Sophomores, 1932-33
Collection: Irving School Class Photos, 1912-1950

Collection #: 0506-144

Date of photograph: 1932-33

Description: Irving School, Sophomore class.
Names listed on back of photo. No order stated.
John Kinser, Lester Evans, Ray Anderson, Robert Baker, Russell Wade, James Crawford, Clyde Keeling, Thomas Earl Futch, Paul Cunnington, John Walls, Margaret Wagner, Virginia Story, Mary Ruth Taylor, teacher Miss Keever, Vesta Mullican, Lenora Story, Lillie Garrett, Vina Hutchenson, Clara Story, Jodie Conner, Frances Peters, Kornece Row, Odessa Crocker, Mary Helen Mullians, Gladyse Griswald, Daisy Tony, Marian Barchey, Dora Arnold.      

Information on original photograph:
5 in. x 7 in., black-and-white, original. 

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