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Irving Releases Results of 2012 Resident Survey

Irving residents' happiness with city services ticked up yet again in 2012, continuing the upward satisfaction trend that began in 2006. The majority of questions registered double digit increases; with code enforcement topping the list at a 90 percent lift over the six-year period.

"I think Irving employees go above and beyond in listening to our residents. We take every bit of information to heart and investigate each and every concern. If we need to change the way we provide service and it makes sense financially, we change," said Irving Councilwoman Rose Cannaday.

In 2006, city officials recognized a growing problem with run down, dilapidated apartment complexes. The city formed an initiative teaming police, code enforcement and the inspections departments and went to work tightening policies and holding owners and managers accountable. Six years later, all the structures are cleaned up or torn down, resulting in a 35 percent reduction in crime, and a more visually attractive city.

"Irving is cleaner, safer, better," said Irving City Manager Tommy Gonzalez. "We talked with residents, and developed a strategic plan that addressed their concerns. We set goals and measurements, engaged our workforce and the survey results speak to the vast and rapid progress we have made."

Following are highlights of the 2012 Irving Resident Survey:

Excellent/good rating 2006 2012 Point Change % Change National Averages
Code enforcement 33.5 63.8 30.3 90.4% 44
Appearance of City 39.7 61.8 22.1 55.7% 63
Overall Quality of Life 52.3 71.1 18.8 35.9% 55
Overall Customer Service 62.4 72.2 9.8 15.7% 52
Safety in Neighborhood During Day 92.7 95.7 3 3.2% 91
Neighborhood Streets 38.2 52.9 14.7 38.5% 44
Parks 68.5 76.4 7.9 11.5% 57
Library 75.4 81.5 6.1 8.1% 79

The anonymous residents' comments carried compliments and suggestions for improvement. One resident wrote, "I've seen Irving really grow and prosper and much of this is due to our city services, just keep it up!"

While another said, "Congestion during rush hour could be reduced with fine tuning of lights — some intelligent lights do not sense a car waiting for a light requiring long delay for multiple vehicles to activate light change."

"We are aware of the frustration and are in the process of upgrading our traffic signal communications' system to enhance progression and reduce driver delay throughout Irving," said Dan Vedral, Irving transportation director.

Irving's significant results combined with its unwavering focus on improving customer service and driving efficient delivery resulted in the city receiving the 2012 Malcolm Baldrige Award for Quality Excellence, the nation's highest Presidential honor for performance through innovation, improvement and visionary leadership. In the 25-year history of Baldrige, 1,569 organizations have applied and only 93 individual organizations have been selected as award recipients. Additionally, Irving was just the second municipality in the history of Baldrige to be recognized.

Visit the City Manager's Resident Survey Results page to see the comprehensive results, the survey, results by ZIP code and a historical comparison.

Posted Jan. 8

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