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City Code Mandates Proper Lawn Maintenance

With the spring season quickly approaching, Irving’s Code Enforcement Department is reminding property owners about the city’s High-Grass and Weeds Ordinance—height may not exceed 10 inches. The High-Grass and Weeds ordinance applies to lawns on the front, back and side of Irving properties as well as the area between the sidewalk and the curb and the alley and easement (the area behind the property). While this ordinance helps preserve the beauty of city neighborhoods and corridors, high grass and weeds threaten public safety by posing a fire hazard, blocking visibility and contributing to pests.

Properties found out of compliance with this ordinance are subject to only one formal notice per 12-month period before the city is authorized to contract mowing without further notice. If a noncompliant property is mowed by a city contractor, the owner will be invoiced for services rendered. If the owner fails to settle the balance within 30 days, a lien may be placed against the property. Following are additional guidelines relevant to lawn maintenance:

• Grass and weed runners protruding over the edge of a side walk are considered trip hazards. Edging allows for a clear path making it safe for pedestrians to use sidewalks.
• Blowing grass, weeds, leaves and debris into streets and sanitary storm drains is prohibited.

By adhering to the guidelines above, property owners can help keep Irving safe and beautiful. Noncompliant properties may be reported to (972) 721-4929. For more information, click here or call (972) 721-4829.

Posted Feb. 19

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