African-American School at Trinity Farms

Collection: Irving Community Lantern Slide Collection

Collection #: 100-155P-05

Date of photograph: 1925

Original lable on slide: "Dallas County, Irving community, Negro School at Trinity Farms, no school for four years, now school four months a year, Mar. 1925."

Description: African-American school at Trinity Farms. Trinity Farms was a commercial farm stretching from northwest of downtown Dallas to eastern Irving through what is today the Brook Hollow Industrial District and trade market area along Stemmons Freeway. The farm was in existence for most of the first half of the twentieth  century.  Mexican migrants and African-Americans supplied the labor for the farm. Separate schools were operated for the two groups.  The schools were open for about four months of the year. The Irving Independent School District supplied teachers for the schools for many years.

Information on original photograph:
glass slide, 3¼" by 4", black-and-white.

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