Images from the Charles and Catherine Schulze Collection

The images in this collection consist mainly of photos of a Rock Island Railroad survey crew that traveled through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas during 1902. In the fall of 1902, while surveying a ten-mile stretch of land between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, two crew members, J. O. Schulze and Otis Brown, decided to remain in the area and start a town along the newly laid tracks. Many of the photos in this collection were taken during the crew's travels. Some of them were taken in studio by a professional photographer, who also appears to have taken some at one of the crew's campsites.

After leaving the survey crew in the fall of 1902, Schulze and Brown purchased 80 acres of land along the rail line between Dallas and Fort Worth to start their town. The pair spent most of 1903 preparing the townsite, and on December 19, 1903, they held a public auction at which they sold lots for the new town of Irving, Texas. On the day of the auction, the only two buildings in the town were the partially completed railroad station and a small house that Otis Brown and his new bride Netta lived in.

In 1904, J. O. Schulze and his wife, Agnes, built a house in the new town. The hot weather did not suit Agnes or the couple's new-born son, so they returned to their home town of Iowa City, Iowa, in 1905. J. O. Schulze asked his brother C. P. Schulze, who had also been on the survey crew, to come to Irving and take over his newly established lumber yard. C. P. Schulze came to Irving and in 1912 married Virginia Tucker.    
C. P. remained in Irving and ran Irving Lumber Co. until his death in 1957.

Otis Brown spent his life in Irving working as a farmer, a dairy farmer, and a real estate salesman. He died in 1958. J. O. Schulze returned to Irving in 1945. He lived in Irving and Dallas until his death in 1961.

In addition to the survey crew photos, there are numerous images of J. O. Schulze, and C. P. Schulze and his wife Virginia. The collection was donated to the Irving Archives by the son of C. P. Schulze, Charles Schulze and his wife Catherine.

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 C. P. Schulze holding pet fox, c. 1902
C. P. Schulze with pet fox, c. 1902

 J. O. Schulze in Surveyor camp, c. 1902
J. O. Schulze, Irving's co-founder, c. 1902

 J. O. Schulze in suit, c. 1903
J. O. Schulze, c. 1904

 J. O. and Agnes Schulze, c. 1904
J. O. Schulze and wife Agnes Sueppel, c. 1904

C. P. Schulze, c. 1902
C. P. Schulze, c. 1904 

C. P. Schulze by his first car, c. 1912
C. P. Schulze by his first car, c. 1912

Agnes Sueppel Schulze in buggy, c. 1904
Agnes Sueppel Schulze and a friend in a carriage, c. 1904

Virginia Tucker, 1910
Virginia Tucker Schulze, 1910

Virginia Tucker with friends, c. 1910
Virginia Tucker Schulze rides with two friends, 1910

Virginia Tucker Schulze on ride, c. 1910
Viriginia Tucker Schulze and friends, 1910

C. P. Schulze, Jr. as boy in car, c. 1914
C. P. Schulze, Jr. in Irving's first car, c. 1914

Members of railroad survey crew, c. 1902
Railroad survey crew members, c. 1902

Survey crew on bridge, c. 1902
Members of the survey crew, c. 1902

 Crew member with dog, c. 1902
Survey crew member with pet, c. 1902

Survey crew in camp, c. 1902
Survey crew members in camp, c. 1902

Survey crew in group, 1902
Survey crew, c. 1902

Crew member
Survey crew member,
c. 1902

Members of Survey crew, 1902
Survey crew members pose in front of a camp tent, c. 1902

Crew building trestle, 1902
Survey crew members working on a trestle,
c. 1902

Crew members near bridge, 1902
Survey crew members on covered  bridge, c. 1902

Crew members posed in front of tent, 1902
Survey crew members pose for
photographer, c. 1902

iron bridge over West Fork, c. 1908
Iron bridge leading into Irving, c. 1915

Survey crew with tools, 1902
Survey crew
members pose for photographer,
c. 1902

J. O. Schulze, c. 1950
Irving co-founder J. O. Schulze, c. 1950s

Survey crew in studio photo, c. 1902
Survey crew pose for a photographer, c. 1902

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