California Crossing

ca-crosss  ca-cross

California Trail  1849

More than 150 years ago, gold seekers, or 49er’s as they were called, headed west for the gold fields of California on this trail. At this location, travelers crossed the Elm fork of the Trinity River on their way to Johnson Station in what is now Arlington, Texas, hence the name “California Crossing”. A Texas Ranger and U.S. Cavalry outpost as well as trading house, this station was the rallying point for settlers headed west. From this point, the 49er’s began their
six-month journey to California in search of new found riches.

Trail Information:      
1. 20 space parking lot with one van accessible parking space.
2. River overlook from the parking area.
3. Trail historical marker.
4. One-third (0.33) of a mile 12 ft, wide concrete surface trail (not lighted).
5. Total acreage: 34.70.