Fifth grade, 1922-23
Collection: Irving School Class Photos, 1912-1950

Collection #: 31-A1-59P

Date of photograph: 1922-23

Description: Irving School, fifth grade. Top row (l to r): Eugenia Lawrence, Thelma Pierce, Edna Stockton, Ellie Roseberry, teacher Miss Andrews, unknown, unknown, unknown, Freda France, Thelma Thompson.

Second row from top: Mary Ellen Plumlee, August Beaufford, Helen Keeling, Arthur Grider, Hattie Lee Pemberton, Burnet Beaufford, unknown, unknown.

Third row from top: John Brown, unknown, Hazel Mosher, Charles Schulze, Mildred Mosher, Marvin Story, John Roberts, unknown.

Bottom row: Ray Lucas, Lester Anderson, Ray McCutcheon, Dan Price, Ike Story, Geddes McFarland.     

Information on original photograph: 5 in. x 7 in., black-and-white, mounted on 8 in. x 10 in. paperboard backing, original. 

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