of Irving area pioneer families. Many of the photos were later used in a book about Irving's history entitled Irving: A Texas Odyssey.

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Bank opening
Bank officer Bill Gilbert greets customer Albert Farine, 1947.

 Gilbert house
W. D. Gilbert home.

Survey crew
Railroad survey crew,
c. 1902.

Irving train depot
Irving Railroad Depot, c. 1918

Woman on porch of home, c. 1910
J. B. Howard home,
c. 1910

Howard house, c. 1910
J. B. Howard house,
c. 1905

 W. D. Lucas home
W. D. Lucas house,
c. 1918

 Trinity River
Trinity River near Irving, Texas, c. 1910  

St. Luke's Catholic Church
St. Luke Catholic Church, c. 1916

Otis Brown and Charles Schulze in car, c. 1912
Town founders in car
c. 1913

Wooden school building
Irving's wooden schoolhouse, c. 1910

 Albert Farine home
Albert Farine home
c. 1950s

 Lucas siblings, c. 1926
Howard, Lorene, and
Ray Lucas, 1929

Early Main Street
Main St., Irving, Texas
c. 1904 

 Interior Lucas Store
Interior of Lucas and Joffre store, c. 1906

Lucas and Joffre store, c. 1906
Exterior of Lucas and Joffre store and Miss Hicks'
Millinery, c. 1906

Miss Hick's Millinery
Miss Hicks' Millinery,
c. 1906

 Trinity River flood
Trinity River flood, 1908

 Kit store
Kit store and Post Office,
c. 1904

 Elm School student body, 1906
Elm School student body, 1906

Sowers School student body, 1906
Sowers School student body, 1906

Hudson house, c. 1910
Robert M. Hudson home,
c. 1910

Hudson family in front of house, c. 1910
Robert and Mary Hudson and daughter Veda, 
c. 1910

Irving Index workshop
Irving Index print shop,
c. 1912

Joe and Essie Keeling
Joe and Essie Keeling,
c. 1910

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