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Most applications can be submitted by mail along with any required information. All application requests are processed on a case by case basis, and in some cases, a filing fee is charged. If you have a specific question about filing an application or about any of the information in these files, call the Planning and Zoning Division at (972) 721-2424. The following information is subject to change and should be verified through the Planning and Zoning Division before any action is made. Adobe Acrobat Reader required | Free download here.

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Planning Department | T: (972) 721-2424 | F: (972) 721-2422

Beer and Wine Retail

arrow Download initial application
arrow Download renewal application

Required from all retail establishments seeking to sell beer and wine.

Development/Project Plan Supplement

arrow Download supplements

Additional materials to accompany the zoning change application when submitting a Development/Project Plan.

Restaurant with Alcoholic Beverage Application

arrow Download R-AB Zoning application and supplements

Zoning change application for R-AB Beverages and additional materials to accompany the application.

Street Name Change

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Required for all public and private street name changes.


arrow Plat Language
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arrow Plat Review Checklist
arrow Platting and Subdivision Procedures

Required for the subdivision of land for sale or development.

Vacation and Abandonment

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Required for the abandonment of a street, easement, or alley.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

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Variances not included in a site plan.

Zoning Change

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Required for all non-plat requests.

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