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Reserve Officer Program

The Reserve Division of the Irving Police Department is made up of community minded citizens that serve without pay and are subject to call at all hours of the day and night to assist the regular police officers in time of disaster or emergencies.

Reserve officers are required by state law to be certified. This requires a minimum of 228 hours of formal training and completion of a total of 560 hours within a four year period as prescribed by the State Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. In addition, Reserve Officers must take any additional training as prescribed by the Chief of Police, the City, or the State. Reserves are required to volunteer a minimum of 16 hours per month and be prepared for call-out at all times during their platoon duty week. The City provides their weapon and uniform items except for flashlight and footwear. In addition to working with the Police Department, Reserves work at many functions, such as high school sports events, parades, and weather alerts.

The Irving P.D. Reserve Program has a very unique and interesting history of development and continues a tradition of excellence in service and performance. Irving has had an active reserve unit since 1942 when the city council approved an ordinance allowing the formation of a "Police Auxiliary Unit" which assisted the only police officer the city had at that time.