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Irving Reports Another Record-Low Crime Rate for 2012

The Irving Police Department is reporting that crime in Irving has declined for the eighth consecutive year.

Irving's crime rate decreased an additional 7.5 percent, with significant reductions projected in the burglary and robbery categories. Current projections show a 23 percent reduction in burglaries and a 10 percent reduction in robberies.

Chief Larry Boyd attributes this continued reduction to an intense focus on known offenders and the use of crime data to strategically deploy resources. Strong community involvement, which is vital to maintaining safe neighborhoods, and proactive code enforcement are also key components of this continued reduction.

These are just a few methods of policing that have been utilized to achieve our success.

In 2007, Irving reported the lowest crime rate in its recorded history and the crime rate has continued to set new record lows each year, including 2012. These continued reductions in crime could not have occurred without the hard work and dedication of the men and women of the Irving Police Department and the responsible actions and cooperation of Irving residents.

Posted Jan. 3

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