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Technical Services Division

Captain Jon Timpf

Captain Jon Timpf  

Office Telephone: (972) 721-2499

Professional Biography:

Captain Timpf came to the Irving Police Department in 1995 after serving nine years at another agency. He has served in Patrol, Professional Standards, Personnel and Training, Community Services and the Technical Services Division. He participated in the development of the department's Juntos con Irving program that seeks to build ties with the Hispanic and Spanish speaking community. He holds a Masters of Education from the University of Texas at Arlington with concentration in Spanish and Latin American studies.

The Technical Services Division consists of the Communications Section the Municipal Jail and the Property Room. The jail section processes all prisoners, fingerprints, photographs and intoxilizer tests. The Communication Section handles emergency 9-1-1 calls and non-emergency calls for assistance. Communication personnel take reports by phone, confirm warrants and protective orders, confirm and enter missing persons or runaways, confirm and enter stolen vehicles or other stolen property and a multitude of tasks supporting the many sections/divisions/units operating within the department.